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APPROPRIATIONS for the current expenses of the year 1861, 81.

for Governor's salary, 81.

for Governor's office rent, 81.

for furniture for Governor's office, 81.
for stationery for Governor, 81.

for postage for Governor, 81.

for fuel and lights, 81.
for secret service fund, 81.

for Governor's private Secretary, 81.
for Adjutant General's department, 81.
for Quarter Master's department, 81.
for Secretary of State's department, 81.
for salary of Secretary of State, 81.
for clerk hire for Secretary of State, 81.
for office rent for Secretary of State, 81.
for furniture for office for Secretary of State, 81.
for stationery for Secretary of State, 81.
for fuel and lights for Secretary of State, 81.
for record books for Secretary of State, 81.
for Legislative department, 81.
for rent, Representative's Hall, 81.
for rent, Congregational Church, 81.
for rent, Senate Chamber, 81.
for rent, Committee rooms,
for stationery for Legislature, 81.
for State Printing, 81.


for seals of State and counties, 81.
for per diem allowance for members, 81.

for allowance for President of Senate, 81.
for extra allowance for Speaker, 82.
for mileage for members Legislature, 82.
for transcribing Journals, 82.

for officers and messengers of the House, 82.
for officers and messengers of the Senate, 82.



for E. G. Ross for State Record, 82.
for Treasurer's department, 82.
for salary of Treasurer, 82.
for office rent of Treasurer, 82.

for stationery and furniture, 82.
for contingent expenses, 82.
for clerk hire, 82.

for Attorney General's department, 82.
for salary of Attorney General, 82.
for office rent, 82.

for contingent expenses, 82.

for Auditor's department, 82.

for salary of Auditor, 82.
for clerk hire, 82.

for office rent, 82.

for books for office, 82.

for fuel and lights, 82.

for Superintendent of Public Instruction, 82.
for salary of Superintendent, 82.

for office rent, 82.

for furnishing office, 82.

for record books, 82.

for stationery and postage, 82.

for traveling expenses, 82.
for Judiciary department, 82.
for salary of Chief Justice, 82.

for salary of two Associate Justices, 82.

for salary of five District Judges, 82.

for Miscellaneous items, 82.

for Cox and Baker, furniture, 82.
for H. W. Cox for furniture, 82.
for H. P. Aiken, 82.

for Goodell, teaming, 82.

for Wm. Young, teaming, 82.


Pickett, teaming, 82.

for J. C. Bartlett, 82.

for J. M. Burleigh, 82.

for D. Blush, 82.

for J. Willitts, 82.
for G. W. Sapp, 82.
for N. P. Blackledge, 82.
for J. S. Cook, 82.
for J. C. Gordon, 82.
for James Murray, 82.
for R. B. Mitchell, 83.

for Geo. S. Hillyer, 83.
for Kellum Brothers, 83.

for F. Beir, chairs Legislature, 83.

for Drake & Bro., 83.

for Jacob Smith, 83.


for J. B. Billings, 83.

term of office, 84.

duty to appear in District Court in each county, 84.
give opinion without fee, when, 84.

shall not receive fee from, 84.

vacancy, Judge to appoint, 84.

if absent, who to act instead, 85.

examine witness before Grand Jury, when, 85.
may appoint deputies, 85.

fees allowed, 85.

office County Attorney abolished, 85.

execute bond to State, 85.

pay over moneys, 85.

subscribe an oath, 85.

how formed, 86.

have a corporate name, 86.

Trustees, how divided, 86.

those attending meeting, names acknowledged, 86.
legally incorporated, when, 86.

powers of, 87.

affairs, how managed, 87.

Treasurer give security, 87.
may hold land to amount of, 87.
power to convey, 87.
survey recorded, 87.

deeds, how signed, 87.

who may become members, 87.


