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hold! how good and joyful a Thing it is for Brethren to dwell together in Unity. It is like the precious Ointment upon Aeron's Head, that ran down to the Beard, and from thence to the Skirts of the Clothing ;” viz. to all Believers. In this Communion of Saints is included the Forgivenss of Sins: For the Showers of Grace in Christian Fel. lowship (where God bestows his Bleffings) are compared to the Dew that descended upon the Mountain of Sion, where the Tribes of Abraham assembled, and where God promised his Blessing, and Life for evermore, Psal. cxxxiii. 1, 2, 3. For God's Care of his Church is so great, when they wander from him like silly Sheep; which too often is the Case, that he orders the Trumpet to be blown in Sion, and to found an Alarm in his holy Mountain, that his People might be gathered together into a solemn Assembly, that they might fanctify a Fast, by Weeping and Mourning for Sin. Then will the Lord be jealous for his Church, and pity his People, Joel ii. 1, 12, 15, 18. Then this heavenly Dew, by Virtue of their Union with Christ their Head, and through the Operation of the Holy Ghost, falls down on every Member of the Church, the mystical Body of Christ. All who are united to him, and become Branches of the true Vine, shall partake of his Fulness, and receive in the Assembly of Saints, fresh Manifestations of God's everlasting Love, which was so bountifully poured on them by the divine Unction, or Anointing of the Holy Ghost, whereby they were set apart from 'the World, on the Day of their Espousals with Christ. Which Anointing the Apostle faith abideth in them, and will teach them all Things, and lead them into all Truth. Such are they to whom God hath promised eternal Life, 1 John ii. 25, 27. and such is their Priviledge; they are justified by



9, 10.

Faith, having made Peace with God through Christ. They are now of the Circumcision, who worship God in the Spisit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus; and have no Confidence in the Flesh, Phil.-iii. 3. but acknowledge their Sufficiency is of God, 2 Cor. iii. 5. and that through Believing they enter into Rest :

For there remaineth a Rest for the People of God.” And he that hath entered into his Reft, he also hath ceased from his own Works (from Working for Life) as truly as God did from his when he sanctified the Sabbath Day, Heb. iv. 3,

Yet the Believer useth all Diligence to make his Calling and Election sure, 2 Peter i. 10. which he is enabled to do; having through Grace followed Christ in the Regeneration, Matt. xix. 28. He proves him to be “the true Light which lighteth every Man (who is enlightened) that cometh into the World,” John i. 9.

And therefore he that followeth Christ shall not walk in Darkness, but shall have the Light of Life, Jahn viii. 12. Such are the Salt of the Earth, and Light of the World ; who are like a City on a Hill, which cannot be hid, Matt. v. 13, 14.

Therefore the Apostle exhorts Believers (who have tasted that the Lord is gracious) not to forsake the Assembling of themselves together, as the Manner of some is, Heb. x. 25. Because in the Midst of such Counsellors there is Safety, Prov. xi. 14. They being capable of directing Sinners in the Way to Heaven ; for it is said, The Saints Mall judge the World, 1 Cor. vi. 2. They being Heirs of God, and Joint-heirs with Christ, Rom. viii. 17. Having their Understanding enlightened to know the Mind of Christ, he faith unto them, " Whofesoever Sins ye remit (or declare to be remitted by the Direction of the Spirit) they are remitted unto them; and whosesoever Sins. ye retain, they are retained,” John xx. 23. The


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Spirits of the Prophets are subject to the Prophets, so are the Spirits of Believers, i Cor. xiv. 32. When the Apostles perceived the Grace that was given to Saint Paul, they gave him the Right-hand of Fellowship, Gal. ii. 9. They being thus enlightened judge with the Wisdom of the Just, whole Path and Judgment shines more and more until the perfect Day, Prov. iv. 18. He that hath believed in the Merits of Christ, and firmly fixed his Hope on him as his sure Foundation (disdaining every other Prop) having viewed him by an Eye of Faith, knows him to be the only tried and precious Corner-stone, which God (and not Man) hath laid in Zion, viz. the Church (he will not because God faith) he shall not make Haíte, (to run from his Anchor of Hope) Isa. xxviii. 16. He will not be Diffident; for he knows there is no other Way (than what God hath appointed) to save his immortal Soul. And therefore will not be carried about to and fro with every Wind of Doctrine, Eph. iv. 14. " To whom shall we go, faith Peter, (when Unbelievers went away from Christ) thou hast the Words of eternal Life," John vi. 68. “ Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life," John xiv. 6.

