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§ 6. At their first meeting the members shall choose one of their number as President of their own Board, who shall not vote on any question before the Board, unless in case of a tie vote.

$ 7. At the first meeting of the Board, or as soon thereafter as competent persons can be obtained, they shall appoint a Secretary and Treasurer of the Board, neither of whom shall be a member of the Board of Directors. They shall take such bonds from the Secretary and Treasurer as shall be deemed adequate to secure the faithful performance of their duties by those respective officers. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen biennially, and shall hold their offices for two years from the date of their election, and until their successors are chosen and qualified.

$ 8. The Board shall direct the disposal of any and all moneys appropriated to the said College.

$ 9. The Secretary of the Board shall reside and keep his office at or near the said College. It shall be his duty to keep a record of the transactions of the State Board of Directors of said College, which shall be open at all times to the inspection of any citizen of this State. He shall also have the custody of all books, papers. documents, and other property which may be deposited in his office; alsс keep and file all reports which may be made from time to time by County, State and District Agricultural Societies, Horticultural, Mechanical and Mining Societies; and all correspondence from other persons and societies appertaining to the business of husbandry, mechanics and mining; address cir. culars to societies, and to the best practical farmers, mechanics and miners in this State and elsewhere, with the view of eliciting information upon the latest and best modes of culture of those products, vegetables, trees, &c., adapted to the soil and climate of our State, and also on all subjects connected with field culture, horticulture, stock raising and the dairy ; he shall also correspond with established schools of mining and metallurgy in Europe, and obtain such information respecting the improvements of mining machinery adapted to California, and publish from time to time such information as will be of practical benefit to the mining interests and the working of all oars and metals; receive and distribute such rare and valuable seeds, plants, shrubbery, and trees, as may be in his power to procure from the General Government and other sources, as may be adapted to our climate and soils. To these objects he shall correspond with the Patent Office at Washington, and with the representatives of our National Government abroad, and if possible, procure valuable contributions to agriculture from those sources. He shall aid as far as possible in obtaining contributions to the museums and the library of the said College, and thus aid in the promotion of agriculture, science and literature. He shall keep a correct account of all the proceedings of the Board, and an accurate account of all the moneys received into the Treasury as well as those paid out.

§ 10. The seeds, plants, trees and shrubbery received by the Secretary, and not needed by the College, shall be, so far as possible, distributed without charge equally throughout the State, and placed in the hands of those farmers and others who will agree to cultivate them properly and return to the Secretary's office a reasonable proportion of the products thereof, with a full statement of the mode of cultivation and such other information as may be necessary to ascertain their value for general cultivation in the State. Information in regard to agriculture and metallurgy may be published by him from time to

time in the newspapers of the State; provided it does not involve any expense to the State.

§ 11. The Secretary shall report to the Legislature at every regular session thereof, and to the Governor of the State on the first Monday in November in each year when the Legislature is not in session, which reports shall embrace all such statements, accounts, statistics, prize essays, and all other information relative to agriculture and mining in general, and proceedings of the State Board of Directors of said College and farm, to be approved by the Board.

$ 12. The Secretary shall receive as a compensation for his services such a sum as the Board of Directors shall determine, paid quarterly from the State Treasury, in the same manner, as is provided by law for the salaries of State officers.

§ 13. The course of instruction shall embrace the English language and literature, mathematics, civil, military and mining engineering, agricultural ehemistry, mineralogy, metallurgy, animal and vegetable anatomy and physiology, the veterinary art, entomology, geology, technology political, rural and household economy, horticulture, moral and natural philosophy, history, book-keeping, and especially the application of science and the mechanical arts to practical agriculture in the field, and mining.

§ 14. The Board of Directors may at any time suspend the sessions of the College temporarily, in case of fire, the prevalence of fatal diseases, and other unforeseen calamity.

§ 15. The said Board of Directors shall have the general control and supervision of the said College, the farm pertaining thereto, and lands which may be rested in the College by State legislation, purchase or donations; of all appropriations made by the State for the support of the same; and also the management of any lands that may be hereafter donated by the General Government to this State in trust for the promotion of industrial pursuits. The Board shall have plenary power to adopt all such ordinances, by-laws and regulations, not in conflict with this Act, as they may deem necessary to secure the successful operation of the College and promote its designed object.

2 16. It shall be the duty of the said Board of Directors to choose a President of the said College before the commencement of the first term of the institution. They shall proceed to choose such tutors, professors and employees, as the necessities of the institution demand. In case of a vacancy in the office of the President, or in case a suitable man cannot be selected, the President of the said Board of Directors, or such member of the Board as shall be designated by them, shall be President protein. of the College, who shall receive such compensation for his services as the Board shall determine.

$ 17. The President, professors of the College when chosen, and tutors, shall constitute the Faculty of said College. The President of the College shall be President of the Faculty.

§ 18. The Board of Directors, with the advice and consent of the Faculty, shall regulate the course of instruction, prescribe the books to be used, and confer upon the graduates such testimonials as they may see proper.

§ 19. The Faculty shall pass all needful rules and regulations necessary to the government and discipline of the College, regulating the routine of labor, Etndy, meals, and the duties and exercises, and all such rules and regulations as are necessary to the preservation of morals, decorum and health.

