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the lofty Looks of Man must be brought low, his imaginary Strength and Free-will Notions discard. ed, and his proud Heart sink, so far at least as to have no Confidence in the Flesh, before God will reveal Salvation through the Death of Christ to his immortal Soul. Then thall the Scripture be fulfilled; “ The Lord alone fhall be exalted in that Day. Christ crucified shall be exalted, as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the Wilderness, and then Man shall cast his own Idols or Fig-leaf Righteousness to the Moles and to the Bats," Ifa. ii. 11, 12, 17, 18, 20. And in Order that Man might worship no more Idols, viz. The Works of his own Hands, then all Believers shall with Comfort remember Christ the Rock, from whence they were hewn, and consider that all God's Promises to them in him are rea and Amen ; and with grateful Hearts reflect on the Hole of the Pit, or deep Despair from whence, through his Grace, they were digged, and brought into the Knowledge of God, Ifa. li. 1. This Consideration hath a Tendency to humble the proud Heart, and keep down spiritual Pride, and agreeable to the Exhortation of the Apostle, as we received Christ Jesus the Lord, in a Spirit of Humility and Self-denial at first, so to walk in him, Col. ii. 6. God doch not find Men holy, but calls them to be holy, as Abraham was called by God when he was an Idolater, and polluted in his Sin, to believe in Christ, who was to come to save Sinners, and he saw his Day, and was, glad, John viii. 56. In a similar State did God find all his chofen People, Ezek. xvi. 3, 6. And all the spiritual Seed of Abraham are called by God from Idolatry, or Worshiping their own Works, to see Christ's Day, and to receive free Salvation through his Blood and Righteousness. For as the Spirit of God enlightened Abraham to


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fee Christ's Day; so doth the Spirit of Christ, as a Day-Star, arise in every Believer's Heart, 2 Peter i. 19.. And then, through Faith, he is blessed with faithful Abraham, Gal. iii. 9. Thus, the great Father of the Universe, daily faith “ to the North, Give up; and to the South, Keep not back: bring my Sons from far, and my Daughters from the Ends of the Earth; for I have created them for my Glory,Isa. xliii. 6, 7. But when God creates a dead Soud a new in Christ Jesus, and translates him from the State of Nature into the Kingdom of Grace, which indeed is Glory in the Bud. When the Life of God is infused into a despairing Sinner's Soul ;

who can comprehend the Length, and Breadth, the Depth, and Height of the Love of Christ, that paffeth Knowledge : and who can express what the Soul feels when filled with the Ful. ness of God? Eph. iii, 18, 19. Well might Christ fay to such a Soul, that the Kingdom of Heaven is within him, Luke xvii. 21. And well might Christ call it the bidden Manna, which none knoweth but him thật receiveth it, Rev. ii, 17. And, well might the blessed Spouse cry out in holy Extasy that so the Love of Christ is better than Wine," Cant. i. 2. And this Love of God shed abroad in the Soul, is what Saint Paul looks upon to be a more excellent Way to Heaven -than any other Gift God has bestowed on the Church, which he calls Charity; i. e. Love, or the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost, who delighteth; to instruct poor Pilgrims in the Path of Life, being first awakened by the Spirit of Truth, Joh. xvi. 8. So do all experienced Christians desire to leave their Testimony behind them for the same Purpose. We know that Love is the most fuperior and conquering Grace, infused by Degrees into a convinced, convicted, and selfcondemned Heart; by the Holy Ghost,, who


| The poor

knocketh at the Door of a distressed Soul, to lei the King of Glory in. But this divine Ray of Light and Love is often at first fo weak, chat Satan almost quenches it through Unbeliet, and holds a Contest with the Holy Spirit in some of God's People for many Years, and keeps the Soul in Bondage. At other Times it is the Lord's Pleasure to conquer Satan, and cast him out in one Day, as was the Cate with Zaccheus, Luke xix. 8,9. But in general the Holy Spirit gains the Heart by Degrees, by infusing a greater Measure of Lighe and Love into the Distressed: and knocks more carnestly, intreating the Soul to open the everlasting Doors to let the King of Glory in. Soul fearing a Delusion from Satan, asketh, Who is the King of Glory? Answer, It is the Lord of Hofts, mighty in Battle, ke is the King of Glory. The trembling Soul faith, “ I have at fundry Times entertained some Hopes, that it was the King of Glory who knocked at the Door of my disconfolate Heart, and gave me some Manifestations of his Love, but his Vifits were transient, and afterwards the Enemy coming in like a Flood, hath opened to my View both sensual and diabolical Inclinations, which always keep me in Fear and Doubt least my treacherous Heart should be lock'd up by Satan, in the damning Sin of Unbeliet," Mark xvi. 16. The King replies, “ Have Faith in God, for without me ye can do Nothing. And believe my Words, for I have loved thee with an everlasting Love, therefore with Loving kindness have I (lo often) drawn thee unto me,Jer. xxxi. 3. The Soul faith, “Oh! that I knew I Ihould

