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C. M.
1. Lord of the world, who hast preserved

Us safely through this day,
Now guard us in the silent night,

And in all time, we pray!
2. Be present, in Thy peace, to those

Who as Thy suppliants wait;
Blot out the record of our sin;

Our gloom illuminate!
3. Let not, amid our hours of sleep,

steal in;
Let not a vision of the night

Have power to whisper sin.
4. Guard every avenue from guile,

When slumber seals our eyes;
And guiltless as we laid us down,

So guiltless let us rise. BREVIARY.


C. M.
1. HOSANNA, with a cheerful sound,

To God's upholding hand;
Ten thousand snares attend us round,

And yet secure we stand.
2. That was a most amazing power,

That raised us with a word;
And every day, and every hour,

We lean upon the Lord.
3. The evening rests our weary head,

And angels guard the room ;
We wake; and we admire the bed,

That was not made our tomb.
4. God is our sun, whose daily light

Our joy and safety brings;
Our feeble flesh lies safe at night

Beneath His shady wings.


[blocks in formation]

1. Soil not thy plumage, gentle dove,

With sublunary things-
Till in the fount of light and love

Thou shalt have bathed thy wings.
2. Shall Nature from her couch arise,

And rise for Thee in vain ?
While heaven, and earth, and seas, and skies,

Such types of truth contain.
3. See-where the Sun of Righteousness

Unfolds the gates of day;
Go--meet Him in His glorious dress,

And quaff the orient ray!
4. There, where ten thousand seraphs stand,

To crown the circling hours-
Soar thou—and from that blissful land

Bring down unfading flowers.
5. Some Rose of Sharon, dyed in blood,

Some spice of Gilead's balm,
Some lily washed in Calvary's flood,

Some branch of heavenly palm!
6. And let the drops of sparkling dew,

From Siloam's spring be shed,
To form a fragrance fresh and new,

A halo round thy head.
7. Spread then Thy plumes of faith and prayer,

Nor fear to wend away;
And let a glow of heavenly air

Gild every earthly day!


[blocks in formation]

1. We wait in faith, in prayer we wait,

Until the happy hour
When God shall ope the morning gate,

By His almighty power.

2. We wait in faith, and turn our face

To where the day-light springs;
Till He shall come earth’s gloom to chase,

With healing on His wings.
3. And even now, amid the gray,

The East is brightening fast,
And kindling to that perfect day

Which never shall be past.
4. We wait in faith, we wait in prayer,

Till that blest day shall shine,
When earth shall fruits of Eden bear,

And all, O God, be Thine!
5. O, guide us till our night is done!

Until, from shore to shore,
Thou, Lord, our everlasting sun,

Art shining evermore!

[blocks in formation]

1. ONCE more, my soul, the rising day

Salutes thy waking eyes;
Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay

To Him that rules the skies.

2. Night unto night, His name repeats,

The day renews the sound,
Wide as the heavens on which He-sits,

To turn the seasons round.

3. 'Tis He supports my mortal frame;

My tongue shall speak His praise;
My sins would rouse his wrath to flame,

And yet His wrath delays.
4. A thousand wretched souls are fled

Since the last setting sun;
And yet Thou lengthenest out my thread,

And yet my moments run.

5. Great God, let all my hours be Thine,

While I enjoy the light;
Then shall my sun in smiles decline,

And bring a pleasant night.



C. M.
1. Now that the sun is gleaming bright,

Implore we, bending low,
That He, the uncreated light,

May guide us as we go,
2. No sinful word, nor deed of wrong,

Nor thoughts that idly rove;
But simple truth be on our tongue,

And in our hearts be love.
3. And while the hours in order flow,

O Christ, securely fence
Our gates beleaguered by the foe,

The gate of every sense.
4. And grant that to Thine honor, Lord,

Our daily toil may tend;
That we begin it at Thy word,

And in Thy favor end.

Doxology. C. M.
Now to our God—the Father, Son,

And Holy Spirit, sing !
With praise to God, the Three in One,

Let all creation ring.


1. I LOVE to steal, awhile, away

From every cumbering care,
And spend the hours of setting day

In humble, grateful prayer.
2. I love, in solitude, to shed

The penitential tear;
And all His promises to plead,

When none but God is near.

3. I love to think on mercies past,

And future good implore;
My cares and sorrows all to cast

On Him whom I adore.
4. I love, by faith, to take a view

Of brighter scenes in heaven;
The prospect doth my strength renew,

While here by tempests driven.
5. And when life's toilsome day is o’er,

May its departing ray
Be calm as this impressive hour,

And lead to endless day.


[blocks in formation]

1. God of the sunlight hours, how sad

Would evening shadows be;
Or night, in deeper shadows clad,

If aught were dark to Thee !
2. How mournfully that golden gleam

Would touch the thoughtful heart,
If, with its soft, retiring beam,

We saw Thy light depart!
3. But though the sun-set hours may

These gentle rays awhile;
And deep through ocean's wave may glide

The slumber of their smile,
4. Enough, while these dull heavens may lower,

If here Thy presence be;
Then midnight shall be morning hour,

And darkness light to me.
5. Through the deep gloom of mortal things,

Thy light of love can throw
That ray which gilds an angel's wings,
To soothe a pilgrim's woe.


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