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what can such a child be guilty! They as it chanced, without disclosing any progslowly walk away, all three-perhaps in pect of spoil. The two companions kept consequence of my observing them so atten

close, covering their leader's operations, and

ready to receive his bouty and make off as tively. They quicken their pace as they

ery. They quicken met pace as they fast as possible. turn the corner. Why was I so tardy to Oo ibis statement being made, the smallrelieve them? It would have become me, est of the boys exclaimed, •Don't you beas a Christian, to have thought of relieving

lieve a word he says, my lord; it's all notheir necessities, even for the night, far better

thing but out-and-out lies." than to have speculated upon their physiog-stick for

“Lord Mayor. •What did you carry that nomies as a philosopher. But it is time for “Boy. What for ? why, to keep away me to return home. Sad addition to my any buys that might want to whack me, to experience. My wife waiting tea for ---- be sure. bless my so— where !-it can't be !-yes,

" The other urchin, looking the Lord Mayor

full in the face, assured hini that their accuit can—my watch is gone! Slipt down

ser was a regular liar, and he would nap it through my pocket-no doubt-there's a

some day for what he said against innocent hole in it—10—or it fell out while I was people. The eldest of the boys said he had stooping to fasten my gaiter-button, in Pall neither father por mother; that he lived Mall. Most vexatious. A family watch ! | with a woman in Mint Street, to whom he

paid a penny a-night for his bed; and that Gold chain, and seals, too! Well-it can't

he grubbed about for his victuals in the day. be helped. In these cases a pinch of snuff

"Lord Mayor. “I shall cause inquiries often—often-pshaw !-often relieves—re to be made about you, and send you to the lieves one-hillo !-have I been relieved of House of Occupation.' that, also! Perhaps it's in my side pocket, l “Boy. Don't do that. If you let me with my purse-purse! why, my purse is

ja | go, you shan't have me any more, I'll prom

ise you.' gone! I really begin to think I must have “Lord Mayor. No: you shall have some been robbed!

| protection. As for the other two, they shall It was but too true. I had been robbed.be whipped in the presence of their parents, Nor have I recounted the extent ; for, on who are here, and discharged.'” arriving at home, I found that I had also A light-a lurid beam, but still a lightlost a white cambric handkerchief, and a broke upon me, as I laid down the paper, silk snuff handkerchief; and my wife, making and snatched off my spectacles. The chila further examination, discovered that I had dren !—the little objects looking in at the lost my gold spectacles and case, a diamond print-shop in Cockspur Street-looking in at shirt-pin, a box of Tolu lozenges, which I Sir Robert Peel-and the Madonna--and had purchased in the morning, and a hand- lurking round about, behind me !—those somely bound edition of Isaak Walton's de were the poor innocents who had so adroitly lightful “Treatise on Angling." But where, dipped into my pockets, and relieved me of and when. I could have lost all these things the contents. Those were the London Spar

-by what means, and by whom I could rows, who “grubbed about” the streets for have been robbed—I was utterly at a loss their victuals in the day, and picked up to conjecture.

whatever they could find by night! To I remained in this condition of perfect | think of a gentleman at my time of life, innocence and bewilderment as to the nimble being robbed by infants of eight or nine fingers that had picked my pockets, till this years of age !--and to think of a wise and morning, when, casually looking over a paternal government being able to devise newspaper, of a week or two back, I alight- no better remedy for so shocking an ened upon the following Police Report: | ployment for infants, than that of giving

“ PRECOCIOUS CRIME AND IMPUDENCE.—At them a whipping! the Mansion House, three boys, the eldest Discoursing on these matters last night at only eleven, and the two others under nine my club, there happened to be present a years of age, were charged with picking gentleman, (Mr. Joseph Tweezer,) a member pockets. A lad had, to his surprise, seen at the Contistinol Sari

of the Statistical Society, who had paid one of them slide a small stick into the pocket of a gentleman, and open it for in

much attention to the subject of infant spection; and he had seen the process re- thieves, and he informed me, that the fact, peated on several succeeding customers, but, of which I made so much, though it might

be much to me on account of the loss, was dried sprats from a fishmonger's, simply a common occurrence.