" never lose thy Love." Then faith the King, “ He that believeth in me, and trusteth his soul to my Keeping, shall have eternal Life, and snail never perish, neither shall any pluck him out of S


my Hand,”. John X. 28. And then inspires the

" Soul with divine Joy, which is unspeakable and full of Glory, i Peter i. 8. Thus Love opens the everlasting Doors of the Soul, and then the King of Glory rides in triumphantly, and takes Poffeffion of the penitent Heart of his Bride, Psal. xxiv. 72 8, 10.

The Victory being gained, and the strong Man armed cast out ; now the wild Olive Tree (whereon hanged all her Hopes through legal Duties) must be taken up by the Roots, out of the Garden of Nature, and Christ the Tree of Life, Rev. xxii. 2. implanted in its Room, which bears the Fruits of the Spirit, viz. Love, Joy, Peace, &c. Gal. v. 22. 'till the Bride is ravished with his royal and divine Presence, and her Cup like holy David's runs over, Psal. xxiii, 5. She being' abashed through a Sense of her Unworthiness and past Incredulity, begs her gracious Donor to stop his liberal Hand, being astonished with Admiration at such rapturous Joy! Henceforth she receives her glorious Redeemer, not only as her Husband, but also as a Prophet to teach, a King to subdue, and a Priest to atone. For he is become her“ Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption,” 1 Cor. i. 30. And she can call Christ her Lord, by the Holy Ghost, 1 Cor. xii. 3. (Which none can do by Nature.) And now she loves the Lord her God with all her Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. And Jesus faith, " If a Man love me, he will keep my Words, and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our Abode with him," John xiv. 23. No Doubt to erect a Throne of Grace in such Hearts where our Saviour faith that the Kingdom of Heaven is within them, Luke xvii. 21. And as the Angel in the Kingdom of Glory shewed Saint John the Divine, "A pure River of Water of Lite, clear as

Crystal, Crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and the Lamb. In the Midst of the Street of it, and of either side of the River, was there the Tree of Life, which bare twelve Manner of Fruit,” Rev. xxii. 1, 2. Doubtless this hath an Allusion to the Kingdom of Grace, for in a similar Manner the Angel of the Covenant sheweth his Church the pure River of Life, God's everlasting Love to his Saints, in the Covenant of Grace, Aowing from Eternity to Eternity, proceeding from the Throne of God and the Lamb, which is erected in every Believer's Heart, where the Kingdom of Heaven is said to be, and where Mercy and Truth are met together; Righteousness and 'Peace have kissed each other, Pfal. lxxxv. 10. And here God is said to be just, and the Justifier of him that believeth in Jesus, Rom. iii. 26. For Christ being Nain, and redeemed us to God by his Blood, Rev. v. 9. and opened the cleansing Fountain, Zech.

Therefore the River of God's Love, which is a River of Life, being purchased by Christ, has a just Right to run from the Throne of God and the Lamb, for the Benefit of the Church, as clear as Crystal to the Ideas of the Saints (noc sullied by Sin) who are invited to drink of the Water of Life freely, Rev. xxii. 27. Moreover in the Midft of the Street, in the Path of Life where Pilgrims walk, and in each side of the River of God's Love is Christ the Tree of Life, planted in the Believer's Heart, bearing all the Fruits of Grace here (which is Glory in the Bud) and when he passeth over the River Jordan, he shall partake of the ripe Fruits of the Tree of Life in Glory. And although those Evidences are not so clearly revealed to all God's Israel, yet all are exhorted to strive for it, by adding to their Faith Virtue, and to Vir. Lue Knowledge, with Godliness, Brotherly-kindness,


Xlll. I.


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