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Feed my Sheep.

The time when this direction was giren to Peter, and the circumstances attending it, stamp upon it a peculiar importance. To promote the glory of God, and to render the salvation of sinners consistent with the adorable perfections of Jehovah, the divine Redeemer had already suffered and died ; and having continued under the power of death the appointed time, he had risen from the sepulchre, triumphing over death, and him who had the power of death." The mediatorial work, which this glorious Saviour had undertaken, pursuant to the covenant of redemption, being now accomplished, so far as it was to be completed by his continuance on earth in a bodily form, the once suffering but now triumphant Jesus was about to ascend to his native heaven, there to finish his work as a Saviour.

At the time when he uttered the words of the text, the risen Jesus was with his disciples, at the sea of TiberiasAt his command, they cast their net into the sea, and having drawn it to land, full of great fishes, they sat down to eat with their beloved master. " When they had dined,” Jesus ad


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