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"I will not be imposed upon," who resolves to contend against any and every infringement of his rights, at all hazards, pays dearly for his inflexibility. He thinks he knows what course is best for his interests better than God, and acting accordingly, he must endure the consequences. He must live upon the boisterous ocean of contention, and his heart must be like the troubled sea, that casts up mire and dirt. The bible inculcates upon us the

The man who adopts for his motto, | great truth, that we are all members of one common family, having one common father, and we should regard every member of the human family as a brother and a friend. Let this principle get full possession of the heart, and we shall be continually casting oil upon the troubled waters of life. Neighbours will reciprocate kindness like affectionate brothers. They will overlook those infirmities to which we all are liable, and seek to promote another's wellfare as well as their own.

The Penny Post.

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The Children's Corner.

A NEW HAT OR A NEW BIBLE.Being at Holywell, the following anecdote was related to me. D. Pennout, Esq., of Dooring, near Holywell, asked J. Price, a child belonging to the sabbath-school," Which will you choose, a new hat or a new Bible ?" The boy being in great want of a hat, hesitating for a mo ment, the worthy gentleman said, "Take your time to consider." Then the boy, after pondering the matter, replied, "If you please, sir, I will have the Bible." But the kind gentleman imitating our Lord in his conduct towards Solomon (2 Chron. 1 chap.) gave the boy both a new hat and a new Bible. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all necessary things shall be added. Young Moses preferred the reproach of Christ before the treasures of Egypt, and he had his reward.

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"MY HEART TALKED."-A child, six years old, in a sabbath-school, said, "When we kneel down in the school room to pray, it seems as if my heart talked!" Little reader, is your heart engaged when you profess to be praying, or are you careless? Remember that if your heart does not talk there is no prayer, for as the little hymn says,

"God does not care for what I say, Unless I feel it too."

SELLING NEGRO CHILDREN IN AMERICA. Let little children in happy England read this. How would they like to be sold as slaves? Well may they sing and be thankful.

years; James, aged about eleven years; David aged about nine years; Cyrus, aged about nine years; Yellow Alex., aged about eight years; Black Alex., aged about eight years; Abraham, aged about five years," Negro children are usually valued by their weight, that being considered a pretty good criterion of their health and strength. The custom, accordingly, is to place them in the scales. A likely boy will fetch from five to six dollars a-pound; but some go as high as nine dollars a-pound.

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Come then ye children to him flee,
With humble heart and bended knee,
And soon with joy you'll say with me,
My Saviour!
When heaven's high arch resounds with
And each his adoration pays,

"I was not born a little slave, To labour in the sun,

And wish I were but in my grave, And all my labour done." According to an advertisement in a New Orleans newspaper, the following" orphan children" are offered Accept the thanks our voices raise, for sale:-"John, aged about twelve

My Saviour.




MILD, safe, and effectual cure of Indigestion, Bilious, Liver, and Stomach Complants, Sick Head-ache, Costiveness, &c., &c., Their composition is truly excellent, they are compounded entirely of vegetable products, freed from all irritating and deleterious matters, which renders their operation mild and agreable: they do not require the least confinement or alteration of diet, and may be taken by the invalid with perfect safety; as an occasional dose in all nervous and debilitated cases, recoveries from protracted diseases, &c., they will be found highly valuable, impart ing vigour and tone to the system, when emaciated by disease.

Their value as a general tonic and restorative of the impaired stomach and biliary system, is daily manifested to the Proprietors, by their increasing rapid sale, and the numerous Testimonials forwarded by those who have proved their efficacy.

The following, with many others, have been recently received:-
High-street, Stourport, May 12, 1846.

Gentlemen-I write to inform you of the great good a friend of mine experienced from Parr's Pills; he has been bad for a number of years with a palpitation of the heart. Any party doubting the truth of this may apply to re. GEORGE WILLIAMS, Agent for Parr's Life Pills.

Communicated by Mr. BATTERS, Agent for Parr's Life Pills, Nottingham. Sirs-The many thousand boxes I sell in the course of a year, fully testify the superiority of Parr's Life Pills over every other Patent Medicine. Old and young, rich and poor, all acknowledge the great benefit they derive from taking them; many ladies and gentlemen of high standing in society, and numerous respectable families have adopted Parr's Life Pills as a family medicine; and thousands have given me full proof verbally of the cures which Pair's Life Pills have effected. I remain, Gentlemen, yours, obediently, GEORGE BATTERS. Communicated by Mr. J. BERRY, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin. 75, Capel-street, 31st March, 1846. Sirs-I have great pleasure in forwarding you a complete cure of piles. Robert Dunn, bootmaker, of Harrold's Cross, having informed me that he was for years unable to attend to his business, in consequence of the above complaint both inward and outward, and having tried a great many doctors without benefit, I prevailed on him to try your Pills, assuring him. that if they did him no good, they would do him no harm. He did so, and after taking them about a month, he positively declares the pain to be gone, and the protrusions also, and that his general health is much better than it has been for years.

Any person applying to me, I will give every information as to the above case. Respectfully, your obedient servant, J. BERRY.



None are genuine, unless the words "PARR'S LIFE PILLS" are in White Letters on a Red Ground, on the Government Stamp, pasted round each box; also the fac simile of the signature of the Proprietors, ROBERTS and Co., Crane Court, Fleet St., London," on the Directions. Sold in boxes at Is. 1d., 2s. 9d., and family packets at 11s. each, by all respectable medicine vendors throughout the world.



THE Reporter contains a considerable amount of information respecting the proceedings of the baptists both at home and abroad. Every person, whether baptist or pædobaptist, who feels any interest in the movements of this denomination, will find in this periodical, a greater amount of information than can be found in any other similar publication.


Baptist Home Missionary Society-Baptist Irish Society-Poetry — Reviews-Characteristic Sketches-Christian Experience-The Spiritual Cabinet-Narratives and Anecdotes-Correspondence— Christian Activity - Baptisms - Baptism Facts and AnecdotesReligious Tracts-Sabbath Schools and Education-Baptist, Missionary, Religious, and General Intelligence-Marriages-Deaths. PRICE, MONTHLY, THREE PENCE.

Bound Volumes for 1846, and past years, may be had of the Publishers.



Thirty-six pages, One Penny, with numerous beautiful Engravings.


The Horse (frontispiece)-History of the Bible-Washing and shearing sheep (cut)-Butterflies-Blind Jack of Knaresborough (cut) -The Fern Owl (cut)—The Fowler-Bread and water-A Lesson on faith-A visit to Mount St. Bernard (cut)—On children loving and serving Christ-The secret of success-Poetry: To a Squirrel; Pity the poor slave; Praising Jesus.

N. B. Be careful to order Winks's Children's Magazine.

London: Published by Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.
Leicester: Printed and Sold by J. F. Winks.



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