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3. Yet to leave thee sorrowing pains me

Hark! that voice again I hear;
Now thine arms no more detain me

Follow me, my mother dear.


7s & 4s.
1. When the vale of death appears,

Faint and cold this mortal clay-
Kind Forerunner, soothe my fears,
Light me through the darksome way;

Break the shadows,

Usher in eternal day.
2. Upward from this dying state,

Bid my waiting soul aspire;
Open Thou the crystal gate,
To Thy praise attune my lyre;

Then, triumphant,

I will join the immortal choir.
3. When the mighty trumpet blown,

Shall the judgment dawn proclaim,
From the central, burning throne,
'Mid creation's final flame,

With the ransomed,
Thou wilt own my worthless name!


9s & 8s. 1. CHRISTIAN, the morn breaks sweetly o'er thee,

And all the midnight shadows flee,
Tinged are the distant skies with glory,

A beacon light hung out for thee;
Arise, arise! the light breaks o'er thee;

Thy name is graven on the throne;
Thy home is in the world of glory,

Where thy Redeemer reigns alone.
2. Toss'd on time's rude, relentless surges,

Calmly, composed, and dauntless, stand, For lo! beyond those scenes emerges

The heights that bound the promised land.

Behold! behold ! the land is nearing,

Where the wild sea-storm's rage is o'er; Hark! how the heavenly hosts are cheering,

See in what throngs they range the shore! 3. Cheer up! cheer up! the day breaks o'er thee.

Bright as the summer's noon-tide ray,
The star gemm’d crowns and realms of glory

Invite thy happy soul away;
Away! away ! leave all for glory,

Thy name is graven on the throne;
Thy home is in that world of glory,

Where thy Redeemer reigus alone.


C. P. M.
1. The festal morn, my God, is come,
That calls me to Thy hallowed dome,

Thy presence to adore :
My feet the summons shall attend,
With willing steps Thy courts ascend,

And tread the sacred floor.
2. With joy shall I behold the day,
That calls my thirsting soul away

To dwell among the blest!
For, lo! my great Redemer's

Unfolds the everlasting door,

And leads me to His rest!
3. E'en now, to my expecting eyes
The heaven-built towers of Salem rise;

E'en now, with glad survey,
I view her mansions, that contain
The angel forms, a beauteous train,

And shine with cloudless day.
4. Hither, from earth's remotest end,
Lo! the redeemed of God ascend,

Their tribute hither bring;
Here, crowned with everlasting joy,
In hymns of praise their tongues employ,

And hail th' immortal King.



C. P. M.
1. If death my friend and me divide,
Thou dost not, Lord, my sorrow chide,

Or frown my tears to see:
Restrained from passionate excess,
Thou bidst me mourn in calm distress

For those that rest in Thee.
2. I feel a strong, immortal hope,
Which bears my mournful spirit up,

Beneath its mountain load :
Redeemed from death, and grief, and pain,
I soon shall find my friend again

Within the arrns of God.
3. Pass a few fleeting moments more,
And death the blessing shall restore,

Which death hath snatched away;
For me Thou wilt the summons send,
And give me back my parted friend,

In that eternal day.



C. P. M.
1. The Lord into His garden comes,
The spices yield a rich perfume,

The lilies grow and thrive;
Refreshing showers of grace divine,
From Jesus, flow to every vine,

And make the dead revive.
2. Come brethren, you who love the Lord,
Who taste the sweetness of His word,

In Jesus' word go on !
Our troubles and our trials here
Will only make us richer there,

When we arrive at home.
3. We feel that heaven is now begun,
It issues from the shining throne,

From Jesus' throne on high;
It comes in floods we can't contain,
We drink, and drink, and drink again,

And yet we still are dry.

4. There we shall reign, and shout, and sing,
And make the upper regions ring,

When all the saints get home.
Come on, come on, my brethren dear,
Soon we shall meet together there,

For Jesus bids us come. 1181.

C. P. M.
1. How happy is the pilgrim's lot!
How free from every anxious thought,

From worldly hope and fear!
Confined to neither court nor cell,
His soul disdains on earth to dwell-

He only sojourns here.
2. This happiness in part is mine,
Already saved from low design,

From every creature-love ;
Blest with the scorn of finite good,
My soul is lightened of its load,

And seeks the things above.
3. There is my house and portion fair :
My treasure and my heart are there,

And my abiding home;
For me my elder brethren stay,
And angels beckon me away,

And Jesus bids me come.
4. I come, Thy servant, Lord, replies;
I come to meet Thee in the skies,

And claim my heavenly rest!
Soon will the pilgrim's journey end;
Then, O my Saviour, Brother, Friend,

Receive me to Thy breast !



C. P. M.
1. We suffer with our Master here
But shall before his face appear,

And by His side sit down;
To patient faith the prize is sure;
And all that to the end endure

shall wear the crown.

2. The great, mysterious Deity,
We soon with open face shall see:

The beatific sight
Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with praise,
And wide diffuse the golden blaze

Of everlasting light.
3. The Father, shining on His throne,
The glorious, co-eternal Son,

The Spirit, one and seven,
Conspire our rapture to complete;
And lo! we fall before his feet,

And silence heightens heaven.
4. In hope of that ecstatic pause,
Jesus, we now sustain the cross,

And at Thy footstool fall;
Till Thou our hidden life reveal,
Till Thou our ravished spirits fill,

And God be all in all!



lls. 1. I WOULD not live alway; I ask not to stay,

Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the way. The few lucid mornings that dawn on us here,

Are enough for life's woes, full enough for its cheer. 2. I would not live alway; no-welcome the tomb,

Since Jesus has lain there, I dread not its gloom; There, sweet be my rest, till He bid me arise

To hail Him in triumph descending the skies. 3. Who, who would live alway, away from his God;

Away from yon heaven, that blissful abode,
Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright

And the noontide of glory eternally reigns :-
4. Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet,

Their Saviour and brethren transported to greet; While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the soul.


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