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Countenance, Psal. Ixxxix. 15. “. And.

". And, your Path shall be as the Light, which thines more and more until the perfect Day,Prov. iv. 18. Oh! my Brethren, if ever you come under the Dispensation of God's Spirit, and have the Honour to be Prophets, Priests, and Kings unto, God, then shall you also learn to say with Saint John, We know that we are of God, and the whole World (not thựs inlightened) lieth in Wickedness, 1 John v. 19. And unless they repent, and come thus to receive Christ in all his gracious Offices, they must perish, for be that batb. the Son, hath Life; but be that båtb not the Son of God, bath not Life, but the Wrath of God abideth on him, 1 John v. 12: John ini. 36. A dismal State, my fellow Sinners! I hope fome of you by this Time, convinced of your Condition, would gladly be numbered amongst the saved, the called of God and sanctified; unto wbom it is given to know the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, Luke viii. 10. Though the Devil persecute you; and his deluded scoffing Children were to call you in Derision by the Name of Methodists :. For we know all Men have not Faith, but many continue the Devil's

poor deluded Slaves, unto whom the Word of God is spoken in Parables ; " that seeing they might see and not perceive, and hearing they might hear and not understand ; because the Enemy, whom they serve, taketh away the Word out of their Hearts, lest they should believe and be saved,” Luke viii. 10, 12. But you, beloved Brethren, who are called by Grace to be Joint-heirs with Chrift, remember that Scripture, " To you it is given, not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for his Name's fake,” Phil. i. 29. , and chearfully bear the Frowns of the Devil, in the Hearts of the Unconverted, and marvel not, while you are made

, Kings and Priests unto God, to offer up fpiritual




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Sacrifices, acceptable to God, through the Mediator Jesus Chrilt; and are encouraged to “ come boldly unto the Throne of Grace, to receive Strength and Help in Time of Need,” Heb. iv. 16. You are now the blessed Men to whom the Lord will not impute Sin, Psal. xxxii. 2. He imputes not Sin to his People, because it is not their chosen Element, but their Place of Bondage ; not their Meat but their Poison : and therefore if such Men fin through Inadvertency, who are thus adopted into God's Family, the Apostle tells us, We have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the Rigbteous, (who is as an high Priest entered within the Vail, with his Blood, even into the Presence of God for us), and be is the Propitiation for our Sins, 1 John ii. 1, 2. Glorious Exchange ! once you were Subjects and Bond-Naves to Sin: “ for of whomsoever a Person is overcome, of the fame is he brought into Bondage,” 2 Peter ii. 19. Once the Things you were forbidden to do, those Things your corrupt Nature inclined you to do; but now Christ by his kingly

, Power has in a Measure subdued Sin in you : and although through the Remainder of Corruptions, God may suffer a Believer to cry, O wretched Man that I am, who shall deliver me from the Body of this Death! yet the Holy Ghost shall enable you as he did Saint Paul, to ibank God through Jesus Christ, Rom. vii. 24, 25. who shall reign and daily subdue Sin in the Hearts of all those who are “ translated from the Power of the Devil, which is Darkness, into the Kingdom of God's dear Son, which is marvellous Light, and have found Redemption in his Blood, even the Forgiveness of Sins, Col. i. 13, 14. And shall be delivered from the Bondage of Corruption, into the glorious Liberty of the Children of God, Rom. viii. 21. Now you are not only myltically, but, in a Measure, experimentally crucified


to the World, and the World to you. Your chief Glory now is in the Cross of our dear Lord Jesus Christ; which the Sons of Men, not being born of God, hate to bear: these are called natural Men, or Men of the World; when others, who are born of the Spirit, are said to be chofen out of the World, whom the World hateth, Jobn xv. 19. And why? because they are choien out of the World, they conform not with the World ! but their Fellowjbip is with the Fatber, and with bis Son Jesus Christ, 1 John i. 3. And their Conversation is in Heaven, Phil. iii. 20. And their work while on Earth is in the Lord's Vineyard, beating up for Volunteers for the King of Glory ; endeavouring to become all Things to all Men, that they might gain fome, 1 Cor. ix. 22. For they have toilowed

i Chrift so long, and love his Service so well, that they are become Fishers of Men; Matt. iv. 19. And endeavour by all Means to win Souls to Chrift. “ They are God's Workmanship, created in Chrift Jesus unto good Works, which God has before ordained, that they should walk in them,” Eph. ii. 12. Therefore you fee my beloved Brethren, that God's People, especially his Ministers, are ordained and commanded to “ study to shew themselves approved of God. Workmen who need not to be ashamed, having learned rightly to divide the Word of Truth," 2 Tim. ii. 15.

