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Rom. Your Plantan Leaf is excellent for that. Ben. For what, I pray thee? Rom. For your broken Shin. Ben. Why, Romeo, art thou mad? Rom. Not mad, but bound more than a mad Manis: Shut up in Prison, kept without my Food, Whipt and tormented; and Good-e'er, good Fellow. Ser. God gi’ Good-e'en : I pray, Sir, can you read? Rom. Ay, mine own Fortune in my Misery. Ser. Perhaps you have learn'd it without Book # But, I pray, can you read anything you see? " Rom. Ay, if I know the Letters and the Language. Ser. Ye say honestly, rest you merry. - Rom. Stay, Fellow, I can read.

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He reads the Letter. QIgnior Martino, and his Wife and Daughter: Count Anselm and his beauteous Sisters; the Lady Widow of Vitruvio, Signior Placentio, and his lovely Wieces; Mercutio and his Brother Valentine; mine 'Oncle Capulet, his Wife and Daughters; my fair Wiece Rosaline, Livia, Signior Valentio, and his Cousin Tybalt; Lucio, and the lovely Helena.

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