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L. M.
1. As when the weary traveler gains

The height of some o'erlooking hill,
His heart revives, if, 'cross the plains,

He eyes his home, though distant still. 2. So when the Christian pilgrim views,

By faith, his mansion in the skies,
The sight his fainting strength renews,

And wings his speed to reach the prize. 3. 'Tis there, he says,


am to dwell With Jesus in the realms of day; Then shall I bid my cares farewell,

And He will wipe my tears away. 1229.

L. M.
1. THERE is a land mine eye hath seen,

In visions of enraptured thought,
So bright, that all which spreads between

Is with its radiant glories fraught.
2. A land, upon whose blissful shore

There rests no shadow, falls no stain; There those who meet shall part no more,

And those long parted meet again.
3. Its skies are not like earthly skies,

With varying hues of shade and light;
It hath no need of suns to rise

To dissipate the gloom of night.
4. There sweeps no desolating wind

Across that calm, serene abode;
The wanderer there a home


find Within the paradise of God.


88 & 7s.
1. What is life? 't is but a vapor,

Soon it vanishes away.
Life is but a dying taper-

O, my soul, why wish to stay!
Why not spread thy wings and fly
Straight to yonder world of joy.

2. See that glory, how resplendent !

Brighter far than fancy paints;
There, in majesty transcendent,
Jesus reigns the King of saints.

Why not spread, etc.
3. Joyful crowds, His throne surrounding,

Sing with rapture of His love;
Through the heavens His praise resounding,
Filling all the courts above.

Why not spread, etc.
4. Go, and share His people's glory,

Midst the ransomed crowd appear;
Thine a joyful, wondrous story,
One that angels love to hear.

Why not spread, etc.

[blocks in formation]

1. SISTER, thou wast mild and lovely,

Gentle as the summer breeze,
Pleasant as the air of evening,

When it floats among the trees.
2. Peaceful be thy silent slumber-

Peaceful in the grave so low:
Thou no more wilt join our number;

Thou no more our songs shalt know. 3. Dearest sister, thou hast left us,

Here thy loss we deeply feel;
But 't is God that hath bereft us,

He can all our sorrows heal.
4. Yet again we hope to meet thee,

When the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,

Where no farewell tear is shed.


[blocks in formation]

1. HALLELUJAH! best and sweetest

Of the hymns of praise above!
Hallelujah! thou repeatest,
Angel-host, these notes of love;

This ye utter,
While your golden harps ye move.
2. Hallelujah! church victorious,

Join the concert of the sky !
Hallelujah! bright and glorious,
Lift, ye saints, this strain on high!

We, poor exiles,
Join not yet your melody.
3. Hallelujah! strains of gladness

Comfort not the faint and worn;
Hallelujah! sounds of sadness
Best become the heart forlorn;

Our offenses
We with bittter tears must mourn.
4. But our earnest supplication,

Holy God! we raise to Thee;
Visit us with Thy salvation,
Make us all Thy peace to see!

Ours at length this strain shall be.


[blocks in formation]

1. JERUSALEM! my glorious home,

Name ever dear to me!
When shall my labors have an end,

In joy, and peace, and Thee ! 2. When shall these eyes Thy heaven-built walls

And pearly gates behold?
Thy bulwarks with salvation strong,

And streets of shining gold ?

8. There happier bowers than Eden's bloom,

Nor sin nor sorrow know:
Blessed seats! through rude and stormy scenes

I onward press to you.
4. Why should I shrink at pain and woe?

Or feel, at death, dismay?
I've Canaan's goodly land in view,

And realms of endless day.
5. Apostles, martyrs, prophets there,

Around my Saviour stand;
And soon my friends in Christ below

Will join the glorious band. 6. Jerusalem! my glorious home!

My soul still pants for Thee;
Then shall


labors have an end, When I Thy joys shall see.


1. Lo! what a glorious sight appears

To our believing eyes !
The earth and seas are passed away,

And the old rolling skies.
2. From the third heaven, where God resides,

That holy, happy place,
The new Jerusalem comes down,

Adorned with shining grace. 3. Attending angels shout for joy,

And the bright armies sing-
“Mortals, behold the sacred seat

Of your descending King.
4. “The God of glory down to men

Removes His blest abode!
Men, the dear objects of His grace

And He the loving God.

5. “ His own kind hand shall wipe the tears

From every weeping eye;
And pains, and groans, and griefs, and fears,

And death itself, shall die."
6. How long, dear Saviour, O how long

Shall this bright hour delay ?
Fly swifter round, ye wheels of time,

And bring the welcome day.



C. M.
1. And let this feeble body fail,

And let it faint or die;
My soul shall quit this mournful vale,

And soar to worlds on high;
Shall join the disembodied saints,

And find its long-sought rest;
That only bliss for which it pants,

In the Redeemer's breast.
2. In hope of that immortal crown

I now the cross sustain;
And gladly wander up and down,

And smile at toil and pain.
I suffer on my threescore years,

And wipe away His servant's tears,

And take His exile home.
3. O what hath Jesus bought for me?


Rivers of life divine I see,

And trees of paradise !
I see a world of spirits bright,

Who taste the pleasures there!
They all are robed in spotless white,

And conquering palms they bear.
4. O, what are all my sufferings here,

If, Lord, Thou count me meet,
With that enraptured host t' appear,

And worship at Thy feet!

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