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the wedding dinner served up in massive

dishes of gold. THE ROYAL MARRIAGE.

Did Philip, in that proud moment, re"I'neasy lies the head that wears a crown." member the vine-hung cottage where Alva

St. Pierre and his bride dwelt; far away On the twenty-fifth of July, 1554, the among the sunny bills of Spain, under nuptials of Philip with Queen Mary of Eng- shadow of the Escurial ? Did he want their land were solemnized. The vestments in prayers ? Yes, for gratified ambition cannot which he was arrayed, were of white satin, make the heart happy. Certain it is, be with cloth of gold, thickly powdered with needed them, for his course afterwards was pearls and precious stones. “Round his too often stained by the tears and blood of neck he wore the superb collar of the those he termed heretics. Golden Fleece, the famous Burgundian order,

For awhile the looker-on would have while the brilliant riband below his knee thought his pathway in life lay over thornserved as a badge of the no less illustrious less roses. Mary idolized him. He scemed order of the Garter."

to be the beau ideal of her dreams-the one The bride's dress was also of white satin personage to whom her heart ever did homand gold cloth, heavily fringed with dia- age. Her domestic troubles rendered her monds. A royal canopy stood in the old austere and repulsive to all about her, but massive Cathedral, with an altar beneath it, to her husband, she was faithful and true, before which they plighted their vows. loving and confiding. But such ardent Mary was surrounded by the ladies of her affection is, in nine cases out of ten, the court, while prelates and nobles stood parent of jealousy. She could not bear to grouped about on every hand. Bells were see him bestowing attentions upon any of rung merrily-orchestras gave out their the beautiful women composing her court. sweetest music, and mirth and banqueting She knew that her personal charms were ruled the hour. The richly tinted and fading, and that her bridegroom was many picturesque dresses of the Spaniard, and the years her junior. Philip suspected that he solid magnificence of the English, contrasted was closely watched by the Queen, and his strangely. The loyal acclamations of the proud spirit grew restive and miserable. populace without rent the air, and when they Moreover the English did not like him. At length adjourned to the tables, they found They despised bis Spanish origin, language



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and habits; and the pens of numerous pam- government into Philip the Second's hands. phleteers and ballad writers were busy at He immediately called his Spanish folhis expense. Stings of tiny insects some lowers around him and communicated to times drive even lions to madness--so these them the news. Shouts and acclamations of petty annoyances affected Philip. He grew joy broke from their lips. Never were more gloomy, austere and bigoted, than ever. tidings more joyfully received. Their exeThe marriage contract was worded with care, crations of the English were loud and deep; and fully secured to the English Queen her their joy at the prospect of returning home,

Her ministers were crafty and jeal- genuine and unrestrained. ous of all foreign assumption of power. Philip stood watching these manifestations Philip was, in their sight, little better than of joy on the part of his retainers, when his a pet lap-dog, which the Queen chose to eye was attracted by a female form coming fondle. No wonder his proud spirit rebelled! slowly to his side. Her cheek was pale and No wonder he felt like fleeing froin a coun- her eye filled with apprehensions of ap try, the restraints of which were so irksome! proaching evil. But she came forward with His Spanish followers hated the English regal dignity, and laid her white hand, even more than he did. In case of a quarrel glittering with diamonds, upon his arm. between the two parties, the law was always “ What means this wild disorder without ?" found on the Englishman's side. The Span- she said. Why are your retainers kindling iards had no means of redress; and when bonfires and rending the air with their they were in Philip's society, they mur- shouts? I cannot understand it. I fear it inured continually of their wrongs and bodes no good to me or my subjects. Tell grievances.

me, I beseech you, my dear husband, what Thus sped away the first year of married tas happened?" life. He moved about, the husband of the Philip, without saying a word, placed the English Queen; he knew that he was her package in her hands. idol, but his heart, and the hearts of his She read, and as she did so the color faded followers, were among the sunny bills of from her lips, and she was near fainting. Spain. The land of the orange, the myrtle, She sunk into a seat and looked mournfully the fig, the olive and the pomegranate, was up into his face: inexpressibly dear to him. The English “My king, my husband," she said, "these climate was cold; he shivered continually words, it strikes me, are full of dreadful under the dripping skies, but it was not import; but you cannot-you will not leave colder than the hearts of the inhabitants. me! No crown, no throne, vo sceptre will

Such was the condition of things, when tempt you from my side. Is there not enough he chanced to be pacing, one day, with rest of regal magnificence here at your command ? less feet, one of the long corridors of the Stores of gold, and silver, and diamonds palace.

