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“ You sec, Pope, Gay, and I, use our endeavours to make folks
merry and wise ; and profess to have no enemies except Knaves and

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Swift's Letter to Sir Ch. WOGAN.



Printed by A. Strahan, Printers Street; for R. GRIFFITHS; and

sold by T. BECKET, in Pall Mall.



OF THE .. TITLES, AUTHORS' Names, &c. of the Pub

lications reviewed in this Volume. N. B. For REMARKABLE Passages in the Criticisms and

Extracts, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.

For the Names, also, of the Authors of new Dissertations, or other curious Papers, published in the MEMOIRS and TRANSACTIONS of the Scientific ACADEMIES at Home or on the Continent, and also for the Titles of those Dissertacions, &c. of which Accounts are given in che. Review,-sce the Index, printed at the End of each Volume.

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Arguments for a Coalition against France,

106 Aristocrat,

468 Arleville's Accidence of the French Lan. guage,

463-4 Arrist's Repository,

451 Asbdowne's Letters to Bp. of Landaff, 93 Astronomy, Epitome of,

212 Auckland, Lord, Speech on the Irish Union,

Bacon-Tacon's Celtic Researches, 573
Bark, Willow. See White.
Baronage of Scotland,

112 Barruel op Jacobinism, Vol. IV, transa

lated, - See Application. Barthelemy's Charité & Polydorus, 334 Bastile, English, Secrets of, 113 Battle of the Nile, a Descriptive Poem, 99 Beaujolin's Travels,

533 Beddocs on Consumption,

Bee, French,
Becke on the Income Tax,
· Belsbam's Two Historic Dissertations, 354

Bevill on the Law of Homicide,
Bible. See Pratt.
Bills, law of,
Bird's Laws respecting Wills, &c. 457

respecting Parish Macters, ib. Blizerd on the Blood. Vessels, ..455

369 Azerican Gazetteer, Arderian's (R.) Pocms,

104 (James) Facts on the Yellow Fever,

434 Andri, a Tragedy, Anecdotes of Founders of the French Re. public, Vol. II.

238 Ameles de Chimie,

Antiquitjes. See Celtic. See Pougens.
Apostles. See Jesse.
Application of Barruel's Memoirs, 181

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474 Archard's Discourse on Providence, 65 Architecture, Hydraulic. See Prony.

, Egyptian, Remains of, 585

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