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your Nature in him, being accursed originally by his Fall, and since, by your own Tranigressions : Therefore God also sends you out (and every one he intends to save) to till the ground of your own Hearts; to break up the fallow Ground; to root out the Thorns and Thirties (your Sins) from thènce, and to make yourselves holy as your Når ture was (in Adam) at first, which you can never do : For no Man can quicken his own Soul, Psal. xxii. 29. And this the Lord does that Man might see his lott Condition, and that he can no more change his Heart than the Ethiop his Skin, until the Lord Jehovah puts his Hand to the Work: then will appear some evident Signs of Restoration to Lite ; as it follows in the Subject under Consideration.

“And when I beheld, lo! the Sinnews and the Flesh came up upon them, and the Skin covered them above, but there was no Breath in them.” God by his Spirit had been tilling the Ground of their Hearts, 'till they were afraid of Hell and eternal Damnation. " Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the Wind, prophesy, Son of Man, and say to the Wind, Thus faith the Lord God, Come from the four Winds, O Breath, and breathe upon these Slain, that they may live! Ezek. xxxvii. 8,9. God works in a miraculous Manner to deliver his Church: He brought his Israel of old out of Captivity, when they were oppressed and under the Dispensation of the Law. In a similar Manner he now miraculously delivers his Church out of the Bondage of Sin and the Slavery of the Devil, under the Dispensation of the Gospel, when all hu. man Help fails. Here you may see that it is God who prepares the Hearts of his People, viz. the whole House of Israel ever since the Fall of Adam, in order to receive his Grace; they being in the Sight of God dead, in the Valley of dry Bones, as D



will appear : for after all the Noise, and the Shaking, and the Trembling, which the Spirit of God had brought on them, through Conviction, for Fear of the high and lofty One that inhabiteth Eternity: yet they were still in a state of Death, for ihere was no ipiritual Breath in then, Ezek. xxxvij. 8. For besides Repentance towards God, there must be Faith towards our Lord Jesus Chrift, Act. xx. 21. Which those poor Souls as yet had

But mark his holy Word! “ To this Man will I look, even to him that is poor (in Spirit) and of a contrite Heart, and trembleth at my Word," Ija. lxvi. 2. The Lord looked in Mercy on those trembling Souls, and callid for his four Winds, even his Holy Spirit which fills all Worlds, to breathe Lite into their prepared Hearts, in order to apply the Merits and effects of the Life, Death, Relurrection and Interceffion of The Lord our Righteousness unto their tainting Sculs. Then they find the Pearl of great Price, CHRIST Jesus, hid in the field of God's secret Counsel, Matt. xiii. 46. Which no Man can know, or come unto, unless the Father draw and teach him, Jobn' vi. 44.

Here the new Wine is put into new Bottles, and both preserved, Matt. ix. 17. The Souls of poor, repenting Sinners are made meet to receive Grace (Article xiii.) But if the proud Pbarisee, the wholehearted, unconverted Man was to have a Taste of God's gracious Presence, as Seul had in Company with David; and as Judas had when among the Apostles : this new Wine put into their old Bottles (unprepared Hearts, never refined in the Fire of true Conviction, nor made meet for the Master's Use; - would, through Pride, break the Bottles, and both Wixe end Bottles perish, Mait. ix. 17. Thus does God, by his breathing Winds, bring poor, weary, despairing Tillers of the Ground unto


Christ, when they have been a convenient Time under the Discipline of the Law, which is their School-master, teaching them to lay huld of the Righteousness of Christ, Gal. iii. 24.

