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3. Give them stanch honesty,
Let their pride manly be-

God save the poor!
Help them to hold the right,
Give them both truth and might,
Lord of all life and light!

God save the poor !



Os & 4s.
1. Roll on, thou joyful day,
When tyranny's proud sway,

Stern as the grave,
Shall to the ground be hurld,
And freedom's flag, unfurl'd,
Shall wave throughout the world

O'er every slave.
2. Trump of glad jubilee,
Echo o'er land and sea,

Freedom for all ;
Let the glad tidings fly,
And every tribe reply,
Glory to God on high,

At slavery's fall.
3. Free, too, the captive mind
By darkness long confined

In slavery's night;
The Saviour's reign extend,
Virtue with freedom blend,
And full salvation send

With freedom's light.



88, 7s & As.
1. Hark! a voice from heaven proclaiming

Comfort to the mourning slave ;
God has heard him long complaining,
And extends His arm to save;

Proud oppression
Soon shall find a shameful grave.

2. See, the light of truth is breaking

Full and clear on every hand,
And the voice of mercy speaking,
Now is heard through all the land;

Firm and fearless
See the friends of freedom stand.
3. Lo, the nation is arousing

From its slumber, long and deep,
And the friends of God are waking,
Never, never more to sleep

While a bondman
In his chains remains to weep.
4. Long, too long have we been dreaming

O’er our country's sin and shame;
Let us now, the time redeeming,
Press the helpless captive's claim

Till, exulting,
He shall cast aside his chain.


Ss, 7 & 4s.
1. EVERLASTING! changing never!

Of one strength, no more, no less :
Thine Almightiness forever-
All the same Thy holiness;

Thee Eternal,
Thee All-glorious we possess !
2. But we weak ones, but we sinners,

Would not in our poorness stay ;
We, the low ones, would be winners
Of what holy height we may,

Ever nearer
To Thy pure and perfect day.
3. Shall things withered, fashions olden,

Keep us from life's flowing spring?
Waits for us the promise golden-
Waits each new, diviner thing?

Onward ! onward!
Why this faithless tarrying?

4. Nearer to Thee would we venture,

Of Thy truth more largely take,
Upon life diviner enter,

Into day more glorious break;

To the ages

Fair bequests and costly make.
5. By each saving word unspoken,

By Thy truth, as yet half-won,
By each idol still unbroken,
By Thy will, yet poorly done-

Hear us! hear us !
Our Almighty, help us on!



L. M.
1. Now be my heart inspired to sing

The glories of my Saviour King -
Jesus the Lord; how heavenly fair

His form ! how bright His beauties are !
2. O'er all the sous of human race,

He shines with a superior grace;
Love from His lips divinely flows,

And blessings all His state compose.
3. Dress Thee in arms, most mighty Lord !

Gird on the terror of Thy sword;
In majesty and glory ride,

With truth and meekness at Thy side.
4. Thine anger, like a pointed dart,

Shall pierce the foes of stubborn heart;
Or words of mercy, kind and sweet,

Shall melt the rebels at Thy feet.
5. Thy throne, O God! forever stands;

Grace is the scepter in Thy hands;
Thy laws and works are just and right;

Justice and grace are Thy delight.
6. God, thine own God, has richly shed

His oil of gladness on thy head ;
And with His sacred Spirit bless’d
His first-born Son above the rest.


[blocks in formation]

1. My refuge is the God of love,

Why do my foes insult and cry,
“Fly, like a timorous, trembling dove,

To distant woods or mountains fly ?" 2. If government be all destroyed

That firm foundation of our peace-
And violence make justice void,

Where shall the righteous seek redress? 3. The Lord in heaven hath fixed His throne,

His eye surveys the world below;
To Him all mortal things are known,

His eyelids search our spirits through. 4. If He afflicts His saints so far,


prove their love, and try their grace,
What must the bold transgressors fear ?

soul abhors their ways. 5. On impious wretches He shall rain

Tempests of brimstone, fire, and death,
Such as He kindled on the plain

Of Sodom, with His angry breath.
6. The righteous Lord loves righteous souls,

Whose thoughts and actions are sincere;
And with a gracious eye beholds

The men that His own image bear.


[blocks in formation]

1. I'll praise my Maker with my breath;
And when my voice is lost in death,

Praise shall employ my nobler powers,
My days of praise shall ne'er be past,
While life, and thought, and being last,

Or immortality endures.

2. Happy the man, whose hopes rely
On Israel's God: He made the sky,

And earth and seas, with all their train ;
His truth forever stands secure;
He saves th’ oppressed, He feeds the poor;

And none shall find His promise vain. 3. The Lord hath eyes to.give the blind; The Lord supports the sinking mind;

He sends the laboring conscience peace;
He helps the stranger in distress,
The widow and the fatherless,

And grants the prisoner sweet release.
4. He loves His saints; He knows them well ;
But turns the wicked down to hell;

Thy God, o Zion, ever reigns;
Let every tongue, let every age,
In this exalted work engage;

Praise Him in everlasting strains.



L. P. M.
1. JUDGES, who rule the world by laws,
Will ye despise the righteous cause,

When the oppressed before you stands?
Dare ye condemn the righteous poor,
And let rich sinners go secure,

While gold and greatness bribe your hands? 2. Have ye forgot, or never knew, That God will judge the judges, too?

High in the heavens His justice reigns ;

invade the rights of God,
And send your bold decrees abroad,
To bind the conscience in


chains ! 3. Th' Almighty thunders from the skyTheir grandeur melts, their titles die

They perish like dissolving frost;
As empty chaff, when whirlwinds rise,
Before the sweeping tempest flies,
So shall their hopes and names be lost.

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