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Bolland's Epiphany, a Poem, 98 Cove on the Revenues of the Church, 199
Bonaparte's Letters, Part II. 239 Count of Burgundy,

Boucber's Two Assize Sermons, 117 Country Parson's Address,

Discourses on the American Re. Cow-prix, See Jenner. See Woodville.
369 Coxe's Assize Sermon,

Bowen's Sermon at St. Paul's, 118 Crabb's Introduction to German, 462
Bowles's St. Michael's Mount; 337 Crutwell's New Gazetteer,

-'s Coombe Ellen, 1 339 Cillyer's Gentleman's and Farmer's Assist-
British Nepos,
173 ant,

- Tourists,

355 Cumberland on Outline, &c. 451-452

Brown on Darwin's Zoonomia, 151. 264 Curr's Coal-Viewer,

Browne on the Civil Law, 402 Cutaneçus Diseases. Seç Wilian.
Brüggemann's Vicw of Editions of the




Dacier's Medals, & Hist. of England, 477

Cæsarean Operation. See Hull.

D'Alembert's Posthumous Works, 507

Cambridge. See Letter.

Darwin. See Brown.

Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, 422 De Lolme on Making Wills, - 87

Carey's Balnea,

Demonstration of the Necessity of an Union,
Castle of St, Donat's,

22 I
of Beeston,

Des Carrieres-Petit Parnasse François, 461
of Montval;

447 Desenfans' Plan respecting the Fine Arts,

Cavalry. See Warnery, Yeomanry, Light



Discarded Secretary,


Celtic Researches,

573 *DIsraeli's Romances,

Charité & Polydotus,

Dissertation, Historical, on the Gallican

Chemical Annals,


China. See Van Braam. .

Don Carlos, a Tragedy,


Ghitty on the Law of Bills of Exchange, 459 Drake's Literary Hours,

Cbureb, English. See Cove. See Letter, Drill. See Russell.
mie , Gallican, See Dissertation. Durnford and East-Term Reports, 458
Cisalpine Republic, Account of, 71 Dutch Embassy. See Van Braam.
Giy Biography,

Dufton's Translation of Pizarro," 450
Clarke's (Dr.) Medicinæ Praxros Compen. Dyer's Address to the People,
dium, . .

'! (Mr.) Naval Sermons,

, Rev. John, Account of, 476 East. See Durnford.

Classics. See Brüggemarn.

Economists, French. See Wakefield.

Clubbe's Omnium,

Egypt. See Sonnni. See Grobmann.

Coalition See Arglomenis.

Epidemic. See View.

451 Epiphany, a Poem,


Coins. S-e Cinder. See Pye.

Epitome of the History of England, 477

Coleman on ihe Horse's Foui, 383 Equality of Mankind,


Coleridge's Fears in Solitude, 43 Essay on preserving Health,


Colman's Feudal Times,

230 Essays, Three, on Taxation of Income,

Colneti's Voyage,
27 &c.


Concise Selection of the Excellencies of - , Six, by Ludlam,



347 Etymological Chart,

Conder on Provincial Coins, 114 Evil Spirit.. See Leycester.

Consideråtions on National Independence,91 Euripides. See Porson.

- on Public Affairs in Tres Ewing's Sermon,


219 Eyre's Discarded Secretary,


Constantinople, Travels to,


Consumption. See' Beddces.

Cortinent, Observations on the State of, 10; Facts and Observations relative to the

Csombe Ellen, a Poem,

Philadelphia Fever,


Cocte's History of England, concluded, 51 Farmer. See Cullyer. See Parkinson.

Copyhlds, Law of, Vol II. 461 Farrell's Union or Separation, 218

Ceray's Characters of Theophrastus, 306 Fatucett on Christian Communion, 94

Cordier's French Bee,

- 584

's Hisc. of John Wise, 465

*** CORRESPONDENCE wish the Re Fears in Solitude,


viewers, 118-120, 240, 360, 480 Feudal Times,



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Fever, Patrid, Account of, 346 c . of Philadelphia, Facts relating to.

452 o of the West Indies, Facts on, 454

- See M.Lean. Field Preaching, Sermon on, : 480 Fire Ar:s. Sue Desenfans. Firib on Lord Thanet's Case, 46 Firzgerald's Nelson's Triumph, 335 Flora Bedfordrensis, Fester's Speech on the Irish Union, 215

- - -, Observations on, 344 Fracbecour's French Translation of Kasa selas,

148 France, Tracts relating to, 105, 106,

115, 235, 236, 238, 239 French Freedom, blessings of, 115 Frerid's Principles of Taxation, 107

Hogarth. See Ireland.
Holman's Votary of Wealth,
Homicide, Law of,
Hoole's Works of Leeuwenhoek, 40$
Hrse's Foot. See Coleman.
Hospitals, Army. See Williams.
Hugbes on the Principles of Jacobinism,

210 Hull on the Cæsarean Operation, 85 Human Vicissitudes, Hunter on Vegetable and Animal Partás. rition,

86 Hydraulics. See Prony

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I and Jackson's Cautions to Women, 346 Jacobinism. See Barruel. See Applica.

tion. See Hugbes. Jamaica, Advice to Persons going to, 86 Farner's Farther Observations on the Cow Pox,

418 Jerningham's Peckham Frolic,, Yervis, Sir J., on an Union, 92 Jesse on the Learning of the Apostles,

470 Ildegerte, Queen of Norway, 334 Imposture, Literary, Account of, 575 Iníhbald's Lovers' Vows, Inclosing, Hints on,

212 Income,” Tax on. See Essay. See Ob

servations. Independence, National, Considerations on,

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Gelican Church, See Dissertation. Gaskin's Edition of Southgate's Sermons,

70 Gazetteer. See Crutcell. See Morse. Geisweil.r's Translation of the Noble Lie,

97 Gealis-Rash Vows,

467 Giography, System of,

213 Gemari, Introduction to, į 462 Gil Blas corrige,

335 Gillespic's Advice to Commanders in the West Indies,

455 Girard on the Resistance of Solids, 517 Glasse's Sermoos,

182 Glover's Leonidas, new Fdit. 100 Gverbe's Gortz of Berlingen, 222 Greek, Pronunciation of. Şee Walker. Green on the New System of Morals, 193 Grobmann's Remains of Egyptian Archi. tecture,

585 Grude-Hill, a Poem,

419 Gwillim’s Charge to the Crand Jury, os

." H Hager's Account of a Library Imposture,

575 Handel's Sacre: Oratorios,

JOI Haslam on Insanity,

344 Hay's Fast Sermon, Heilbi See Essay. Heiberg's Poverty and Wealth, 335 Hriam Sinclair, Heäography, Treatise on,

Igo Henry Il. a Drama,

445 Herholdt, Rafu, and Tode, on Perkinism,

559. Hill's (Sir R.) Apology for Brotherly

94, 95 Histuic Dissertations, History of Joan Wise,

455 - oof Peter Ill.

491 - Sce Allen, Coole, Epitome.

Index to Term Reports,
Infantry, Review of,

Innovation, a Poem,
Insanity. See Haslum.
Interest, Tables of,
Yohnson's Rasselas, in French, . 148
Ireland's (John) Hogarth illustrated, Vol.

395 -------(W. H.) Vortigern, &c. Ireland. See Union. See Knox. Irish Academy. See Transactions, Furieso See Dyer. See Security.


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u You see, Pepe, Gay, and I, use our endeavours to make folks merry and wise ; and profess to have no enemies except Knaves and Fools."

Swift's Letter to Sir Ch. WoGAN.

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