" What shall we then say to these Things ? If God be for us, who can be against us? He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all (all who

, are born of the Spirit) how shall he not with Christ also freely give us all Things ?” He is our Advocate on high. “Who shall lay any Thing to the Charge of God's Elect? It is God that juftifieth: (He justifies freely on the sure Foundation of the Death of his Son) Who is he that condemneth ?

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Ít is Christ that died." He laid dowri his Life for the Sheep; and gives them the Knowledge of the Remission of their Sins, Rom. viii. 31, 32, 33, 34cm Wherefore they receive not the Spirit of Bondage again to fear; but receive the Spirit of Adoption, whereby they cry, Abba, Father. And the Spirit itfelf beareth Witness with their Spirits, that they are the Children of God," Ver. 15, 16. And because God's People, through Grace, obey the effectual Call, whereby they are co-workers together with God ; therefore they give all Diligence to make their Calling and EleEtion sure, 2 Peter.i. 10. Which is every Christian's Priviledge : and they that will not strive to enter in at the strait Gate, may blame themselves for their own Backwardness, owing to the Fall of Adam, in which they all died, 1 Cor. xvi.

For there is no Unrighteousness with God, therefore let God be true, but every Mani a Liar, Rom. iii. 4.

For we have all come short of the Glory of God, and it would be no Injustice in him to condemn us all, for the whole world is become guilty before him, Rom. iii. 19. Therefore · let us with Joy embrace the free Salvation, which eternal Love prepared for us, and improve the manifold Grace given unto us, whilst it is called To-Day, for Night cometh, wheri no Man can work, John iv. 4. For the Day is with many of us far spent, and Death, which (I am afraid) will be a sorrowful Night (to many a dry Bone Soul) is at Hand: let us therefore cast away the unfruitful Works of Ignorance (which will be found dismal Darkness) and be clothed with Humility, and indued with the Knowledge of the divine Will, in all Wisdom and spiritual Understanding, which will be unto us the Armour of Light; even now in the Time of our mortal Life. Remembering our Priviledge, mentioned before, and that it is our Duty and In


i. 10.

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terest to make our Calling and EleEtion fire, i. e. clear to the Satisfaction of our own Conscience, 2 Peter

For altho’ there is a fure Foundation laid, yet there are many Sandy ground Professors, who make Shipwreck of Faith, and fall finally into

, Condemnation, after they have been enlightened like Judas and King Saul, and like them that tafted the good Word of God, and the Powers of the World to come, 1.-6. the interior Workings of God's Spirit, which always accompanies the Word more or less ; yet still it was but a Taste, and for want of effectual Conviction and found Conversion, their. Tasting and Receiving of God's new Wine into their old Bottles (unconverted Hearts), did them no good, but burft their Bottles, and so Wine and Bottles perished, Matt. ix 17.(Sin grew impatient by Restraintz and broke out with greater Violence). Yet there is an - Impoffibility-on God's Part to suffer his T-ruth to fail Believers, who have been effectually called according to his Purpose, convinced in their Understanding, convicted in Heart by the Word of Truth, and condemned by the Law, and then Ransomed by Blood; and released by Faith in the Merits of the Son of God; such must be safe, being rescued as a Prey from the Strong, and plucked as a Brand from the Burning by the Hand of Omnipotencë; for if the Son makes us free, we are free indeed, John viii. 36. and especially it we have : paffed through the fiery Trial, 1 Peter iv. 12. viz. of Persecution. The Grain that withereth not by scorching Heat will come to Maturity, having Christ in us the Hope of Glory, Col. i. 27. We go on from one Degree of Grace unto another, until we are arrived to-full Affurance of Faith, and sealed with the holy Spirie of Promife, which is an Earnest of our Inheritance in Glory; and it is a fure Evidence that as the Soul


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