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Strength to bring forth, Ifa. Ixvi. 9. And those whom he brings torth and lets as a City on a Hillia he'll preserve for ever.

The Sea itfelt was a Defence unto Ifrael whilst in the Midst of it: fo whilst we rely on the Merits of Chrift for Grace and Forgiveness, Sin looies its reigning and con. demning Power. And though Satan and Sin, like Pbaraob and his Hoft, pretume to pursue, and continue to harrass Pilgrim Hearts, yet being at length obliged to confeis, like Pbarach, that God fighteth for Israel, their Vigour abates, their Strength fails, their Hearts faint, and they cry, Let us fee from Israel, the believing Church, for neither Satan to accuse, nor Sin to condemn, dare fand in their Way, for the Blood of Christ cleanfeth them from all Sin. Thus all I/rael have the Honour to tread down the Strength of the Enemy; divine Justice. acquits the penitent Believer ; Stan hath received double for all her Sins, Isa. xl. 2. Her Sorrows have been great, and her Mercies are multiplied : Christ the great Emmanuel has doubly atoned for her Sins, and Heaven shall make double Amends for her Sorrow. God smiled on Ifrael, and they marched briskly ; he frowned on the Egyptians and their Carriages moved Nowly, and they began to be heavy-hearted, for his Looks gave them to understand that Ifrael was under Divine Protection, incompassed within the Red Sea, a Type of Christ's Blood, and therein surrounded with Salvation as with Walls and Bulwarks. So Satan and Sin, like Pharaob and his Hoft, attempt to save themselves by Flight, but Jesus ftretchesout his Hand over the Sea of his Blood, points out the Certainty and Sufficiency of his Death and Refurrection, saying, Bebeld my Hands and my Feet! So the Sea of Christ's Blood, in his Sufferings and Intercession, viewed together, like the Sea in its


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full Strength, oyer flows and beats down all Oppofitions, drowns all the Enemies of Israel, savish Fears, Unbelief, and Hardness of Heart, there shall not be one of them left in the Believer's Heart. Hence it appears that all the Hopes of Victory, which the Devil and Sins have, are all drowned when they prefume to encamp within the Wails of this atoning Sea, the Covenant of Grace. Thus the Lord faves all his Ifrael, univerlaily and severally in the Day of Salvation, out of the Hands of the Devil and Sins; when the Seed of the Woman shall bruise the Serpent's Head, Gen. iii. 15. and casteth out the strong Man armed, Luke xi. 21. And every Child ot_Redemption, can according to the Measure of Faith given him, behold thole troublesome Egyptians, the Suggestions of Satan, and the Enricements of sin dead on the Sea shore of Christ's Blood. And when the Believer hath effectually learnt by Faith the great Work which the Lord hath done for him and in him, and feels in himself, (like the Woman of Samaria, by touching Chrift's Garment) that he is healed of his Plague, as the was of her Issue of Blood, though of twelve Years Continuance, Mark v. 25, 27, 29. Then will he fear the Lord, and believe the Word of his Servant. And will acknowledge all the Promises of God, which were to him as dead Letters before, to be in Christ Jesus both rea and Amen, i. e. sure and everlasting to the Glory of God the Father, 2 Cor. i. 20. He can then perceive the Voice of the Lord calling after him saying, " Remember these thy Priviledges, O Jacob and Israel! for thou art my Servant; I have formed thee (for my Glory) thou shalt never be forgotten of me, I have blotted out as a thick Cloud thy Transgressions, and as a Cloud thy Sins; return unto me, for I have Redeemed thee. Şing O Heavens, for the Lord hath done it,"

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Tja. xliv. 21, 22, 23. Thus all the Promises of God are to the believing Soul as 10 many Itrong Towers to hide him from the Face of his Enemies. For God has promised to drown his People's Sins in (, . the Midst of the Sea, Mic, vii, 19. which is now coine 'to pass, as every Believer experiences by Faith, within himself. The Lord feems to awake as one out of Sieep, and like a Giant refreshed with Wine, to smite the Enemies of the Believer's Soul, viz, the Devil and Sin, putting them to perpetual Reproach ; as he did to the Philistines, the Enemies

