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As we close this brief and superficial study of these great Hebrew books, two impressions will certainly remain in every thoughtful mind.

One of these will be the thought that we have only glimpsed the grandeur of the themes presented by these men who spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

We have seen the Bible, as one who stands upon the shore may say he sees the ocean. He does see it, and may be much impressed by its vast extent-its majesty and power; but he has seen only the smallest fraction of its bulk and received but the faint whisper of its power. Its sublime and awful majesty, its profound depths and marvelous content are only hinted by all he sees. So the observations we have taken of the Word of God are but a faint and feeble hint of glorious revelations God has given in these books.

At his best, the student of the Bible is constrained to say as Job said when he considered the wonderful works of God's creative wisdom:

“Lo, these are but the outskirts of his ways. How small a whisper do we hear of him. The thunder of his power, who can understand."

The other thought is, that the revelations given in these books are wonderfully plain and simple. It is not a revelation veiled in mystery, or shrouded in darkness; not occult oracles to be interpreted by laborious scholarship, but an open book, intelligible, distinct, and for the most part easily understood. It is a book for all men, everywhere and always, a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

True, it has depths that challenge to profoundest philosophy to understand, and visions of hope that exceed the powers of

imagination; but the way of life is so clearly marked that the wayfaring man, yea fools, shall not err therein.

It is a river of salvation flowing through the ages, a great flood that brings life wherever its waters come, and whosoever will may take of this water of life freely.


10, 16

Abraham, 41

Elisha, 108
Promises to, 44

Ephraim, 164
Allegory, 17-26

Esther, 260-262
Amos, 170-176

Ezekiel, 144-154
Atonement, 101-102

Evolution, 20-23
Ark of Covenant, 100

Fall, the, 26
Babylon, 138, 221

Fullness of the time, 283-288
Belshazzar's Feast, 280
Bible a record of revelations, Haggai, 178-181

Hagiography, 257-288
authorship, 10

Holiness, 75
Bondage, house of, 199

Hosea, 158-165
Cain and Abel, 34-38

Image of God, 23-24
Candlestick, 102

Incense, 102
Canticles, 270-272

Inspiration, II
Church, 41, 44, 50

Isaac, 49
Civilization, 9, 38

Isaiah, 120-126
Conquest of Canaan, 201

Israel, history of, 199, 196-224
Conscience, 28

Jacob, 49
Creation, 16, 20

Jeremiah, 127-143
Criticism, higher, 14

Job, the Book of, 241-256
Cyrus, 227

Joel, 166-169
Captivity, Babylonian, 216-224

Jonah, 181-184

Joseph, 51-53
Decalogue, 63-68, 78

Judah, 53
Daniel, Book of, 278-281

Judges, Book of, 202
David, 207-211
Deluge, the, 39

Lamentations, Book of, 273-278
Deuteronomy, 69-97

Locusts, 166
Contents, 72

Love and law, 77
Ecclesiastes, 268-270

Malachi, 193-195
Elihu, 250

Micah, 185-189
Elijah, 108

Man's origin and place, 22-25

Miracles, 110
Moses, 54-58

Song of, 93

Neighborliness, 84
Nineveh, 183
Nebuchadnezzar, 131, 217

Obadiah, 177-178
Obedience to parents, 84

Persecution, 223
Philosophy, 18, 146
Poetry, Hebrew, 230-240
Poor, treatment of, 84
Priests, 87
Priest Nation, 48, 218
Prophecy, 17, 155

themes of, 112-115

Messianic, 115-119
Prophets, 104-114

Minor, 155-184

test of, 198
Proverbs, Book of, 263-268

Providence, 196-199

Mystery of, 243
Psalms, 39-40
Publication of the Law, 90-92
Ritual of Tabernacle, 98-103

of Thanksgiving, 85
Rome, 288
Ruth, 258
Samuel, 204
Saul, 204-206
Shame, 30
Show-bread, 102
Solomon, 211-213
Song of Songs, 270-273
Statutes, 81
Tabernacle, 98-103
Theocracy, 59-68
Widows and Orphans, 84
Word of God, 12
Worship, 34, 98-102
Zechariah, 189-192

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