Scientism: The New Orthodoxy

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Richard N. Williams, Daniel N. Robinson
Bloomsbury Publishing, 20 нояб. 2014 г. - Всего страниц: 224
Scientism: The New Orthodoxy is a comprehensive philosophical overview of the question of scientism, discussing the role and place of science in the humanities, religion, and the social sciences.

Clarifying and defining the key terms in play in discussions of scientism, this collection identifies the dimensions that differentiate science from scientism. Leading scholars appraise the means available to science, covering the impact of the neurosciences and the new challenges it presents for the law and the self. Illustrating the effect of scientism on the social sciences, and the humanities, Scientism: the New Orthodoxy addresses what science is and what it is not. This provocative collection is an important contribution to the social sciences and the humanities in the 21st century.

Contributors include: Peter Hacker, Bastiaan van Fraassen, Daniel N. Robinson, Kenneth Schaffner, Roger Scruton, James K.A. Smith, Richard Swinburne, Lawrence Principe and Richard N. Williams.

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1 Science Scientism and Explanation
2 Scientism and the Religion of Science
3 Naturalism in Epistemology
What Cognitive Neuroscience Can and What It Cannot Explain
5 The Implausibility of Physical Determinism
6 Scientism and the Humanities
7 Neuroethics
Leveling the Playing Field in the Theology and Science Conversation
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Richard N. Williams is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Wheatley Institution at Brigham Young University, USA.

Daniel N. Robinson
is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, UK, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Georgetown University, USA.

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