of Israel, when he smote theni with Emerods, viz, · à fore Disease in their hinder Parts, for presuming to take the Ark of God into their Pofleflion; and obftinately detaining it, notwithstanding Dagon (their God) was fallen upon his Face to the Ground in its Presence, Pfal. lxxviii, 65, 66. i Sam. iv. II. and v. 4, 6. And thus will he plague all impenitent Sinners, and all those " that forget God, and offend his Saints; that touch his Anointed, and do Harm to his Prophets : For 'tis better that a Millstone were hangea about their Neck, and they cast into the Midst of the Sea, than that they offend any one that believeth in me," saith Christ, Matt. xviii. 6. " Touch not mine Anointed, and do my Prophets no Harm,” i Cron. xvi. 22. Psal. cv. 15. Now the Believer may adopt the Language of John the Baptist, and cry to his Fellow-finners, saying, Repent, and bebold the Lamb of God which taketh away the Sins of the World, (of Believers to the End of Time) John i. 29. Now the Day of Salvation iş come home to the Believer's Soul, and God's Promise is made good to him, which faith, “ Behold the Days come, faith the Lord, that I will make a new Covenant with the House of Jacob, or Israel, (God's believing Church) and with the House of Judah (all that are Heirs of God by Adoption,


and Joint-heirs with Christ, and are numbered amongst the Household of Faith, anà are owned by the Name of Israel) not according to the former Covenant (of Works) which they brake. But this shall be the Covenant that I will make with the House of Israel, after those Days, faith the Lord; (it shall be a Covenant of Grace) for I will put my Law in their inward Parts, and write it in their Hearts ; and I will be their God, and they shall be my People : for they shall all know me, from the least to the greatest, faith the Lord : for I will forgive their Iniquity, and will remember their Sins no more." This is a glorious Promise, and yet God proceeds to reveal and confirm his Love to his People. “ Thus faith the Lord, which

" giveth the Sun for a Light by Day, and the Ordinances of the Moon and Stars for a Light by Night, which dividech the Sea when the Waves thereof roar, the Lord of Hofts is his Name. If those Ordinances depart from before me, faith the Lord, then the Seed of Israel, or Household of Faith shall cease from being a royal Priesthood, or an holy Nation before me for ever. Also thus faith the Lord, If Heaven above can be measured, and the Foundations of the Earth searched out bencath,

will also cast off the Seed of Israel, for all that they have done, faith the Lord;" (As much as to say, I will not caft them off for ever!) (Glory be to God for all his gracious Promises.) Jer. xxxi. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37. I Peter ii.

s. The Lord also paffed by before Mofes, who then represented his Church, and God put him into a Clift of the Rock, being a Type of Christ, Exod. xxxiii. 32. And then confiftent with the Attribute of Justice, after viewing the Church in Christ, who was bound from Eternity to make Satisfaction to his injured Justice : He therefore proclaimed himself, “The



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Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsutfering and abundant in Goodness and Truth, keeping Mercy for Thousands (who venture their Salvation on the Merits and Mediation of his Son) forgiving Iniquity, Transgression, and Sin, but will by no Means clear the Guilty,” impenitent Sinner, Exnd. xxxiv. 6, 7. Or the formal hypocritical Proteffor. “ Hear the Word of the Lord, ye Rulers and People: To what purpose are your Sacrifices unto me? when ye come to appear

before me, faith the Lord. Who hath required this (Lipservice) at your Hands, to tread in my Courts? Bring no more vain Oblations; (such are your formal Round of Duties, and Common Prayers at Church, with unconiecrated Hearts) I am weary of them, they are a Trouble unto me, faith the Lord ;” without the Spirit to help you to pray in Faith, and expect Forgiveness only for the Sake of Christ's Merits, viz. through his atoning Blood and Righteousness. Therefore, Wash ye, saith God, But where ? Surely in the Blood of Jesus, there only may you make yourselves clean. (That boly Water from his pierced Side, John xix. 34. will purify the Heart, and enable you to do what God commands). Also “ put away the Evil of your Doings from before mine Eyes ; cease to do Evil, learn to do well; seek Judgment, relieve the Oppressed, judge che (Cause of the) Fatherless, plead for the Widow," Isa. i. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Thus shall the Children who are come to the Birth have Strength to come forth, when under the Pangs of the new Birth. God most graciously invites them, saying, “ Turn to me, your Strong. hold, ye Prisoners of Hope; for by the Blood of Christ (given you for a Covenant) have I determined to bring you forth out of your Prison-house of Unbeliet, into the glorious Liberty of the Sons of God,”



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