And in this Way Believers go from Strength to Strength, 'till every one appears before God in the Wedding Garment of Christ's Righteousness, in the Assembly of the Juft, in Sion above, Ifa. Ixxxiv.7. Thus shall the Juft arrive from one Degree of Grace to another, and grow in the Knowledge of Jesus Christ, 2 Peter iii. 18. And he will instruct the Ignorant; for to whom hall God teach Knowledge, or whom shall he make to understand Doctrine ? them that are weaned from the Milk, and drawn from the Breasts; them that are yet childish : and to them he will give Precept up: on Precept, Line upon Line, here a Little, and

there tbee


there a Little. That their weary Souls might rest in God's Ways, and be refreshed, isa. xxviii. 9, 10,

, 12. By Pureness, by Knowledge, by Long-luffering, by Kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by Love unteigned, by the Word of Truth, by the Power of God, by the Armour of Righteousness on the right Hand and on the Left, by Honour and Dishonour, by evil Report and good Report; being reviled as Deceivers, and yet true, as unknown to the World, and yet well known to Chrift; as dying to the World and Sin, and behold we live; as chaftened, but not killed; as forrowful thro' much Tribulation, yet always rejoicing that we counted worthy to suffer Shame for Christ : as being poor in Spirit, yet through Grace making many rich in God, and Heirs of his glorious Kingdom; as having nothing, and yet possessing all Things in Christ our Head, 2 Cor. vi. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. For by Prayer and Supplication our Requests are made known unto God, Phil. iv. 6. whose Eyes are over the Righteous, and his Ears are open unto their Prayers, I Peter ii. 12. Who commands his sanctified Ones, and his mighty Ones who rejoice in his Highness (which none but his mighty Angels, and Souls justified by Faith can do) who are willing to obey God's Commands, to execute his Anger against his Enemies, especially by the twoedged Sword of God's Word, Pfal. cxlix. 6. Ifa. xiii. 3. Angels are ministring Spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be Heirs of Salvation,

Heb. i. 14.

TEACH thy Church, O Lord, to lie before thee in

the Dust, on Account of her great Obligation to thee for sending prote&ting Angels to guard her upon Earth. And likewise for thy san&tifying Graces whereby le is become the true Circumcision, which worship thee in Spirit, and bave no Confidence in the Flesh. Help us, O Lord, to live to thy Glory, never to tarnish the Cross of Christ, wbich bath freed us from the Dominion of Satan. Neither let us grieve thy holy Spirit, whereby we are sealed to the Day of Redempti

And although the Wicked, like prickly Tborns, are often vexing the Righteous (as was the case with Lot in Sodom) yet we pray ibee, forgive them, for they know not what they do, left at last they be bound up in Bundles, and according to thy Word, cast alive into Hell, Matt. xiii. 30.


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Christ appears a Man of War, teaches bis

Disciples to be Soldiers. Promises them glorious Titles, and to keep them from the Power of the Devil, which overcometh the World by bis Temptations.

The Bride views ber Beloved on the bloody Cross, she groans and dies unto Sin.


Tow behold, and wonder ye Hosts above!

and be astonished, ye Sons of Men! that Emmanuel himself should stand in need of Aniltance from Heaven, to compleat Man's Redemption. For lo ! a mighty Angel was sent from God to strengthen our bleffed and for ever adorable Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift, in his Agony and bloody Sweat ; who had just entered his last' ConAict against the Powers of Hell, and by way of Sympathy with our feeble Flesh, he prayed if it


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