watching a moment when nobody was in “Yes, sir," said I, “but, if I seem to the shop. He was caught by a policeman make much of it, you must also add my first happening to pass the door just as he darted shock at such very early depravity-a de out with his prize. But the sprats were pravity that makes but one step between not found upon bim. He had contrived to the cradle and the gallows! Surely, Mr. get rid of them, the instant he found him. Tweezer, you do not call that a common oc- self seized. When the magistrate asked him currence ?"

what he had to say for bimself, he replied, Mr. Tweezer assured me that it was. He 'Ax fifty-two (the number of the policetold me he had often attended at the Police man) what he has to say, your worship, for Courts, and had been an eye and ear-wit- taking hold on a hinnocent boy in that ness to scenes quite equal to the one I men- way, all for nothink ?" The magistrate was tioned baving recently read in a newspaper amazed. “For nothing! you little rasca!,' police report. Only two days ago be was said he; "why, did you not steal a bundle of present when a little boy of nine years of dried sprats?" "No, your worship, not a age was brought up for examination. It was bit on it-on my hoath, if I did.' The mag. proved that he had robbed a till in a shop istrate fixed his eye upon the little imp. in broad day, and while the shopman was • Then what did you do in the shop!' said there. He had watched the man till he he, 'why did you go in there when nobody moved away from behind the counter, and else was in sight? Without an instant's then dropping on all-fours, the diminutive hesitation, the imp aforesaid replied, “A boy thief crawled along the floor on his hands flung my cap into the shop for a lark-and and knees, got underneath the counter, and I went arter it--that's all, your worship!'" raising one hand, softly drew out the till. “But this,” said I, " did not get him off ?" drawer, and took three shillings and six- “Of course not,” replied Mr. Tweezer; pence. He would have got safe off, but for his defence was received with a burst of a customer entering the door just as he was laughter, and he was ordered two days' imcreeping out.

| prisonment, and to be whipped." “ Dreadful precocity !" said I. “My oil “Some private room, then, is attached to and Italian merchant told me that a short the magistrate's office for this summary protime ago three little boys came to his shop cess of whipping;" said I, “and the boy is door, and begged in the most eloquent terms, afterwards taken to a place of confinement for a half penny, “to buy a bit of bread." | near at hand, I suppose ?" He did not give them the half-penny, but he “Oh, by no means," exclaimed Mr. Tweegave each of them a piece of bread. They zer ; " don't imagine that matters are conhad been gone about five minutes, when he ducted in any such simple, convenient, and discovered they had stolen a bottle of olives inexpensive form as that. Something elaboto eat with it. He consoled himself, how rate, costly, and quite unnecessary, is the ever, with the reflection that the boys, no rule on these occasions. There is no private doubt, took the olives for preserved goose-room attached to any magistrate's office for berries, or nice plums; so that whether they the summary castigation of infant criminals ; ate them direct out of the bottle, or had a neither are they confined in any House of pudding made of them, the expression of Correction near at hand, for the four-andface with which he knew they would look at twenty, or eight-and-forty, hours' imprisoneach other on the first mouthful, would well ment, which they are sometimes ordered. repay him for the loss. But as to the im- | No, no ; a far more imposing paraphernalia pudence of infant thieves, even in the pres- | is considered requisite. The little urchinence of the magistrate, of which you tell me, and, of course, it often occurs that there is surely this is not a common occurrence?" I only one-is duly conducted to the huge,

“It continually happens," replied Mr. black, close-covered police-van, with its pair Tweezer: "I once saw a little imp, of not of fine horses, coachman, police-guard outmore than ten years of age-and very small side behind, and, perhaps, a second policeeven for that age-brought before the mag. man seated inside along with the prisoner.' istrate for attempting to steal a bundle of Away they drive, in dark solemnity, through

