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4. Swiftly roll, ye lingering hours,

Seraphs lend your glittering wings;
Love absorbs


Heavenly sounds around me ring.
5. Worlds of light ! and crowns of glory!

· Far above yon azure sky;
Though by faith I now behold you,

I'll enjoy you soon on high.



88 & 7s.

1. HAPPY soul! thy days are ended,

All thy mourning days below;
Go, by angel guards attended,

To the sight of Jesus go!
Waiting to receive thy spirit,

Lo! the Saviour stands above;
Shows the purchase of His merit,

Reaches out the crown of love.

2. Struggle through thy latest passion

To thy dear Redeemer's breast,
To His uttermost salvation,

To his everlasting rest;
For the joy IIe sets before thee,

Bear a momentary pain;
Die, to live a life of glory ;

Suffer, with Thy Lord to reign.



8s & 7s.

1. Let me go, the day is breaking

Dear companions, let me go;
We have spent a night of waking

In the wilderness below;
Upward now I bend my way;
Part we here at break of day.

2. Let me go;

If ye

let me go.


may not tarry,
Wrestling thus with doubts and fears;
Angels wait my soul to carry


risen Lord appears;
Friends and kindred, weep not so-

3. We have traveled long together,

Hand in hand, and heart in heart,
Both through fair and stormy weather,

And 't is hard, 't is hard to part;
While I sigh “ Farewell!” to you,

Answer, one and all, “Adieu !
4. 'T is not darkness gathering round me

That withdraws me from your sight,
Walls of flesh no more can bound me,

But translated into light,
Like the lark on mounting wing,

Though unseen, you hear me sing.
5. Heaven's broad day hath o'er me broken,

Far beyond earth's span of sky;
Am I dead? Nay, by this token,

Know that I have ceased to die;
Would you solve the mystery,


hither-come and see!



85 & 7s.
1. PARTING soul! the flood awaits thee,

And the billows round thee roar;
Yet look on-the crystal city

Stands on yon celestial shore !
There are crowns and thrones of glory,

There the living waters glide;
There the just, in shining raiment,

Wander by Immanuel's side.
2. Linger not, the stream is narrow,

Though its cold dark waters rise;
He who passed the flood before thee,

Guides the path to yonder skies;

Hark! the sound of angels, hymning,

Rolls harmonious o'er thine ear;
See the walls and golden portals

Through the midst of death appear!
3. Soul, adieu! this gloomy sojourn

Holds thy captive feet no more;
Flesh is dropped, and sin forsaken,

Sorrow done, and weeping o'er.
Through the tears thy friends are shedding

Smiles of hope serenely shine;
Not a friend remains behind thee

But would change his lot for thine.



88 & 7s.
1. “WHITHER goest thou, pilgrim stranger,

Wandering through this lonely vale?
Knovest thou not 't is full of danger,

And will not thy courage fail ?" 2. " Pilgrim thou dost justly call me,

Wandering through this lonely void—
But no ill shall e'er befall me,

While I'm blest with such a Guide."
3. “Such a Guide ? No guide attends thee-

Hence for thee my fears arise :
If some guardian power defend thee,

'Tis unseen by mortal eyes.”
4. “ Yes, unseen; but still, believe me,

Such a Guide my steps attend;
He'll in every strait relieve me,

He will guide me to the end.”
5. “Pilgrim, see that stream before thee,

Darkly rolling through the vale;
Should its boist'rous waves roll o'er thee,

Would not then thy courage fail ?”
6. “No, that stream has nothing frightful;

To its brink my steps I'll bend;
Thence to plunge will be delightful-

Here my pilgrimage shall end.”

7. While I gazed, with speed surprising,

Down the vale she plunged from sight; Gazing still, I saw her rising,

Like an angel clothed in light.


88 & 7s.
1. Hail, my ever blessed Jesus!

Only Thee I wish to sing ;
To my soul Thy name is precious,

Thou my Prophet, Priest, and King.
O, what mercy flows from Heaven!

0, what joy and happiness!
Love I much, I've much forgiven-

I'm a miracle of grace!
2. Once with Adam's race in ruin,

Unconcerned in sin I lay;
Swift destruction still pursuing,

Till my Saviour passed that way.
Witness, all ye host of heaven,

My Redeemer's tenderness;
Love I much, I've much forgiven-

I'm a miracle of grace!
3. Shout, ye bright, angelic choir,

Praise the Lamb enthroned above,
While, astonished, I admire

God's free grace and boundless love.
That blest moment I received Him,

Filled my soul with joy and peace;
Love I much, I've much forgiven-
I'm a miracle of



88 & 7s.
1. SEE the stars from heaven falling!

Hark! on earth the doleful cry!
Men on rocks and mountains calling,
While the frowning Judge draws nigh;

Hide us! hide us !
Rocks and mountains, from His eye!

2. Lo!'t is He! our heart's desire,

Come for His espoused below;
Come to join us with the choir,
Come to make our joys o'erflow;

Palms of victory,
Crowns of glory to bestow.


88 & 7s.
1. Lo! the seal of death is breaking ;
Those who slept its sleep are waking;

Heaven opes its portals fair!
Hark! the harps of God are ringing,
Hark! the seraph's hymn is flinging

Music on immortal air,
2. There, no more at eve declining,
Suns without a cloud are shining

O'er the land of life and love;
There the founts of life are flowing,
Flowers unknown to time, are blowing

In that radiant scene above.
3. There no sigh of memory swelleth;
There no tear of misery welleth;

Hearts will bleed or break no more;
Past is all the cold world's scorning,
Gone the night, and broke the morning,

Over all the golden shore.



85 & 7s. (Part 1.)

1. Through life's vapors dimly seeing

Who but longs for light to break!
O the feverish dream of being !

When, oh when, shall we awake ?
O the hour when this material

Shall have vanished as a cloud-
When amid the wide ethereal

All th' invisible shall crowd

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