" But aiter Faith is come, we are no longer under a Schoolmaster.(faith the Apostle, for we are all the Children of God by Faith" in Christ Jesus," ver. 25, 26. Christ is the End of the Law tor Rightecüfness to every one that believeth, Rom. x. 4. For “ this is his Name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS," For. xxiii. 6. Thus poor heavy-laden Sinners, having try'd to the utmost to be saved by the Law of Works, and yet continue in their wretched State, conscious of Guilt, and condemned by the Law, that flaming Sword which turneth every Way, to withitand presumptuous Sinners; at length makes them glad to be flipt from the wild Olive, Self, and to be engrafted into the good Olive Tree, even Christ, to be saved by the free Grace of God. And then they begin to confess with Saint Paul, By Grace we are laved, through Faith, in the Merits of Christ's Blood; so that it is not of ourselves, it is the Gift of God, not of Works, left any Man should boast,” Eph. ů. 8, 9. Now the Soul being convinced of Righteousness, as well as of Sin; that is, of the Necessity and sufficiency of Christ's Righteousness, and sensible of the damning Nature of Sin, and his own Inability to believe in Christ's Righteousnets, not knowing his Interest in him. Now, I say, when the Understanding is enlightened to know what true Righteousness is, the poor Sinner will loath himself, and esteem Chrift precious! and like St. Paul, he would not have on his own Righteousness, which is of the Law, to appear in Judgment, even though it teemed to be blamelels, but the Righteousness that is of Faith, even "Faith in the


D 2

Son of God: which is the approved WeddingGarment, required of God in holy Scripture, and renders the Soul a worthy Communicant at God's holy Table. For the believing Soul has the Honour to become the Bride, the Lamb's Spouse, hearkens to his Counsel, and buys of him white Raiment (without Money) that she might be clothed least the Shame of her Nakedness should appear, which Fig-leaf Righteousness could not cover, Rev. iii. 18. And now she is admitted to his Banqueting-house, and his Banner over her is Love, Cant, ii. 4. Now by Faith she can see that the Prince of this World (her former cruel Master) who kept her in Chains, is judged, and condemn'd as an Usurper, John xvi. 8, 11. And now, this being the Cafe, what think you, my Friends, of the Doctrine delivered ? are there the Words of Truth and Sobriety? I hope, at least, you will no longer contemptuouly call it Enthusiasm !

I suppose you will fay, you cannot tell what to think of it': if so, suspend your Judgment 'till you have found out where true Wisdom (viz. Christ) dwelleth; and desire him to anoint your Eyes with Eye Salve, that you may fee; and give you the hearing Ear, that you may hear; and illuminate your Understanding, which is yet

dark through the Ignorance that is in you, Eph. iv. 18. And labour to know what Saint Paul meant when

“ I have espoused you to one Husband, that I may present you a chaste Virgin to Chrift," ? Cor. xi. 2. And again, “ My little Children, of .

, whom I travail in Birth again until Christ bę formed in you,” Gal. iv. 19. " Which is Christ in you (Believers) the Hope of Glory," Col. i. 27. If his Image which we loft by Adam's Fall be restored in us, it will be Life eternal to know not only God the Father reconciled unto us, but Jesus


he said,

Christ whom he hath sent to perform the glorious Work of Man's Redemption, by his spotless Obedience, by his precious Blood, and his gracious Spirit working in our Hearts, John xvii. 3. But we cannot know the Father, but by the Son's Spirit, for no Man knoweth the i'ather but the Son, and be to whom the Son will reveal him, Matt. xi. 27. Therefore, unless you have received those breatbing Winds, even the Spirit of Christ, ye neither know the Son, nor the Father, For if you bave not the Spirit of Christ, ye are none of bis, Rom. viii. 9.

. * But there is now no Condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the Flesh but after the Spirit. For the Law of the Spirit of Life which we have received in Christ Jesus, makes us free from the Law of Sin and Death. For what the Law could not do in us, in that it was weak by Reason of the Infirmity of our Flesh; God therefore sending his own Son, in the likeness of sinful Flesh, and by his Obedience to God's Law, condemned Sin first in his own Flesh : (for in him was no Sin) and also in the Flesh of Believers; that the Righteousness of the Law (by our Union with Chrift) might be fulfilled in us (by Imputation) who walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit,” Rom. viii. 1, 2, 3,4. Christ being a reputed Sinner,

, and content to be “the Lamb slain from (or before) the foundation of the World," Rev. xiii. 8. Therefore Man's Sin by God's Imputation of it to Chrift, condemned Chrift to Death: And Christ's Righteousnes, by God's Imputation of it to Man, condemned Sin to death in Man, when united to Chrift. " For Christ became Sin for us who knew no Sin, that we might become the Righteousness of God in him," 2 Cor. v. 21. Wherefore God faith, Deliver bim from going down to the Pit, I have found a RanJom, Job xxxiii. 24. And forasmuch as without


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