Letters of John Randolph, to a Young Relative: Embracing a Series of Years, from Early Youth, to Mature Manhood

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Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1834 - Всего страниц: 254

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Стр. 220 - And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have ; but, in their stead, Curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not.
Стр. 257 - The variety of topics is of course vast, and they are treated in a manner which is at once so full of information and so interesting, that the work, instead of being merely referred to, might be regularly perused with as much pleasure as profit.
Стр. 257 - It reflects the greatest credit on those who have been concerned in its production, and promises, in a variety of respects, to be the best as well as the most compendious dictionary of the arts, sciences, history, politics, biography, &c. which has yet been compiled. The style of the portion we have read is terse and perspicuous; and it is really curious how so much scientific and other information could have been so satisfactorily communicated in such brief limits.
Стр. 190 - Mixed with auxiliar gods; and what resounds In fable or romance of Uther's son Begirt with British and Armoric knights, And all who since, baptized or infidel, Jousted in Aspramont or Montalban, Damasco, or Marocco, or Trebisond, Or whom Biserta sent from Afric shore, When Charlemagne with all his peerage fell By Fontarabia.
Стр. 257 - The reputation of this valuable work has augmented with each volume ; and if the unanimous opinion of the press, uttered from all quarters, be true, which in this instance happens to be the case, it is indeed one of the best of publications.
Стр. 257 - Languages of America, must prove highly interesting to the reader in this country; and it is at once remarkable as a specimen of history and philology. The work altogether, we may again be permitted to ob<v*', reflects distinguished credit upon the literary and scientific character, as well as the scholarship of our country.
Стр. 257 - Those who can, by any honest modes of economy, reserve the sum of two dollars and fifty cents quarterly, from their family expenses, may pay for this work as fast as it is published ; and: we confidently believe that they will find at the end that they never purchased so much general, practical, useful information at so cheap a rate.

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