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the progress of American institutions. The first volume is now published separately; and for a double motive. The work has already occasioned long preparation, and its completion will require further years of exertion ; I have been unwilling to travel so long a journey alone; and desire, as I proceed, to correct my own judgment by the criticisms of candor. I have thought that the public would recognize the sincerity of my inquiries, and that, in those states where the materials of history have as yet been less carefully collected, and less critically compared, I should make for myself friends disposed to assist in placing within my reach the sources of information which are essential to success.

June 16, 1834.

The volume, of which a third edition is now published, has been carefully revised, and several pages rewritten. The expressions of regard and interest which I have received from persons of very opposite relations in speculative and in practical life, cheer me in the continuance of my labor; they cannot increase my sense of the duty of impartiality.

Boston, May 1, 1838.


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