Social Responsibilities of the Businessman

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University of Iowa Press, 1 дек. 2013 г. - Всего страниц: 298
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) expresses a fundamental morality in the way a company behaves toward society. It follows ethical behavior toward stakeholders and recognizes the spirit of the legal and regulatory environment. The idea of CSR gained momentum in the late 1950s and 1960s with the expansion of large conglomerate corporations and became a popular subject in the 1980s with R. Edward Freeman's Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach and the many key works of Archie B. Carroll, Peter F. Drucker, and others. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008–2010, CSR has again become a focus for evaluating corporate behavior.
First published in 1953, Howard R. Bowen’s Social Responsibilities of the Businessman was the first comprehensive discussion of business ethics and social responsibility. It created a foundation by which business executives and academics could consider the subjects as part of strategic planning and managerial decision-making. Though written in another era, it is regularly and increasingly cited because of its relevance to the current ethical issues of business operations in the United States. Many experts believe it to be the seminal book on corporate social responsibility.

This new edition of the book includes an introduction by Jean-Pascal Gond, Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility at Cass Business School, City University of London, and a foreword by Peter Geoffrey Bowen, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, who is Howard R. Bowen's eldest son.


Foreword to the New Edition
Introduction to the New Edition
1 Introduction
2 Economic Goals
3 Social Responsibilities and Laissez Faire
4 Social Aspects of Business Decisions in PresentDay Capitalism
5 Protestant Views of the Social Responsibilities of Businessmen
11 The law and the Doctrine of Social Responsibility
12 Toward Increasing the Effectiveness of Social Responsibility in Business Decisions
Changes in Business Organization and Practice
The Industry Council Plan
15 Other Proposals
16 Ethical Issues Relating to the Distribution of Income
17 Other Ethical Issues Facing Businessmen
Bibliography of Protestant Views on the Social Responsibilities of Businessmen

7 The Businessmans View of His Specific Responsibilities
8 Why Are Businessmen Concerned About Their Social Reponsibilities?
9 Why Are Businessmen Concerned About Their Social Responsibilities? Continued
Some Criticisms
Sources on the Businessmans Conception of His Social Responsibilities
Index of Subjects
Index of Names
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Howard R. Bowen (1908–1989) was an American economist who became president of Grinnell College (1955–1964), the University of Iowa (1964–1969), and Claremont Graduate University (1970–1971). He wrote fourteen books and more than 300 articles, and received more than twenty honorary doctorate degrees.

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