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C. P. M.
1. I SING of God, the mighty source
Of all things, the stupendous force

On which all things depend;
From whose right arm, beneath whose eyes,
All period, power, and enterprise

Commence, and reign, and end. 2. The world, the clustering spheres, He made, The glorious light, the soothing shade;

Dale, plain, and grove and hill;
The multitudinous abyss,
Where nature joys in secret bliss,

And wisdom hides her skill.
3. Tell them, I am, Jehovah said
To Moses, while earth heard in dread,

And, smitten to the heart,
At once above, beneath, around,
All nature, without voice or sound,
Replied, O Lord, THOU ART!

SMART. 99.

C. H. M.
1. SINCE o'er Thy footstool here below

Such radiant gems are strown,
O, what magnificence must glow,

Great God, about Thy throne !
So brilliant here these drops of light-
There the full ocean rolls, how bright!
2. If night's blue curtain of the sky

With thousand stars inwrought,
Hung like a royal canopy

With glittering diamonds fraught-
Be, Lord, Thy temple's outer vail,
What splendor at the shrine must dwell!
3. The dazzling sun at noonday hour-

Forth from his flaming vase
Flinging o'er earth the golden shower

Till vale and mountain blaze-
But shows, O Lord, one beam of Thine,
What, then, the day where Thou dost shine.

4. O, how shall these dim


That noon of living rays!
Or how our spirits, so impure,

Upon Thy glory gaze!
Anoint, O Lord, anoint our sight,
And fit us for that world of light.

Doxology. C. P. M.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The God, whom Heaven's, triumphant host

And saints on earth adore;
Be glory as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last,

When time shall be no more.


C. M.
1. PRAISE ye the Lord, immortal choir

That fill the realms above;
Sing, for He formed you of His fire,

And feeds you with His love.
2. Thou restless globe of golden light,

Whose beams create our days,
Join with the silver queen of night,

To own your borrowed rays.
3. Thunder, and hail, and fires, and storms,

The troops of His command,
Appear in all your dreadful forms,

And speak His awful hand.
4. Winds, ye shall bear His name aloud

Through the ethereal blue;
For, when His chariot is a cloud,

He makes His wheels of you.
5. Shout to the Lord, ye surging seas,


eternal roar;

wave to wave resound His praise, And shore reply to shore.


6. Thus, while the meaner creatures sing,

Ye mortals take the sound;
Echo the glories of your King

Through all the nations round. 101.

C. M.
1. God, in the high and holy place,

Looks down upon the spheres ;
Yet, in his providence and grace,

every eye appears.
2. He bows the heavens; the mountains stand

A highway for our God;
He walks amid the desert land;

'Tis Eden where He trod.
3. The forests in His strength rejoice;

Hark! on the evening breeze,
As once of old, Jehovah's voice

Is heard among the trees.
4. If God hath made this world so fair,

Where sin and death abound,
How beautiful beyond compare

Will paradise be found ! 102.

S. M.
1. My soul, repeat his praise

Whose mercies are so great;
Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate.
2. High as the heavens are raised

Above the ground we tread,
So far the riches of his grace

Our highest thoughts exceed.
3. His power subdues our sins,

And his forgiving love
Far as the east is from the west

Doth all our guilt remove.
4. The pity of the Lord,

To those that fear his name,


Is such as tender parents feel :

He knows our feeble frame.
5. Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning flower :
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.
6. But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure;
And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure.
1. ALMIGHTY Maker, God!

How wondrous is Thy name!
Thy glories how diffused abroad

Through the creation's frame !
2. The lark mounts up the sky

With unambitious song,
And bears her Maker's praise on high

Upon her artless tongue.
3. My soul would rise and sing

To her Creator too;
Fain would my tongue adore my King,

And pay the worship due.
4. And yet the songs I frame

Are faithless to Thy cause,
And steal the honors of Thy name

To build their own applause.
5. Create

Else all my worship’s vain;
This wretched heart will ne'er be true

Until 'tis formed again.
1. STAND up, and bless the Lord,

Ye people of His choice;
Stand up, and bless the Lord your God,

With heart, and soul, and voice.

my soul



2. Though high above all praise,

Above all blessing high,
Who would not fear His holy name,

And laud, and magnify?
3. O for the living flame

From His own altar brought,
To touch our lips, our souls inspire,

And wing to heaven our thought!
4. God is our strength and song,

And His salvation ours;
Then be His love in Christ proclaimed

With all our ransomed powers.
5. Stand up, and bless the Lord;

The Lord your God adore;
Stand up, and bless His glorious name,

Henceforth, for evermore.



C. M.
1. Some seraph, lend your heavenly tongue,

Or harp of golden string,
That I may raise a lofty song

To our eternal King.
2. Thy names, how infinite they be!

Great Everlasting One!
Boundless thy might and majesty,

And unconfined Thy throne.
3. Thy glory shines immensely bright;

Exhaustless is Thy grace;
Immortal day breaks from thine eyes,

And Gabriel vails his face. 4. Thine essence is a vast abyss,

Which angels can not sound;
An ocean of infinities
Where all our thoughts are drown'd,


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