Court Culture in the Early Middle Ages: The Proceedings of the First Alcuin Conference

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Catherine Cubitt
Isd, 2003 - Всего страниц: 290
The role of the court in early medieval polities has long been recognised as an essential force in the running of the kingdom. The court was not only an organ of central government but a sociological community with its own ideology and culture, and a place where royal power was both displayed and negotiated. The studies within this volume reflect the diversity of modern court studies, considering the court as a social body and considering its educative and ideological activities. The contributors to this volume bring together historical, archaeological, art historical and literary approaches to the topic as they consider aspects of court life in England, Francia, Rome, and Byzantium from the eighth to the tenth centuries. The volume therefore looks at court life in the round, emphasizes and invites connections between early medieval courts, and opens new perspectives for the understanding of early medieval courts.

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Alcuin between Frankfort and Tours
Was Charlemagnes Court a Courtly Society?
Carolingian Courts and Aristocratic Youth
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