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farm, of all requisite buildings, laboratories, apparatus and museums of said Dartmouth College, and for supplying such instruction, in addition to that fur. nished by its professors and teachers, as the best interests of its students may require; and, also, as to any legacy said Dartmouth College may receive from the estate of the late David Culver. The said trustees are also authorized and directed to furnish, so far as may be practicable, free tuition to indigent students of the college, and to make provision for the delivery of free lectures in different parts of the State, upon subjects pertaining to agriculture and the mechanic arts.

87. All funds derived from the sale of the land scrip issued to the State of New Hampshire by the United States, in pursuance of the act of Congress hereinbefore mentioned, shall be invested in registered bonds of the State of New Hampshire or of the United States, which shall be delivered to the State treasurer, who shall have custody of the same, and pay over the income thereof, as it may accrue to the treasurer of the College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts.

$ 8. His excellency the governor may call the first meeting of the trustees, by sending to each a written or printed notice of the time and place of holding the same, ten days before the day of meeting.



(Approved April 4, 1864.) WHEREAS, The govervor of this State has received from the Secretary of the Interior the scrip for public lands granted to the State of New Jersey by an act of Congress of the United States, approved July 2, 1862, and holds the same, subject to such disposition as may be made by the legislature—therefore:

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: That the governor of this State, the attorney general, the secretary of state, the comptroller, in case such office be created, and the treasurer of the State, and their successors in office for the time being, be, and they are bereby, appointed commissioners to take charge of such scrip, and, as agents of the State, to sell and dispose of the same at such time or times, and in such mode as may appear to be most advantageous and safe; and in the name, and on behalf of this State, to convey and transfer the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, and to invest the avails thereof in the manner specially provided by said act of Congress.

§ 2. Said commissioners shall, semi-annually, pay over the interest of the fund which may result from the sale of said land scrip to the trustees of Rutger's College, in New Jersey, for the special purposes, and upon the special conditions hereinafter set forth.

§ 3. Said trustees shall devote said interest wholly and exclusively to the maintenance, in that department of Rutger's College known as Rutger's Scientific School, of such courses of instruction as (including the courses of instruction already established by said trustees,) shall carry out the intent of said act of Congress in the manner specially prescribed by the fourth section of said act.

§ 4. Said trustees shall furnish gratuitous education in said courses of instruction to pupils of said school in such manner as the legislature shall prescribe; the number of pupils to be so received gratuitously into said school shall be in each year such a number as would expend a sum equal to one half of the said interest for the same year, in paying for their instruction in said school, if they were required to pay for it at the regular rates charged to other pupils of said school for the same year; said pupils so nominated and received shall be citizens of this State, and shall be admitted into said school upon the same terms, and subject to the same rules and discipline which shall apply to all other pupils of said school, with the single exception that they shall not be required to pay anything for their instruction.

§ 5. Said trustees shall annually make and distribute the reports required by the fourth paragraph of section fifth of said act of Congress.

6. No portion of the said interest shall be paid over to said trustees until they shall contract with this State, in such form as the said commissioners shall approve, to fulfill and perform all the duties and obligations imposed upon them by this act; provided, that the said board of trustees shall, in their corporate capacity, obligate themselves to erect additional and adequate buildings as soon as the same may become necessary, without charge to or upon this State, and in like manner, to furnish and provide a suitable tract of land conveniently located, for an experimental farm.

§ 7. There shall be appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, a board of visitors, consisting of ten persons, two from each congressional district in this State, who shall hold their office respectively for five years, and who shall, in the first instance, be so appointed that the term of office of two of the said board of visitors shall expire each year; and the governor shall, in like manner, appoint two annually thereafter, and shall have power to fill all vacancies in the board; but the person so appointed to fill such vacancy shall only serve under such appointment until the next meeting of the senate, and until an appointment shall have been made by the governor, with the advice and consent of the senate, and the person so appointed shall hold such office only for the unexpired term of the person whose place he is to supply ; and it shall be the duty of the board of visitors to visit the said school at least twice in each year, and to make report thereon to the legislature during ti.e second week of the annual session.

$ 8. The board of vis tors shall possess general powers of supervision and control, and shall report to the legislature as to them may seem proper.

$ 9. The said board of trustees shall cause to be delivered annually in each county of this State, one or more public lectures upon the subject of agriculture, free of charge.

§ 10. The students of agriculture and the mechanic arts shall be admitted into said college upon the recommendation of the board of chosen freeholders of their respective counties, and the number of students that a county shall at any one time be entitled to bave in said college shall be equal to the number of representatives in the legislature to which said county is entitled, or in proportion to the same.

$ 11. The legislature shall have power, at any time hereafter, to pass such laws as may be deemed necessary and proper to enforce the due execution of this act, and of the before-mentioned act of Congress.