the streets, the observed of all observers,' | women of all ages, as well as hundreds of and take their way to Westminster, and boys of all ages, from six to fifteen; many then through a variety of squalid streets and of these are ordered imprisonment for periods ways, till they arrive at the great Tothill of two or three years; and when this is the Fields Bridewell. The massive gates are case, they are each taught to read and write, unlocked-in ward rolls the sombre van, and are instructed in some trade, according more gates are unlocked--the prisoners are to the aptitude they evince. In many inordered to alight-and, behold! out gets a stances--for picking pockets, you know, my little, dirty, ragged, trembling, half-fledged dear sir, requires an expert hand, especially London Sparrow, and is deposited on the when they contrive to take every thing a broad gravel-walk leading up to the Govgentleman has about him in many instances, ernor's bouse! He is then left standing, therefore, the prisoners became skillful workwith scared looks, staring round at the great men, so that on leaving the prison, they are stony solitude of dead walls and blind build able to earn an honest living. And this, at ings, and walls with black chevaux-de-frise least fifty per cent of them are found to do." of iron along the tops of them, till relieved “ But, my dear sir," said I, “ excellent and by the arrival of an officer, who "conducts comforting as all this is, which you tell me, him to his apartment,' where in presence it really seems like beginning at the wrong of his medical attendant,' he is duly in end. First, the paternal government allows troduced by the proper officer to his birch | its children to become thieves without a rod,' and is then placed in solitary confine single effort at prevention ; and then, when ment during the remaining four-and-twenty prevention is a work of very great difficulty, hours of the term of his sentence !"

and requires a great expenditure of monev " And you have seen all this, sir ?" said I. and time, to produce a doubtful result-01

“ No," replied Mr. Tweezer, “not with only fifty per cent. of ultimate good--then, my own eyes. I have never been to Bride only, the idea of education, instruction, and well; but I was told it all-in fact, the training in moral and personal habits, seems whole scene was described to me, and many to occur to the sagacious brains of our legissuch, by one of the policemen who attended lators. Look at the scurvy sum granted for the van, and was, no doubt, indignant at so what they dared to call National Educamuch trouble, expense, and formality for so tion ! and look at the taxes I pay for all insignificant a result. He was a very large sorts of other things! Protection, forsooth! made, powerful man-has since left the and taxes for the Public Service !' why are force,' and gone as porter on the Great my contributions to the public service of so Western Railway."

| little good to me, in respect of the safety of “But, good heavens, Mr. Tweezer !" ex- my personal property, that I must needs pay, claimed I, “ can a wise and paternal govern in addition, the sum total of a gold watchment devise no better machinery than all a silver snuff-box-two handkerchiefs--a this for the prevention of juvenile and infant diamond shirt-pin--a pair of gold spectacles crime? Prevention do I say ?-why there's ---a box of Tolu lozenges, and a handsomely no attempt at prevention in this. It is bound copy of Izaak Walton's · Complete simply a costly arrangement for inflicting | Angler,' in order to be protected, in certain small punishments, the effect of which may statistical ratios and degrees, from a similar not, perbaps, be of much longer duration occurrence: suture, which may, nevertheless, than the period of confinement-unless, in happen to-morrow !" deed, it tends to harden and exasperate, and render the culprits more cunning for the future.”

From the “ Albion." “You are quite right,” replied my friend

CONFESSIO AMANTIS. Tweezer, “ as to the view you take of these trivial and numerous punishments of the in

BY C. G. LELAND. fant thieves; but you are not doing justice

CENTCRIES have roll'd away to the arrangements of the Tothill Fields

Since I saw my natal day, Bridewell, if you suppose they do no more

And have now, in different forms than this. In this prison are hundreds of

Lived in sunshine-lived in storins.

[blocks in formation]

You ask what has been uppermost in the to except to any thing in their mode or talk for the week gone by? Iudeed I can tenor, it would be to drop a hint toward the hardly say; for the chat has varied like the reform of those young country clergymen complexion of our May-day sky, which who make the May gathering in the city an

“Now shows all the beauty of the sun, occasion for a very labored and unneces

And by-and-by, a cloud takes all away.” sary oratorical display. The anniversaries of, I know not how What the special result of this year's many societies for all sorts vi henevolence impetus may be in the way of renewed and have come up in their periodic march upon renewing subscriptions, I am not able to the hearts and purses of the town,-have tell you ; but trust and hope it may be filled our churches with listeners in bomba- large enough and free enough to help for: zine-our hotels with demure and charity- ward what is deserving, and to add to the looking faces, and our streets with black city reputation (and it surely has this repucoats and starchy figures.

