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3. Their toils are past, their work is done,

And they are fully blest :
They fought the fight, the victory won,

And entered into rest.
4. Then let our sorrows cease to flow

God has recalled His own;
And let our hearts, in every woe,

Still say—“ Thy will be done !" 1131.

(Chant.) 1. Into the silent land,

Ah! who shall | lead us thither? |
Clouds in the evening sky more darkly gather,
And shattered wrecks lie thicker | on the strand! |
Who leads us with a gentle hand,
Whither, 0, whither,

Into the silent land? Amen.
2. Into the silent land !

you, ye boundless regions
Of | all per- | fection! | tender morning visions
Of beauteous souls! eterni- / ty's own band! |
Who in life's battle firm doth stand,
Shall bear hope's tender blossoms

Into the silent land! | 3. O land! O land!

For all the broken-hearted ;
The mildest herald by our fate allotted,
Beckons, and with inverted | torch doth | stand, I
To lead us with a gentle hand
Into the land of the great departed,
Into the silent | land! |



1. I am the man that hath seen affliction

By the rod of his wrath; |
He hath builded against me,
And compassed me with gall and travail; 1
He hath set me in dark places,
As they that be dead of | old. I

2. Also, when I cry and shout,

He shutteth | out my | prayer;
He hath turned aside my ways, and pulled me in

He hath made me desolate; |
He hath made me drunken with wormwood;

He hath | covered me with | ashes.
3. Remembering mine affliction and my misery,

The wormwood and the I gall,
My soul hath them still in remembrance,
And is | humbled | in me.
This I recall to mind,

Therefore have I hope.
4. For the Lord will not cast | off for ever;
But though He cause grief, yet will 'He have com-

According to the multitude of His mercies;
For He doth not afflict willingly,
Nor grieve the children of men.

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6s & 5s.
1. Yon spot in the churchyard,

How sad is the bloom
That summer flings round it,

In flowers and perfume:
It is thy dust, my darling,

Gives life to each rose,
'Tis because thou hast withered,

The violet blows.
2. The lilies bend meekly

Thy bosom above,
But thou wilt not pluck them,

Sweet child of my love:
I see the green willow

Droop low o'er thy bed,
But I see not the ringlets

That decked thy fair head.

3. I hear the bee'humming

Around thy bright grave:
Can he deem death is hidden

Where sweet flow'rets wave ?
From the white cloud above thee

The lark scatters song,
But I list for thy voice,

O, how long ! O, how long !
4. Then come back, my darling,

And come back to-day,
For the soul of thy mother

Grows faint with delay;
The home of thy childhood

In order is set,
The couch and the chamber-

Why com'st thou not yet?
5. Dear child! thou wilt never

Return unto me,
But we part not forever-

I go unto thee.
My Saviour stands smiling

With thee on His breast, ci
And in His compassion

My heart shall find rest.

[blocks in formation]

1. Ir a man die, shall he | live a- | gain?

All the days of my appointed | time will I wait

Till | my change come. 2. For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down,

That it will / sprout a- / gain,
And that the tender branch thereof) will not i


3. Though the root thereof wax | old in the earth,

Yet through the scent of water it will | bud,
And bring forth boughs like a 1 plant.

4. But man dieth and wasteth a-way;

Yea, man giveth | up the ghost,

And where is | he ? 5. As the waters fail from the sea,

So man lieth down, and | riseth | not

Till the heavens be no more. 6. O that Thou would'st hide me in the grave, That Thou would'st keep me in secret, till Thy |

wrath be past, That Thou would'st appoint me a set time, and

re- | member | me. 7. For I know that my Re- / deemer | liveth, And that He shall stand in the latter day up- on

the earth, And though worms destroy this body, yet in my

flesh shall I | see God.

[blocks in formation]

1. Go to thy rest, fair child !

Go to thy dreamless bed,
While yet so gentle, undefiled,

With blessings on thy head.
2. Fresh roses in thy hand,

Buds on thy pillow laid,
Haste from this dark and fearful land,

Where flowers so quickly fade.
3. Before thy heart had learned

In waywardness to stray;
Before thy feet had ever turned

The dark and downward way;
4. Ere sin had seared the breast,

Or sorrow woke the tear;
Rise to thy throne of changeless rest,

In yon celestial sphere !

. 5. Because thy smile was fair,

Thy lip and eye so bright,
Because thy loving cradle care

· Was such a dear delight;
6. Shall love, with weak embrace,

Thy upward wing detain ?
No! gentle angel, seek thy place

Amid the cherub train.


S. M.
1. What though the stream be dead,

Its banks all still and dry !
It murmureth o'er a lovelier bed

In air-groves of the sky.
2. What though our bird of light

Lie mute with plumage dim;
In heaven I see her glancing bright,

I hear her angel hymn.
3. True that our beauteous doe

Hath left her still retreat,
But purer now, in heavenly snow,

She lies at Jesus' feet.
4. O star untimely set!

Why should we weep for thee?
Thy bright and dewy coronet
Is rising o'er the sea.



S. M.
1. O SPIRIT, freed from earth, .

Rejoice, thy work is done!
The weary world's beneath thy feet,

Thou brighter than the sun!
2. Arise, put on the robes

That the redeemed win;
Now sorrow hath no part in Thee,

Thou sanctified within !

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