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Zech. ix. 11, 12. Rom. viii. 21. The Lord will not only bring forth, but will cleanse their Blood, which hath not been cleansed, for the Lord dwelleth in Sion, (the Church) Joel iii. 21. Therefore, “come now, and let us reaion together, saith the Lord!! as much as to say, Consider on what Terms I accept of your Persons and Performances, and make your scarlet Şins as white as Snow, Ifa. i. 18. Behold ! it is for the sake of my Servant, and your Redeemer, in whom my Soul delighteth, Ifa. xlii. 1. and because you were chosen in him before the Foundation of the World, Eph. i. 4. Therefore will I reveal myself unto you, and when you believe, (having your Understanding enlightened) that I have loved you with an everlasting Love, then will your Love to me be cordial and unfeigned: and thus become willing and obedient, through constraining Love, 1 Cor. v. 14. to submit to the Righteoufnels of my Son, for your whole and only Salvation, without any Mixture or Composition of your own Endeavours, or self Righteousness, in point of Acceptánce with God : then ye shall eat the Good of the Land of God's free Grace and redeeming Love; but if

ye refuse, and rebel, and oppose this Way of Salvation, ye shall be devoured with the Sword of God's Judgment and Justice, for the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, Isa. i. 18, 19, 20.

It is written, Sion mall be redeemed with Judgment, viz. by the well ordered Plan of unerring Wisdom, and her Converts with Righteousness, (wrought out by Christ the Mediator, and is called by Saint Paul, “ The Righteousness of God which is revealed from Faith to Faith, in the Believer's Heart, as it is written, The Just shall live by Faith,” Rom. i. 17.) But the Destruction of Sinne:s, who forsake and contemn this Way of Reconciliation with God, shall be without Mercy, Ija. i. 27, 28.

But as for the


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Lord's Servants, their Righteousness is of me, faith the Lord, Isa. liv. 17. “I know, (faith the Believer) in the Lord have I Righteousness and Strength; and in the Lord (Jesus) shall all the Seed of Israel, (viz. the Household of Faith) be justified, and shall glory," Ifa. Ixv. 24, 25. Again, 56 Thus faith the Lord that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Ifrael ; fear not, for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy Name, thou art mine. When thou passeft through the Waters, I will be with thee ; and through the Rivers, they shall not overflow thee: and when thou walkelt through the Fire, thou shalt not be burnt ; neither thail the Flame kindle upon thee," Isa. xliii. 1, 2. : So safe is the Church of God from Destruction, that when all Things perish, they shall sustain no Lofs; in the last Day, in the general Conflagration, when the whole world will be in a Flame, and burn as an Oven, Mal, iv. 1, 2. they shall tread down their Enemies like Alhes : A lively Resemblance of this was exhibited by the Presence of God the Son with Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego, who were condemned to the burning fiery Furnace, for refusing to worship the golden Image which Nebuchadnezzar had set up : But to the King's great Surprize, he saw four Men loole, walking in the Midst of the Fire, without Hurt, and the Form of the Fourth was like the Son of God, who preserved them in such a wonderful Manner, that even the Smell of Fire had not passed on them, because they believed and put their Trust in God, Dan. iii, 23, 25,

So in the JudgmentDay, though the great Globe itself be diffolved, happy will the Bride be in the Enjoyment of her adorable Husband, whose Love is unchangeable ; for faith he, “ I am the Lord thy God, the holy one of Israel, thy Saviour: I gave Egypt for thy



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Ransom. — Since thou wast precious in my Sight, thou haft been honourable, and I have loved thee : therefore will I give Men for thee; and People for thy Life.' Fear not ; for I am with thee; I will

I bring thy Seed from the East, and gather thee from the Weft; I will say to the North, Give up; and to the South, Keep not back ; bring my Sons from far, and my Daughters from the Ends of the Earth ; even every one that is called by my Name, for I have created him for my Glory. - (And says our Lord, “ The Son of Man will send forth-his Angels, at the End of the World, with a great Sound of a Trumpet, and they shall gather toge ther his Elect from the four Winds, from one End of Heaven to the other." And none can frustrate the Purpose of his Grace.) For I, even I, am the Lord ; and besides me there is no Saviour, (faith the great Emmanuel.) Yea, before the Day was, I am he, and there is none can deliver out of my Hand; I will work, and who shall let it? I am the Lord your holy one, the Creator of Israel, your King : which maketh a Way in the Sea, and a Path in the mighty Waters; which bringeth forth the Chariot and Horse, the Army and the Power ; they shall lie down together, they shall not rise : they are extinct, they are quenched as Tow," Isa. xliii. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17. Matt. xxiv. 3r.

