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has been redeemed from the reigning and condemning Power of Sin and Unbelief, allo transplanted from Nature into Grace, lo shall the Body one Day obtain Redemption from the Grave, and be re-united to the Soul, and be put fafe into the purchased Possession (according to Promile) Epb. i. 13, 14. Wherefore the Apoitle exhorteth Believers to cease from Sin, yea from corrupt Communication, left they grieve the Holy Spirit of God, and deprive themselves of his Comtorts, who hath sealed them to the Day of Redemption, Eph. iv. 29, 30. Thus Christ promises Believers shall hear his voice, and as Christ knows them, they shall know his Voice, and follow him. “ And I give unto them (says Christ) eternal Life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any pluck them out of my Hands. My Father which gave them me, is greater than all; and none is able to pluck them out of my Father's Hand," John X. 27, 28, 29.

" For when the Enemy shall come in like a Flood (into the Heart of God's Pecple), then the Spirit of the Lord shall lift

up a Standard against him," and chase him away, Ifa. lix. 19. Therefore the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the Church built upon this Rock, or Christ received by Faith into the Believer's Heart, Matt. xvi. 18. But woe be to them that are alone (without Christ), for when they fall, there is none to help them, Eccle. iv. 10. Oh! strive therefore to make your Calling and Election fure, then shall you enjoy the Honour contained in these sublime Characters bestowed on God's People, viz. His pleasant Portion, Jer. xii. 10. His own Inberitance, Ila. xix. 25. His Jewels, which he will one Day collect together, Mal. ii. 17. for his peculiar Treasure, Exod. xix. 5. The dearly Beloved of God's own Soul, Jir. xii. 7. The Apple of bis Eye, Zech. ii. 8. And Chrift says that “who


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soever offends one of them, it were better that a
Mill-stone was hanged about his Neck, and that he
was drowned in the Depth of the Sea,Matt. xviii.
6. But notwithstanding God's unalterable Love
to his People; if they wilfully sin against him, he
will give the dearly Beloved of his own Soul (for
a Season) into the Hands of their Enemies, Jer. xii. 7.
until he hath sufficiently humbled them; and then
will he have Compassion on them, and bring every
penitent Soul again into the Light of his Counte-
nance, Ver. 15. And in order that God's People,
might watch, as well as pray; God says,
my Children forsake my Law, and walk not
in my Judgments; if they break my Statutes, and
keep not my Commandments: then will I visic
their Transgressions with the Rod, and their Ini-
quity with Stripes. Neverthelels, my loving Kind-
ness will I not utterly take from them ; nor suffer
my Faithfulness to fail (those who are the Objects
of his Love, and the Purchase of his Blood), Pfal.
lxxxix. 30, 31, 32, 33.

And though God's Bloodbought People are safe in the everlasting Covenant of Grace, which is well-ordered in all Things and sure, 2 Sam. xxiii. 5. Yet they dare not sin that Grace may abound, left God's Rod follows them as it did King David for his Sin touching Uriah, &c. For faith God by the Prophet Naiban, The Sword shall never depart from tbine House, 2 Sam. xii. 10. A dreadful Sentence! enough to deter God's People, yea, every considerate Soul from wilful Dilobedience!

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Heavenly Father, we see the Difficulty of walking

in the right Road, being by Nature ignorant of thy Ways, and prone to Disobedience, owing to the Sirength of our Corruptions, and Weakness in Grace. May we see the Necesity of thy correčting Hand, when we


negle Et

negleet our Duty, and disobey thy Commands; and considering thy paternal Care over us, be enabled, through Faith, like holy David, to say that thy Rod and Staff shall comfort us all the Days of our Life, Pfal. xxiii. 4.

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The Folly of daubing with intempered Mortar,

or mixing Works with Grace. True Faith will believe the Promise, Dip in Jordan, and be clean. Also walk round Jericho, and gain the Conquest. The Disciples forfook their Lord: Christ gained the bloody Victory alone, and

gave the Merits of bis Life and Death unto them.

