Mental Health Care in Japan

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Ruth Taplin, Sandra J. Lawman
Routledge, 21 авг. 2012 г. - Всего страниц: 168
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Mental health, including widespread depression, a high suicide rate and institutionalisation, is a major problem in Japan. At the same time, the mental health care system in Japan has historically been more restrictive than elsewhere in the world. This book looks at the challenges of mental health care in Japan, including problems such as the institutionalisation of long-term patients in mental hospitals. The book discusses the latest legislation to deal with mental health care, and explores the various ideas and practices concerning rehabilitation into the workforce, the community and service user groups that empower the mentally ill. It goes on to look at the social stigma attached to the mentally ill in Japan and Britain, which touches upon the issue of counselling those with post traumatic stress after the recent earthquake.


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an introduction Ruth Taplin
where we stand Hiroto Ito
Satoru Hashimoto
Yayoi Imamura
historical and future perspectives Hajime Oketani and Hiromi Akiyama
Sandra J Lawman
Shuntaro Ando and Graham Thornicroft
a personal perspective sandra J Lawman
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Ruth Taplin is Director of the Centre for Japanese and East Asian Studies, London, and is Editor of the Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Business Law ( Sandra J. Lawman is an Associate for the Shaftesbury Partnership.

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