tation) for open-handed alms-giving. The speeches, which as they run year --- JENNY, as you may well have imaafter year in the same equable current of gined, has been ruling hearts and purses as expostulation, gratulation, and exposition, she has been ruling ears, and has added to were of the same general mark and mean the fashionable triumphs of a season in ing as in the years gone by. And if I were Havar a and New Orleans, those other and

soberer triumphs which have made worship- / of London ; and Americans who thronged pers of all the staid clericals, who are just the opening are now enjoying (if enjoyment now pendulating between Castle Garden it bey) the dense throngs of the metropolis and the Theologic book-stores.

and picking their way along the side-ways Good music, above all, such music as flows of the Strand. from the throat and the soul of the Swede, It is a pretty sensation which steals over cannot fail to warm a preacher's heart into a man's brain when he first sets a foot on a newer and finer estimate of his duty, and Fleet-street-old Fleet-street, out of which of the capacities of our nature ; and so we burly Johnson used to roll into his outlying may hope that JENNY's voice may reach court, and upon which, now-a-days, glisten through the Doctors, who have glowed in the windows of such familiar men as Tilt the hearing of her song, to many a little and BOGUE ;-yet I will venture there is back-congregation,-like the echoes of an many a stranger there now, who, between angel's pæan.

the mud and the mass,—the thick fog and To tell you that concerts have been the oozing funds,—would be glad to set a foot thronged that it has been commercial dis- again upon the cheerful side-ways of our tinction to sell her tickets—that railways sunny city. bave doubled their carriages—that steam- Talking of the new experiences which boats have wallowed to their very guards overtake a man upon the other side of what with the freight that the Nightingale has set was ocean-until the Pacific made it a river afloat-would be only to repeat what meets -I must draw your attention to poor GREEyour eye in every day's journal.

LEY's account of his seasickness, and his first I may tell you though, that this—the lionne voyage. There is something rich in looking of the time has been met here and there, at the every-day's table-observations of a since her return, in quiet morning recep- man who has so long been philosophizing in tions, and that her winning, frank, and un- his earnest, but self-confident way, about pretending way has inspired just that sort society and order. I dare say you may of regard which a young woman of modesty have seen the man about our streets, in his and worth is honored in claiming.

old gray hat, and his brown wrapper, with Tripler Hall, you will perceive, has come the collar awry, and his boots gaping at the in for a share of the concerts; but popular toes, and his light silky hair dressed by the taste, if I do not greatly misguage, declares wind, and his keen mild eye bent upon the strongly for the large area, cool breezes, and pavement, and his step as unsteady as that free movements belonging to Castle Garden. of a paralytic;-well, fancy this man, who is Critics may love better the straitened walls used to the openness of sky, and whose foot of the Hall, which do not allow an echo to was learned among the furrows of a plough wander, but native ears love better the full — transferred to the luxurious salon of an dome by the water where the warblings of Atlantic steamer, and cooped through a the charmer are mellowed by the waves, fortnight of eastern winds and driving and the air of ocean fans the song of the spray in the steam-smelling state-room of a syren.

hospital ship! If the projector of the up-town Hall had. But lest you may not have lighted your possessed the good taste and the shrewdness country gravity with the mirth of his record, to give Jenny's name to his mausoleum of I shall give you a spice of it here; and the concerts instead of perpetuating his vanity better to smack the pungency of it, I would by a designation that has neither grace, pro- advise the cotemporaneous reading of the priety, nor approval—the Hall might have driest of one of his essays on Protection to been a favorite, in spite of cramped pas- | American Industry : sages and poor ventilation : as it is, we are

“So long as I was able I walked the deck afraid it must be reckoned one of those and sought to occupy my eyes, my limbs, magnificent failures, which people wonder at my brains with something else than the sea and neglect.

and its perturbations. The attempt, however,

proved a signal failure. By the time we - We are just now in the hearing of

were five miles off the Hook I was a decided that buzz (coming over two thousand miles case; another hour laid me prostrate, though of ocean) which opened the great exhibition I refused to leave the deck; at six o'clock a

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