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is loft, we are cut off for our Parts,” Ezek, xxxvii.

And to cry, What shall we do to be Javed ? Now in such a Condition the Baptism of Jobn will be accepted, even his Baptism of Repentance for the Remision of Sins, Luke iii. 3.

Then will you begin to sew your Fig Leaves together, your rag. ged filthy Righteousness, to cover your shametul Nakedness, Ija. Ixiv. 6. And then shall you hear the awful Voice of God calling after you, and saying as he did to Adam, Where art tbou? Then will you tremble and seek to hide yourselves, and confefs to God, like him, I am afraid, because I am naked! And God will reply, Who told tbee tbou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the forbidden Fruit? Gen. iii. 10, 11

Your trembling Souls shall then be sensible, not only of Guilt, but Pollution, "" from the Crown of the Head to the Sole of the Foot, full of Wounds, Bruiles, and putrifying Sores,” Ija. i. 6. Odious and loathsome in your own Eyes: and yet obliged in this Condition to stand before the dreadful Sovereign, the awful Judge of all the Earth, whose Presence is ten thoufand Times brighter than the Sun, Eccle. xxii. 19. Before whom the Cherubims cover their Faces, because of the Splendor and Brightness of his Glory I say, you must give an Answer to this “high and lotty One that inhabiteth Eternity,Ifa. lv. 15. This nevertheless is the great Shepherd and Bishop of Souls, who is come to seek after his loft Sheep,

And here you would be in a great Strait, between Hope and Despair, not knowing what to answer : and you would still be afraid to own yourselt guilty, for fear God would not be gracious to you, and forgive you. And therefore as Adam put off the Blame from himself to his Wife, so would you Sinners put off the Blame to your depraved Nature. And if God accuse the

Luke Xỹ. 4.

Wife, corrupt Nature, it will endeavour to excuse itself, and lay the Fault upon the Serpent, the Devil. Adam, we know, blam'd the Woman which God

gave bim. The Woman whom tbou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the Tree, and I did eat, Gen. iii. 12. Tacitly blaming God for giving him such a Creature, who enticed him to Sin. And when God said unto the Woman, What is this that tbau bajt done? The imputes her Disobedience to the Serpent. Here we may fee how loath a Man is in his natural State to own himself guilty of Condemnation. Adam hearkened to the Instigation of the Devil, who told him, as he did Eve, that he hould not surely die, Gen. iii. 4. but that his Excufe and his Fig-leaf Covering should screen him from the Wrath of the Almighty, and keep him safe on the Wild Olive Tree (Nature's Hope). So when the Spirit of Christ carries Conviction to the Heart, we strive to put the Fault on our depraved Nature, saying, “ All have their Failings ! and flatter ourselves that by our future Amendments (Fig-leaf Righteousness) we shall be saved : 'till Sin, by the Law, fay us, and we are convinced of our Inability, and obliged to cry, Guilty, guilty. Then we see our Fig-leat Covering (moral Honesty) will not save our guilty Souls. Now we find ourselves dead, dry Bones, driven out from the Presence of God. Thus did Adam see himself, when driven out of the Garden, excluded from the Tree of Life, and doom'd to Labour and Sorrow, Gen. iii. 24. But the Almighty Jehovah, the Disposer of all Events, knowing, as the Scripture says, " That Offences must come, but woe to him by whom the Offence cometh,” Matt. xviii. 7. pronounced the Curse on the first Offender, the Serpent; and exhibited the gracious Pui pofe of Salvation contained in the Promise to Adam, Via That the Seed of the


iii. 9:

Woman should bruise the Serpent's Head. And 1 (faith God) will put Enmity between thee and the Woman, and between thy Seed and her Seed: it fall bruise thy Head (thou Devil), and thou shalt bruise his Heel, Gen. iii. 15. Here is God's Decree, that Christ the Seed of the Woman being sown in the Believer's Heart, by God the Father, who is the Husbandman, through the Operation of the Holy Ghost, in them who are his Husbandry, shall bruile the Serpent's Head in them. And this Seed is verily the Kingdom of Heaven, which our Lord faith is like unto Leaven, which a Woman took and bid in three Measures of Meal, 'till the whole was leavened, Matt. xiii. 33. And this is the Seed that remainech in God's Children, so that they cannot love Sin, because they are thus born of God, 1 John

And the Devil being cursed because he beguiled the Woman which God had created upright, is a Prisoner in Chains ; decreed to crawl on his Belly, never to look up to Heaven for Mercy; and permitted only to bruise Christ's Heel in his Church militant. For as Heaven is God's Throne, so Earth is his Footstool, Aet. vii. 49. And he delights to walk among his golden Candlesticks, Rev. ii. i. And fills them full of Peace and Joy in Believing, Rom. xv. 13.