$ 12. This act shall take effect immediately.




(Passed April 27, 1865.) Section 1. Ezra Cornell, William Kelly, Horace Greeley, Josiah B. Williams, William Andrus, John McGraw, George W. Schuyler, Hiram Sibley, J. Meredith Reed, John M. Parker, and such other persons as may be associated with them for that purpose, are hereby created a body politic and corporate, to be known as the Cornell University, which university shall be located in the town of Ithaca, in the county of Tompkins, in this State. The corporation hereby created shall have all the rights and privileges necessary to the accomplishment of the object of its creation as declared in this act, and in the performance of its duties, shall be subject to the provisions, and may exercise the powers enumerated and set forth in the second article of the fifteenth chapter, title one, of the Revised Statutes of the State of New York.

52. The first board of trustees of said corporation shall consist of the persons named in the first section of this act, together with the governor and lieutenantgovernor, the speaker of the house of assembly, the superintendent of public instruction, the president of the State Agricultural Society, the librarian of the Cornell Library, and the eldest male lineal descendant of Ezra Cornell, who shall be ex-officio members thereof. There shall be seventeen trustees, exclusive of the ex-officio trustees; and, to make up the said number of seventeen, the ten persons who are named in the first section of this act, and the said exofficio trustees, or a quorum of all of them, shall, at their first meeting, in pursuance of this act, elect seven other persons to act with themselves as members of said board of trustees. But at no time shall a majority of the board be of any one religious sect, or of no religious sect.

$ 3. The farm and grounds to be occupied by said corporation, whereupon its buildings shall be erected, in such manner and to such extent as the trustees may from time to time direct and provide for, shall consist of not less than two

hundred acres.

\ 4. The leading objects of the corporation hereby created shall be to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, including military tactics, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life. But such other branches of science and knowledge may be embraced in the plan of instruction and investigation pertaining to the university, as the trustees may deem useful and proper.

And persons of every religious denomination shall be equally eligible to all offices and appointments.

$5. The corporation hereby created may hold real and personal property to an amount pot exceeding three millions of dollars in the aggregate.

§ 6. The income, revenue and avails which shall be received from the in. vestment of the proceeds of the sale of the lands, or of the scrip therefor, or of any part thereof, granted to this State by the act of Congress entitled “An Act donating public lands to the several states and territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts," approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, are hereby appropriated to, and shall from time to time, as the same shall be received, be paid over to the trustees of the corporation hereby created, for its use and behoof in the mode, and for the purposes in said act of Congress defined; provided, bowever, that no part of such payment shall be made unless the said trustees shall prove to the satisfaction of the comptroller, within six months after the passage of this act, that the said corporation possesses a fund of five hundred thousand dollars at least, given by Ezra Cornell of Ithaca aforesaid, which last-named fund shall be given absolutely, and without any limitation, restriction or condition whatsoever, sare such as is in accordance with the provisions of this act, nor shall the same be in any manner repaid or returned to the said Cornell, his representatives or assigns, except as in this act provided; and any vote or resolution, or act or proceeding to return or repay the same, except as in accordance with this act, shall be void; and provided further, that no such payment shall be made unless within six months from the passage of this act, said Ezra Cornell of Ithaca shall pay over to the trustees of Genesee College, located at Lima in this State, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, for the purpose of establishing in said Genesee College a professorship of agricultural chemistry; provided further, that the trustees of the People's College, at Ilavana, may, in place of a strict compliance with the conditions of this act, chapter five hundred and eleven of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-three, in the details thereof, within three months from the passage of this act, deposit such a sum of money as, in addition to the amount already expended by them upon or for the purposes of their corporation, shall, in the opinion of the regents of the University of New York, be sufficient to enable the said trustees fully to comply with the conditions of the said chapter five hundred and eleven of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-three. Such deposit, if made, shall be made in such place, and on such terms, as shall be satisfactory to the said regents of the university. And the said deposit shall not be withdrawn or removed, or in any way affected or impaired, except to be applied, under the direction of the said regents, for the purposes of the said People's College, or upon the trustees thereof relinquishing any claim to the benefit of the said chapter five hundred and eleven of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-three. But nothing contained in this provision shall release the said trustees of the People's College from the conditions and obligations imposed or contained in section three of said act. They shall, on the contrary, in addition to the making and continuing such deposit as aforesaid, within the said three months, show to the satisfaction of the said regents, that they have complied with the requirements of the said section three, and that the college grounds, farm, work-shops, fixtures, machinery, apparatus and library occupied or owned by them are not encumbered, aliened, or otherwise disposed of. And nothing contained in this provision shall release the said trustees of the People's College from a full and perfect performance of the terms and conditions of the said act, chapter five hundred and eleven of the laws


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