stand open before you. You will not, in His attention was arrested by a rustle near order to realize the mad dream of power and the door, and soon after a little Spanish page sovereignty, resign me to loneliness and entered, bearing upon a silver waiter, a despair. You will not leave me, my dear heavy, sealed package. One glance at the husband, and return to Spain. Promise me superscription showed that it was from his that 1" royal father, Charles the Fifth. lle broke “My father commands it,” replied Philip, the seal with an eager hand, for his soul was "and his wish has ever been law to me. I athirst for news from home. As he read, a came to you, in the first place, in obedience wist stole over his eyes, and tremblings of to his command : the same behest now bids joy seized his limbs. A way of escape had me leave you." been opened for him. His father summoned A wild shriek of anguish burst from the him to Flanders, and enjoined it upon him white lips. to come without delay. He proposed abdi- “You have never loved me," she said ; cating his throne and giving the reins of “but oh, how have I idolized you? How

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leave me,

have I enshrined your inage in my heart of "My father expects me,” he said. “How hearts, and worshipped even the dust that can he resign his crown to one who is not was pressed by your feet ? When my eye present to receive it? And think of the first fell upon your portrait, before our be- royal honors with which he would endow trotbal, I began to adore you. When you me. I shall be master of the most widely at length were about to become my husband, extended and powerful monarchy in Europe. what tumultuous emotions thrilled my bosom Castile, Aragon, Grenada, Naples, Sicily and I was restless by day and sleepless by night. Milan, will lay their tribute at my feet. I feared the vessel that bore you to me, The Cape Verd Islands, the Canaries, Tunis, might be wrecked, or fall into the hands of Oran, the Phillipines, and the Spice Islands, your enemies, the French. My health was will hail me sovereign. I shall own possesso much impaired by this anxiety, that my sions in the West Indies, and be master of friends began, really, to fear that I might the rich empires of Mexico and Peru. The lose my reason. My complaints were pit- flag of Castile floats in the inost distant latcous, when you did not write to me, and your itudes-it claims homage on the Atlantic, cold and haughty denicanor has a thousand the Pacific and far off Indian seas. Would times since chilled the blood in my heart. you have me resign all this for the weak But I still love you, wildly, passionately. dalliance of a woman's love ?” Something If you I shall die."

like a little mocking smile curled his lip as he Philip's heart was for a moment softened. finished the sentence. He remembered that the woman who now Mary saw that his purpose was fixed. She plead at his feet had not only given bim her buried her face in her hands and wailed entire heart, but had brought a kingdom for aloud. her dowry. He sat down beside her and “Do not take it so much to heart," said took her cold hand in his.

her husband, caressingly. “I will come "Mary," he said, “I am not happy in back to you; I will not desert you entirely; England, and iny nobles also complain of you will still be my queen." being miserable. The Spanish and the She did not reply, or raise her face. English are so dissimilar that they will never When Philip bent over to soothe her, he comprehend each other. Your subjects hate found that she had fainted. He hastily rung me-they almost hate you for having mar- for her attendants, who bore her to the ried ine. How can we get on so ? For my royal bed chamber. part, my life has grown to be a burden to Three weeks from that day, he sailed for

Calais. Mary had far enough recovered to “Do my subjects hate the Spaniards ?" accompany him to Greenwich. Her Spanexclaimed the Queen, while a defiant light ish husband took an affectionate leave of kindled in her eye. " Then they must hate her before pressing onward to receive his their sovereign, for am I not Spanish too ? | crown. But it amounted to desertion, nev. Am I not the grand daughter of Isabella of ertheless. Alas! it is a sad thing for a Castile, and the daughter of the cruelly woman to cast the whole of her affections wronged Katharine of Aragon ? Had I not upon one earthly idol, and to find afterwards a right to choose my husband from the land that she has been worshiping clay! Poor of my ancestors? Is not the Holy Catholic Mary! She shut herself for long weeks into church my church, and the Spanish faith her bed chamber, the wretched prey of my faith? Never could there have been a melancholy and disease. match made for me by my ministers, so consonant to my feelings. I married to

CHAPTER V. please myself, not my subjects. If they annuy and vex you more, my husband, I will have their bodies burned with the her

"See how he strides away, with loruly air, etics at Sinithfield.”

Like that odd guest of stono,. that grim Commander Philip shook his head.

Who comes to sup with Juan in the play."



Mark him well!

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