$ 20. The Faculty shall have charge of the laboratories, mineralogical cabi. nets and metallurgical works, library and museums of the institution.

$ 21. The Faculty shall make an annual report by the first Monday in November of each year, to the said Board of Directors, signed by the President, containing such information and recommendations as the welfare of the institution in their opinion demands. Any member of the Faculty may make a minority report, if they disagree with the conclusions of the majority, which the Faculty shall communicate to the Board. No communications at any other time, from members of the Faculty, shall be entertained by the Board, unless they have been submitted to a meeting of the Faculty, and sanctioned by a majority.

§ 22. The President of the Faculty shall be the chief executive officer of the said College, and it shall be his duty to see that the rules and regulations of the State Board of Directors and the rules and regulations of the Faculty, be observed and executed.

§ 23. The President of the College shall perform the duties of a professor. The Board of Directors shall appoint a Superintendent of the farm, and define his duties.

$ 24. The subordinate officers and employees, not members of the Faculty, shall be under the direction of the Superintendent, and in the recess of the Board of Directors, removable at his discretion; and he may supply vacancies that may be by them or otherwise created. His action in these respects shall be submitted to the approval of the State Board of Directors at their next meeting

§ 25. For the current expenditures of said College specific sums of money shall be set aside in the hands of the Treasurer by the Board of Directors, which shall be subject to the warrants of the President of the Board, drawn in pursuance of the orders of the Directors. All moneys received from labor, or other sources, shall be paid into the Treasury of the College. All moneys due to the institution, or received in its behalf, shall be collected and received by the Secretary, and deposited by him with the Treasurer of the State Board of Directors, taking his receipt therefor. The Secretary shall, with his annual report, render a full and complete account of all moneys received and all warrants drawn on the Treasurer by him as Secretary of the Board, and shall file and preserve all vouchers, receipts, correspondence, and other papers relating thereto.

§ 26. When the institution shall be brought to such condition of maturity as to promise satisfactory results, the Board of Directors shall make such rules and regulations as they may deem necessary in relation thereto, and the Faculty shall cause such comparisons, tests, trials, and experiments, scientific and practical, to be made, as may in their opinion conduce to the instruction of the students and the progress of agriculture and mining, and shall cause the results to be published in the annual reports.

$ 27. The said College shall be located in such portion of the State as the Board of Directors shall determine. Said Board at their first meeting shall invite proposals, by the publication for the period of ten months, for donations of land, money or buildings from counties, cities, or individuals, to be given to said College in consideration of its being located by the Directors at any place designated by the donors; and the said Board, after a careful investigation of all proposals made, shall determine the location with particular reference

to accessibility and adaptability of climate and soil; provided, that the same shall not be united or connected with any other institution of learning in this State.

§ 28. The said Board shall purchase or receive donations of land for a College farm, and cause to be erected thereon such buildings as they may deem necessary; provided, that any contract for building shall be let to the lowest bidder, after reasonable notice; and provided further, that the farm shall not be of less than one hundred and sixty acres of land.

All interest accruing from the sale of one hundred and fifty thousand acres of land granted to this state by Act of Congress, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and the interest that has accrued and may accrue from the sale of the seventy-two sections of land donated to the State for a seminary of learning, and all moneys arising from the sale of the ten sections granted to this State for the use of public buildings, together with all interest that has accrued or may accrue thereon, shall be subject to the order of the State Board of Directors.

30. The College shall not in any manner whatever be connected with or controlled by any sectarian denomination.



(Approved April 2, 1866.) Section 1. The Governor of this State, the President of the State Agricultural Society, and the Surveyor General, shall constitute a Board to be known as the Agricultural College Land Board, and said Board shall have the control and management of the selection of all the lands granted to this State by Act of Congress, approved July second, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, providing for the endowment of Colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts, and of all lands that may hereafter be granted for that purpose. Said Board shall appoint one or more suitable Commissioners, whose duty it shall be to select unoccupied, unappropriated and surveyed public lands, and locate as soon as practicable the quantity of land donated to this State by the Act of Congress aforesaid, and to make return of the lands so located, to the Register of the State Land Office of the State of California, properly designated and described, and to notify the Registers of the United States District Land Offices for the districts in which the selection and location is made, of such selection as fast as the land is so selected.

$ 2.The Register of the State Land Office, shall, as fast as such selections are made and returned to him, forward to the Secretary of the Interior of the United States, full and complete descriptions of all such lands, and obtain the necessary title to the State of California for the same.

$ 3. The Agricultural Land Board shall certify, from time to time to the Board of Examiners of this State, the amounts required to pay expenses of selecting, locating and making returns of said lands, and the Comptroller of State shall draw his warrant upon the Treasurer for the amount certified to be due by the Board of Examiners, and the Treasurer shall pay the same out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. They shall also report to the Board of Directors of the Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College, on or before the first day of October, A. D. eighteen hundred and sixty


As soon as practicable after this act shall have gone into elect, said Board shall apply to the Commissioners of the General Land Office for an order directing the Registers of the several district land offices in this State to withdraw from market, and so mark on their Plates any of the lands of the United States subject to sale at private entry that may be selected by authority of this Board, whenever the Register shall have been notified of such selections. All certificates, contracts, or other papers emanating from said Board, shall be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of said Board.

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