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Pardon and Son, Typographical Music Printers, Paternoster Row, London.


THIS book respectfully solicits attention, with a view to adoption in our

Nonconformist Churches, on grounds which are, to a large extent, its own.

So numerous, and generally so excellent are the Psalmody publications of the day, that the compilers find themselves under obligation to justify their claim for a share of the general regard. Their justification is fourfold.

1. For all purposes of intelligent worship, this book is complete within itself. It is a Book of Anthems, Canticles, Hymns, and Tunes all in one. The words and the music are presented to the eye at once : presented too in such a form, that they can, at any moment, be conveniently used. Book in hand, the people can respond to the invitation, with the spirit and the understanding also, to worship God.

2. This book proceeds on the assumption that there should be concordance between the sentiment of the words and the character of the music; and, as such concordance is often endangered by the casual selection of a tune or a chant, the hymns and the tunes are definitively connected : as also are the canticles and the chants. Pains have been taken to prevent the grotesque associations, always so painful to the devout worshipper, between the triumphant and the pensive, the jubilant and the sad.

3. This book purposely excludes hymns which appertain specially to the worship of the family or the closet. It is for use avowedly in the Congregation. Hence the goodly number of the best hymns in our language in so small a compass.

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4. This book contains no bracketed verses, particular care having been taken to curtail their number where they are too many for actual use, and to omit such as are at variance with the dignity or the spirituality of our most holy faith.

On this fourfold ground, the compilers look for a measure of that consideration which is just now so generally allotted to the promoters of the service of song in the House of the Lord.

The compilers tender their grateful acknowledgments for the courtesy and readiness with which permission to insert the undermentioned Hymns and Tunes has been granted by the authors or their representatives.

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374, 376, 393, 394, 456, 458, 465, 509.
The late J. Edmeston, Esq., 478, 506.
Mrs. E. C. Foster (representative of the late J. Montgomery, Esq.), 2, 34,

40, 46, 79, 81, 125, 197, 210, 243, 259, 344, 354, 362, 363, 364, 400,

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Marcus Moses, Esq., for hymns written by the late Rev. T. Kelly, 19,

145, 203, 205, 334, 343, 349, 370, 390, 472, 479, 480, 484, 488, 490.
Rev. G. R. Prynne, 414.
George Rawson, Esq., 355.
Mrs. Toke, 142.



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The tunes have been arranged in metrical order, and those in each metre follow alphabetically. Some of the tunes, from want of space, have been written in crotchets; it is scarcely necessary to say that they are not, on that account, to be sung more rapidly.

The names of the authors who have composed, harmonized, or revised the music, will be found in the



London, January 1870.

** All the Arrangements, and many of the Melodies in this work, are Copyright

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