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3. O, let man hasten to restore

To all their rights of love;
In power and wealth, exult no more;

În wisdom lowly move.
4. Ye great, renounce your earth-born pride,

Ye low, your shame and fear;
Live, as ye worship, side by side;

Your brotherhood revere.


C. M.
1. DEFEND the poor and desolate,

And rescue from the hands
Of wicked men the low estate

Of him that help demands.
2. Regard the weak and fatherless,

Dispatch the poor man's cause,
And raise the man in deep distress

By just and equal laws.
3. Rise, God ! judge Thou the earth in might,

The oppressed land redress;
For Thou art He who shall by right

The nations all possess.


[blocks in formation]

1. Scorn not the slightest word or deed,

Nor deem it void of power;
There's fruit in each wind-wafted seed,

That waits its natal hour.

2. A whispered word may touch the heart,

And call it back to life ;
A look of love bid sin depart,

And still unholy strife.
3. No act falls fruitless, none can tell

How vast its power may be,
Nor what results infolded dwell

Within it silently.

4. Work on, despair not, bring thy mite,

Nor care how small it be,
God is with all that serve the right,

The holy, true, and free.


1. Think gently of the erring one!

0, let us not forget,
However darkly stained by sin,

He is our brother yet!
2. Heir of the same inheritance,

Child of the self-same God,
He hath but stumbled in the path

We have in weakness trod.
3. Speak gently to the erring ones!

We yet may lead them back,
With holy words, and tones of love,

From misery's thorny track.
4. Forget not, brother, thou hast sinned,

And sinful yet may'st be;
Deal gently with the erring heart,

As God hath dealt with thee,



C. M.
1. Lord, lead the way the Saviour went,

By lane and cell obscure,
And let our treasures still be spent,

Like His, upon the poor.
2. Like Him, through scenes of deep distress,

Who bore the world's sad weight,
We, in their gloomy loneliness,

Would seek the desolate.

3. For Thou hast placed us side by side

In this wide world of ill;
And that Thy followers may be tried,

The poor are with us stili.

4. Small are the offerings we can make;

Yet Thou hast taught us, Lord,
If given for the Saviour's sake,

They lose not their reward.



6s & 4s.


Praise through His courts proclaim;

Rise and adore;
High o'er the heavens above,
Sound his great acts of love,
While His rich acts we prove,
Vast as His

2. Now let the trumpet raise

Triumphant sounds of praise,

Wide as His fame;
There let the harp be found;
Organs, with solemn sound,
Roll your deep notes around,

Filled with His name.
3. While His high praise ye sing,
Shake every sounding string;

Sweet the accord !
He vital breath bestows;
Let every

breath that flows,
His noblest fame disclose:

Praise the Lord.




6s & 4s.
A Temperance Hymn for Children.
1. Let the still air rejoice-
Be every youthful voice

Blended in one;
While we renew our strain
To Him, with joy again,
Who sends the evening rain,
And morning sun.

2. His hand in beauty gives
Each flower and plant that lives,

Each sunny rill;
Springs ! which our footsteps meet-
Fountains ! our lips to greet-
Waters! whose taste is sweet,

On rock and hill.
3. Each summer bird that sings
Drinks, from dear Nature's springs,

Her early dew;
And the refreshing shower
Falls on each herb and flower,
Giving it life and power,

Fragrant and new.
4. So let cach faithful child
Drink of this fountain mild,

From early youth;
Then shall the song we raise
Be heard in future days-
Ours be the pleasant ways

and truth.
5. Now let each heart and hand,
Of all this youthful band,

United, move!
Till on the mountain's brow,
And in the vale below,
Our land may ever glow

With peace and love. PIERPONT.


8s, 7s & 5s.
1. Hast thou, 'mid life's empty noises,

Heard the solemn steps of time?
And the low, mysterious voices

Of another clime ?
2. Early hath life's mighty question

Thrilled within thy heart of youth,
With a deep and strong beseeching-

What, and where is truth?

3. Not to ease and aimless quiet

Doth the inward answer tend;
But to works of love and duty,

As our being's end.
4. Earnest toil and strong endeavor

Of a spirit which within
Wrestles with familiar evil,

And besetting sin;
5. And without, with tireless vigor,

Steady heart and purpose strong,
In the power of truth assaileth

Every form of wrong.



8s & 5s.
1. Every day hath toil and trouble,

Every heart hath care;
Meekly bear thine own full measure,

And thy brother's share.
Fear not, shrink not, though the burden

Heavy to thee prove;
God shall fill thy mouth with gladness,

And thy heart with love.
2. Patiently enduring, cver

Let thy spirit be
Bound, by links that can not sever,

To humanity.
Labor, wait! thy Master perished

Ere His task was done;
Count not lost thy fleeting moments-

Life hath but begun.
3 Labor! wait! though midnight shadows

Gather round thee here,
And the storm above thee lowering

Fill thy heart with fear-
Wait in hope ! the morning dawneth

When the night is gone,
And a peaceful rest awaits thee

When thy work is done.


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