Auditor have notes engraved, 88.
expenses charged to, 88.
notes, denomination of, 88.

notes countersigned by, 88.

certain stocks first deposited, 88.

stocks depreciate, Auditor shall, 89.

stocks not received, 89.

stockholders shall give bond, when, 89.

what amount to be paid in specie, 89.

bills, how engraved, 89.

when Auditor may give power of Attorney, 90.

banking property to pay taxes, 90.

aggregate capital stock, how much, 90.

shall certify to, under seal, 90.

copy of certificates, evidence when, 91.
powers of banks, 91.

may choose, 91.

shares deemed personal property, 91.

notes not redeemed may be protested, 92.

bills not redeemed, Auditor to give notice when, 92.

BANKING, business of-Continued.
funds how applied, 92.
bank, how closed, 93.
bill holders, how paid, 93.
State not accountable, 93.
bank liable for damages, 93.
Auditor countersign only, 93.
penalty for breach of act, 93.
capital stock may be increased, 93.
bills signed by, 93.

may hold and convey real estate, 93.
for what purpose, 94.

list of shareholders to be kept, 94.
stockholders liable for, 94.

preference given to, care of, 94.
bills payable at office, 94.

how may redeem, 94.

capital below, shall not do business, 95.
bankers to give notice, when, 95.

Auditor shall relinquish securities, when, 95.

may withdraw securities, when, 95.

securities, for what held, 96.

notes when returned to be destroyed, 96.

what notes received and exchanged, 96.

shall receive its own bills, 96.

capital stock reduced, no dividends made, 96.

officer putting in circulation bills not authorized, deemed guilty

misdemeanor, 96.

may receive interest as, 97.

report quarterly, 97.

report shall contain, 97.

Auditor shall publish report, when, 97.

Auditor shall report to, 98.

banks publish accurate statement, when, 98.

statement shall set forth, 98.

plates &c., to be destroyed, 98.

Legislature shall appoint committee, 98.

penalty for false statement, 98.

Auditor shall give bond, 99.

shall pay Auditor for services, 99.

securities sold, Auditor receive, 99.

persons violating, pay fine, 99.
how to take effect, 100.

BONDS, to prevent payment of, 100.

Treasurer or other officer forbidden to pay, 100.
bonds, or coupons, or warrants, or awards, 100.

shall not pay interest, 101.

shall not issue bonds upon certain warrants, 101.

officers forbidden to draw warrants upon treasury upon certificates,

offices of State shall not receive bonds, 101.

BONDS, to prevent payment of-Continued.

corporation shall not put into circulation, 101.
duty State officers concerning, 101.

penalty for violating, 101.

BONDS, authorizing negotiation of, 102.

who authorized to negotiate, 102.

commissioners communicate result to Legislature, 102.

bonds, how made, 102.

denomination of, 102.

interest, how paid, 102.

sinking fund, how created, 103.

interest paid by, 103.

bonds prepared by, 103.

money obtained, how devoted, 103.

credit of State pledged, 103.

commissioners shall give bond, 104.

failure to negotiate, bonds returned, 104.
duty of Auditor, 104.

BONDS, supplementary act.

Treasurer to prepare bonds in amount of, 104.
who shall negotiate, 105.

not to be sued for less than, 105.

shall receive payment in, 105.

shall not receive payment in, 105.

receive warrants at par and issue bonds, 105.

BOUNDARIES, Manhattan City, 106.
BOUNDARIES, City Quindaro, 106.
COUNTY WOODSON, boundary line of, 107.

Election, when, 107.

no place receiving a majority, 107.
voting by ballot, 108.

ballots, how written or printed, 108.

judge keep separate tally list, 108.

how conducted, 108.

votes, how canvassed and returned, 108.
Board State Canvassers, how canvass, 108.

proclamation by Governor, 108.


how relinquished, 109.

for what purpose, 109.

State not be responsible for, 109.


Governor issue proclamation for sale of materials, 109.

CHARTER, City Ogden, 110.

Section first, how amended, 110.
boundaries of, 110.

how known, 111.

shall not sell real estate, 111.
sales, how made, 111.

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