Which stirreth up Wrath in Satan, and his Agents, and caufeth him to assault God's People with diverse Temptations, and so bruises Christ's Heel in them,

by grieving that Holy Spirit of Christ, wherewith they are sealed to the Day of Redemption,Eph. . iv. 30. Thus he quencheth the Spirit of Confolation in God's People, by feducing them to Sin, whereby they are deprived of the Joy of his Countenance for a Seafon. “ For what Fellowship hath Righteousness with Unrighteousness? and what Communion hath Light with Darkness? and what




they lick

Concord hath Christ with Belial ?" . 2 Cor. vi. 14, 15, Or worldly Men with Saints, who are to judge the World ? i Cor. vi. 2. “ The Wicked (faith Christ) are of their Father the Devil, and the Works of their Father they do,John viii. 44. They are grovelling and crawling always for the filthy Lucre of this World, eating Gold-dust. Adding House to House, and Field to Field. Thus“ the Dust like a Serpent, and move out of their Holes like Worms of the Earth,” Mic. vii. 17. “ They pant after the Dust of the Earth," instead of the Bread and Water of Life, Am. ii. 7. And being Agents for the Devil (as the Serpent was) through their own Choice, the Curse of God like. wise falls on them, 2 Peter ii. 14. Whilft they who are risen with Chrift, notwithstanding all Oppositions, continue to “ seek those Things which are above, where Christ fitteth on the Right Hand of God. Their Affections are set on Things above, not on Things on the Earth.' And they being dead to the World, and their Life hid with Christ in God. Therefore, when Christ, who is their Life, shall appear, they also shall appear with him in Glory," Col. iii. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Now although this Seed of the Woman (who is said elsewhere to be the “ Lamb fain from the Foundation of the World)" Rev. xiii. 8. was appointed of God, and promised to Adam, to destroy in him the Works of the Devil; yet God knew that the Devil would endeavour to delude Adam to neglect the Promise, and try to make himself happy again by his own Endeavoạrs, independent of the Grace of God; presumptuously Inatching at the Fruit of the Tree of Lire, without being beholden to the Righteousness of God; building his Babel Tower of Self-Righteousness to reach Heaven, Gen. xi. 4.

" Therefore the Lord God drove him out of the Garden of


Eden (left he should attempt to take of the Tree of Lire), to till the Ground from whence he was taken, and placed at the End of the Garden of Eden, Cherubims, and a faming Sword, to keep the Way of the Tree of Life," Gen. iii. 22, 23, 24. Here, notwithstanding the Melliah, the Pearl of great Price, Matt. xiii. 46. was promised, yet it was so hid in the Field of God's Purpose and Providence, that Adam must seek after it 'till God in Mercy thought proper he should find it.

he should find it. Thus was poor Adam, the loft Sinner convinced of Sin, whereby he saw the Wages thereof was Death, but that it must be the free Gift of God to bestow Life, and also to lead Men to Christ to have eternal Life, Rom. vi. 23.

Poor Adam, where art thou now? the flaming Sword keeps thee from Presumption ! the Promise of the Messiah keeps thee from De{pair!

now thou art cast out to till the Ground, in order to prepare thy Heart; to root out the Thorns and Thistles; to cultivate thy corrupt Nature, to receive the immortal Seed, and bring it to it's primitive Purity. Poor Adam (poor Sinner) view thy sad Situation, seriously reflect on the Condition of thy Soul ! Here thou mayest dig after Happiness, but canst never of thyself find it. The Depth faith, It is not in me: and the Sea faith, It is not in me, Job xxviii. 14. Alas! where is the wise Man?, where is the Scribe ? where is the proud Free-willer now? where is the unconverted, whole-hearted, boasting Pharisee now? Like as the Priests, so are the People; blind Leaders of the Blind ; who (without the New-birth) muft both fall into the Ditch ; Matt. xv. 14

O Lord our God! forasmuch as this Ditch is the un

fathomable bottomless Pit, where Hope never comes, and the Fire is never quenched, prepared for the Devil



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