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[blocks in formation]

1. BEYOND, beyond that boundless sea,

Above that dome of sky,
Farther than thought itself can flee,

Thy dwelling is on high;
2. Yet dear the awful thought to me,

That Thou, my God! art nigh;
Art here, and yet my laboring mind

Feels after Thee in vain
3. Thee in these works of power to find,

Or to Thy seat attain';
Thy messenger-the stormy wind;

Thy path—the trackless main.
4. These speak of Thee with loud acclaim;

They thunder forth thy praise
The glorious honor of Thy name,

The wonders of Thy ways.
5. But Thou art not in tempest-flame,

Nor in the solar blaze.
We hear Thy voice, when thunders roll

Through the wild fields of air.
6. The waves obey Thy dread control;

Yet still Thou art not there:
Where shall I find Him, O my soul !
Who yet is every



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1. GREAT God, how infinite art Thou!

What worthless worms are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to Thee. 2. Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Ere seas or stars were made;
Thou art the ever-living God,

Were all the nations dead,

3. Eternity, with all its years,

Stands present in Thy view;
To Thee there's nothing old appears—

Great God, there's nothing new. 4. Our lives through various scenes are drawn,

And vexed with trifling cares;
While Thine eternal thoughts move on

Thine undisturbed affairs.

5. Great God, how infinite art thou !

What worthless worms are we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to Thee.



C. M.
1. 'Twas God who hurld the rolling spheres,

And stretch'd the boundless skies;
Who form’d the plan of endless years,
And bade the


2. From everlasting is His might,

Immense and unconfin'd:
He pierces through the realms of light,

And rides upon the wind.
3. He darts along the burning skies ;

Loud thunders round Him roar:
All heav'n attends Him as He flies;

AH hell proclaims His pow'r.
4. Ye worlds, with ev'ry living thing,

Fulfill His high command;
Mortals, pay homage to your King,

And own His ruling hand.


[blocks in formation]

1. Great God, Thy penetrating eye


With awe profound my wandering soul

Falls prostrate, and adores.

2. To be encompassed round with God,

The holy and the just;
Armed with omnipotence to save,

Or crumble me to dust;

3. Oh, how tremendous is the thought !

Deep may it be impressed;
And may Thy Spirit firmly grave

This truth within my breast.
4. By Thee observed, by Thee sustained,

Should earth or hell oppose,

with dauntless courage on
To meet the proudest foes.
5. Begirt with Thee, my fearless soul

The gloomy vale shall tread;
And Thou wilt bind th' immortal crown

Of glory on my head.


[blocks in formation]

1. FATHER! how wide Thy glory shines !

How high Thy wonders rise !
Known through the earth by thousand signs-

By thousand through the skies.
2. Those mighty orbs proclaim Thy power,

Their motions speak Thy skill;
And on the wings of every hour

We read Thy patience still.
3. But when we view Thy strange design

To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compassion join

In their divinest forms.

4. Here the whole Deity is known;

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest shone,

The justice, or the grace.


5. Now the full glories of the Lamb

Adorn the heavenly plains :
Bright seraphs learn Immanuel's name,

And try their choicest strains.
6. Oh! may I bear some humble part

In that immortal song;
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,

And love command my tongue.


[blocks in formation]

1. KEEP silence, all created things,

And wait your Maker's nod;
My soul stands trembling while she sings

The honors of her God.

2. Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown,

Hang on His firm decree;
He sits on no precarious throne,

Nor borrows leave to be.

3. Before His throne a volume lies,

With all the fates of men;
With every angel's form and size,

Drawn by th' eternal pen.
4. His providence unfolds the book,

And makes His counsels shine;
Each opening leaf, and every stroke,

Fulfills some deep design.
5. My God, I would not long to see

My fate, with curious eyes-
What gloomy lines are writ for me,

Or what bright scenes may rise. 6. In Thy fair book of life and grace,

0, may I find my name Recorded in some humble place,

Beneath my Lord, the Lamb.


[blocks in formation]

1. I SING th' almighty power of God,

That made the mountains rise,
That spread the flowing seas abroad,

And built the lofty skies.
2. I sing the wisdom that ordained

The sun to rule the day;
The moon shines full at His command,

And all the stars obey.
3. I sing the goodness of the Lord,

That filled the earth with food;
He formed the creatures with His word,

And then pronounced them good.
4. Lord! how Thy wonders are displayed

Where'er I turn mine eye!
If I survey the ground I tread,

Or gaze upon the sky!
5. There's not a plant or flower below

But makes Thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,

By order from Thy throne.
6. Creatures that borrow life from Thee

Are subject to Thy care;
There's not a place where we can flee

But God is present there.


[blocks in formation]

1. LORD! when my raptured thought surveys

Creation's beauties o'er,
All nature joins to teach Thy praise,

And bid my soul adore.
2. Where'er I turn my gazing eyes,

Thy radiant footsteps shine;
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise,

And speak their source divine.

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