The Apple Revolution: Steve Jobs, the Counterculture and How the Crazy Ones Took over the World

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Random House, 2 авг. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 544

On 26 May, 2010 Apple Inc. passed Microsoft in valuation as the world's largest technology company. Its consumer electronic products - ranging from computers to mobile phones to portable media devices, not to mention its iTunes, iBook and App Store - have influenced nearly every facet of our lives, and it shows no sign of slowing down. But how did Apple - a company set up in the back room of a house by two friends, and one that always marketed itself as the underdog - become the marketplace leader (and the world's second largest company overall), and is it a good thing to have one company hold so much power?

In The Apple Revolution Luke Dormehl shares the inside story of how Apple Inc. came to be; from the formation of the company's philosophies and user-friendly ethos, to the "iPod moment" and global domination, leaving you with a deep understanding of how it was created, why it has flourished, and where it might be going next.


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As with all books about Apple, the focus can tend to be on Steve Jobs, CEO and founder of the company, and this book has lots about Jobs. But Dormehl has managed to also take in details about Apple ... Читать весь отзыв

The Apple Revolution: Steve Jobs, the Counter Culture and How the Crazy Ones Took Over the World

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In the latest of a long line of Apple and Steve Jobs tomes, author Dormehl (A Journey Through Documentary Film) serves a cultural and contextual mashup to detail the company's rise while pointing to ... Читать весь отзыв


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Luke Dormehl is a journalist, author and filmmaker. His writing has appeared in publications including The Chap, SFX and Fighting Spirit. He has conducted numerous interviews with people for both print and television, including, Sir Ian McKellen and Alain de Botton. Dormehl has directed several documentary films, most recently The Pantomime (2009), a look at behind-the-scenes turmoil in a small village panto, which was narrated by the actor Simon Callow.

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