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A candid Account, with Abstracts of,

or Extracts from, the New Books and
PAMPhlets, published in Great-Britain,
and Ireland, as they come out.

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Printed for R. GRIFFITHS,, at the Dunciad in St. Pauls

Church-Yard. 1752.

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TO THE Titles, Author's Names, and Subject-Matter of

the Books and PAMPHLETS in this Volume.




Buse fa-

ral occasions

314 Adams on Hume's essay Ballad, on subsidy treaties 155 on miracles

71 Bates's essay towards a rationale Address, ferious, on the abuses of the literal doctrine of oria in the practice of physic 318

ginal sin

223 Address to those in power 396 Beauty in danger 483 Adventures of a valet 110 Beauty of holiness in the comof capt. Greenland

mon prayer

240 Alcock on the defects of the poor Belgic patriot

148 laws

96 Bolinbroke, lord, his letters on Alfopi, Antonii, ædis Chrifti 6 the study and use of history lim alumni, odarum libri duo

279--401 350

-remarks on his letters Analogy between the propaga on history, so far as they re

tion of animals and that of late to sacred history. 399 vegetables, philosophical ob

apologetical view of servations on, by dr. Parsons his moral and religious senti, 367

ib. Andro, a new game at cards 77 Brecknock, fee prejudice detectAnimadversions on mr. Brown's ed essays on the characteristics Brine's true sense of atonement

152 for original fin, &c. in ancursory on a late fwer to nr. Taylor's scripture controversy relating to the doctrine of atonement examiraculous powers 107 mined

240 Animal spirits demonstrated 49 Brown's oratio Harveiana 318 Apollo, proceedings at the court Bulkeley's discourses on several of 317 subjects

300 Apotheosis of the fair-sex 76 Burlamaqui's principles of poliArabella, adventures of 249

tical law

268 Arnold's distress, a poetical él. Burton's translations of Perfius's say, 156 satires

235 Arsinoe: or the incestuous mar

с riage. A tragedy 315 Art of making lugar 235 NAmbridge' Arthur efq; to efq; his

236 a member of parliament and Avison, his essay on m fical ex his servant

237 preffion



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