EHOLD! it is absolutely necessary that all

poor Sinners and every Believer that thirfteth tor Grace to subdue Sin should come to the Wa. ters, viz. the Merits of Christ, and he that is poor in Spirit, and hath no good Works to buy with, let him come to Christ. " Come ye, buy and eat, yea, come, buy Wine and Milk, without Money and without Price,” Ifa. lv. I. The Poverty of the Soul excites Pity, and makes the Redeemer cry out, Oh! thou Afflictea, tossed with Tempest, and not comforted, Ita. liv. 11. Come to my Banquet, for I have troden the Wine preis alone, in my Agony and bloody Sweat, tor Wint to chear thy troubled Heart, Ija. Ixiii. 3. Also suck the Brealts of my Faithfulness for the Milk of Consolation, Ija. Ixvi. II.


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Then go to the bloody Cross, and eat the Sacrifice of my Body, which was broken there for thee, I am the Bread of Life, John vi. 48.

Then come to my complete Obedience to the Law for white Raiment, (spotless Righteousness) “ that the Shame of thy Nakedness do not appear," Rev. iii. 18. Why do you spend your Money for that which is not Bread, and your Labour for that which fatisfieth not God's Justice, nor appeaseth your Conscience)? ,

? hearken Diligently unto me (faith God), and eat ye that which is good, even the Merits of the Body and Blood of Christ by Faith, and let your Souls delight themselves in this: Fatness. Incline your Ear, and come unto me: hear, and your Soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting Covenant with you, even the sure Mercies of David,Ila. Iv. 1, 2, 3. This sure Mercy belongs to every believing justified Soul, that hath been sealed with the Holy Spirit, and God hath confirmed his Faithfulness to his Saints by an Oath, Once have I sworn by my Holiness, that I will not lie unto David, Psal. Ixxxix. 35. And whereas Believers have the fure Mercies of David conferred upon them, whom then shall we fear, since The Lord is our Strength and our Song ; and be is become our Salvation, Exod. xv. 2.

And that the Believer might not doubt of God's Faithfulness to restore him, when the Devil hath thrust at him that he falls; which is fome Times the Case in the field of Battl, in which he is continually under Arms, for he is a Soldier enlisted under the King of Sion, Jesus Christ, and wears his Livery;

no Confidence in tlie Flesh ; but all his Trust is in God. Therefore, God willing more abundantly to thew unto such Heirs of Promise the Iinmutability of his Counsel, confirmed it by an Oath, that by two immutable Things (even by Word and Oath, pledged for the Security of the F 2


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Heirs of Glory, we may be assured of renewed Grace; nor shall we be luffered to continue barren or unfruitiul; the Scripture says,) " In which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have strong Consolation, who have Hed for Refuge to lay hold upon the Hope fet before us; which Hope we have as an Anchor to the Soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entreth into that within the Vail," Heb. vi. 14, 17, &c. Our Hope centers in the Merits of the all-atoning Blood of Jesus, who as an Advocate and High-Priest is entered into Heaven, even into the Presence of God, pleading the Merits of his precious Blood for us, Heb. viii. 1, 2. And God is thereby just in being the Juftifier of them that believe in Jesus, Rom. iii. 26. Because God hath received double for all their Sins, by the Merits of the Death of his Son; “ Speak ye comfortably (faith God) to Jerufalen (the Church militant) and cry unto her, that her Warfare is accomplished, that her Iniquity is pardoned, for she hath received of the Lord's Hand double for all her Sins,” Ifa. xl. 2. The Church, (the whole Family of the Faithful) receives the Merits of Christ by Faith, which Faith is the Gift of God, and then offers up those Merits to God, pleads the Atonement made for her Sins, mixed in the least with her own good Works, in Point of Justification before God. (Christ is the Pearl of great Price, which we lost in the Fall of Adam, and no one should presume to preach until he has found it; and then he would cry aloud, teaching with Authority, as Christ did, and not as the Scribes, Matt. vii. 29. Shewing the People that original Sin, as well as actual Transgressions will condemn them. He will be enabled also to declare in the most explicit Manner the divine Plan, the determinate Counsel of God to save lost Sinners



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