. Also the Destruction of sin fhall' be accomplished in God's People, who pass through the Red Sea of Christ's atoning Blood : they shall be delivered from the very Shadow of Death, and shall see all their Enemies extinct: And the envious Blaze of their transitory Life quenched for ever. Whilft they, (the Righteous)" being delivered from the Power of Darkness, and translated into the Kingdom of God's dear Son, fit triumphant at the Lord's right Hand: having obtained Redemption

through through his Blood, even the Forgiveness of their Sins," Col. i. 13, 14. And even now, whilft on their Journey, their Hearts travel with them that go in the High-way oi the Lord : and their Souls (which seemed deserted for a While) do at length rejoice and blossom as the Rote, and they shall blossom yet more abundantly, and rejoice, yea, with Joy and Singing: They shall see the Glory of the Lord, and the Exceilency of our God : Even now, during the spiritual Warfare, their weak Hands and feeble Knees shall be strengthened, perhaps, by the Means of godly Ministers and serious Cristians, Fathers in Sion, who are directed to " say to them who are of a fearful Heart, Be strong, fear not; tor Behold! God will come with Vengeance on your Enemies, (viz. the Remainder of your Corruptions) and with a Recompence to you, who confidently Believe in the Name of his Son. , (For he will come and save you to the utmost, and all them that come to God by him, Heb. vii. 25.). For the Eyes of the Blind shall be opened, and the Ears of the Deaf Ihall be unitopped, then shall the lame Man leap as an Hart, and the Tongue of the Dumb fing, and the Heart which was once a' Wilderness of Sin and Vanity shall become a Field of Fruitful Meditations, and the Tongue utter lavoury Discourses concerning the Waters of Life, which are like Streams in the Soul, flowing to Life eternal; For out of the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth speaketh, Matt. xii. 34.) For the Heart, though once barren and dry, like parched Ground, shall become a Pool, and Springs of Water,” Ifa. xxxv. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. They who drink of the Waters that Christ giveth, shall never thirst any more ; for it shall be in them a Well of living Water, a never-tailing Spring to quench the Thirft of the Blessed, that hunger and


1 V. 6.

thirst after Righteousness, (viz. the Righteousness of God) for they shall be filled, both with the Bread and Water of Lite freely, John iv. 14. Matt.

Their thirsty Land, (their Hearts) shall be so filled with the Springs of the Water of Life flowing from that Rock Christ Jesus, that in the Habitation (of their Heart) where Dragons (or Devils) each lay, and nuried every beloved Sin in its Turn, viz. the right Hand Sin, the right Eye Sın, the Sin which did easily befet them ; instead of those lurking Fiends which made the Ground of the Heart barren; there shall grow (by Virtue of the Fountain of Life springing continually from Chrilt in the Believer's Heart) Grals, with Reeds and Rushes, all the Tokens ot Fertility, Isa. xxxv.7. The Field of Grace which Christ opens to the Soul's View, shall be so rich by constant Watering every Moment with the Dews of Heaven, that it shall become a green Patture, sufficient to feed God's Sheep. " Thou shalt feed me (faith David) in a green Pafture, and lead me forth besides the Water's of Comfort," Psal. xxxii. 2. God will preserve his People Night and Day, least any hurt them, Ija. xxvii. 3. and caule them to hear a Voice behind them, when they err on the Right or on the Left, saying, This is the Way, walk ye in it, Isa. xxx. 21. For there is an Highway for God's People to walk in, and it is called “ The Way of Holiness. The Unclean shall not pass over it : but it shall be for those who are way-taring Men, whose Faces are Sion-wards, Virgins in Christ, though counted Fools by the World, shall not err therein. Lion shall be there !” The true Believer need not say, like the Nothrul Man, " There is a' Lion in the Way ;(viz. Unbelief and the Fear of Man, which brings a Snare to his Soul, Prov. xxix. 25.)

Neither shall any ravenous Beast go thereon,

And no


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