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2. When infancy at evening tries,

By turns to climb each parent's knees,
And gazing, meets their raptured eyes:

Lord, is not that the hour of peace? 3. In golden pomp, when autumn smiles,

And hill and dale, its rich increase
By man's full barns, exulting piles:

Lord, is not that the hour of peace ?
4. When mercy points where Jesus pleads,

And faith beholds Thine anger cease,
And hope to black despair succeeds:

This, Father, this alone is peace!


[blocks in formation]

1. Far from my thoughts, vain world! be gone, Let

my religious hours alone :
Fain would mine eyes my Saviour see;

I wait a visit, Lord! from Thee.
2. My heart grows warm with holy fire,

And kindles with a pure desire ;
Come, my dear Jesus ! from above,
. And feed my soul with heavenly love.
3. Blest Saviour! what delicious fare-

How sweet Thine entertainments are !
Never did angels taste above

Redeeming grace and dying love. 4. Hail, great Immanuel, all-divine!

In Thee Thy Father's glories shine :
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest One,
That eyes have seen, or angels known!



L. M.

1. Who is this fair one in distress,

That travels from the wilderness?
And pressed with sorrows and with sins,
On her beloved Lord she leans.

2. This is the spouse of Christ our God,

Bought with the treasures of His blood;
And her request, and her complaint,

Is but the voice of every saint.
3. “O let my name engraven stand,

Both on Thy heart, and on Thy hand;
Seal me upon Thine arm, and wear

That pledge of love forever there.
4. “Stronger than death Thy love is known,

Which floods of wrath could never drown;
And hell and earth in vain combine

To quench a fire so much divine. 5. “But I am jealous of my heart,

Lest it should once from Thee depart;
Then let Thy name be well impress'd,
As a fair signet, on my

6. “Come, my Beloved, haste away,

Cut short the hours of Thy delay;
Fly, like a youthful hart or roe,
Over the hills where spices grow.”


[blocks in formation]

1. Be still, my heart! these anxious cares

To thee are burdens, thorns, and snares;
They cast dishonor on thy Lord,

And contradict His gracious word.
2. Brought safely by His hand thus far,

Why wilt thou now give place to fear ?
How canst thou want if He provide,

Or lose thy way with such a Guide ? 3. When first before His mercy-seat

Thou didst to Him thy all commit,

thee warrant from that hour
To trust His wisdom, love, and power.


4. Did ever trouble yet befall,

And He refuse to hear thy call ?
And has He not His promise past,
That thou shalt overcome at last?

5. He who has helped me hitherto

Will help me all my journey through,
And give me daily cause to raise

New trophies to His endless praise.
6. Though rough and thorny be the road,

It leads thee home, apace, to God;
Then count thy present trials small,
For heaven will make amends for all.


[blocks in formation]

1. WITH tearful eyes I look around,

Life seems a dark and stormy sea;
Yet, 'midst the gloom, I hear a sound,

A heavenly whisper, “ Come to Me."
2. It tells me of a place of rest--
It tells me where

my soul may flee; O! to the weary, faint, oppress'd,

How sweet the bidding, “ Come to Me.” 3. When nature shudders, loth to part

From all I love, enjoy, and see;
When a faint chill steals o'er my heart.

A sweet voice utters, “ Come to Me.” 4. Come, for all else must fail and die;

Earth is no resting-place for thee;
Heavenward direct thy weeping eye,

I am thy portion, “Come to Me. 5. 0, voice of mercy! voice of love!

In conflict, grief, and agony,
Support me, cheer me from above!

And gently whisper, “Come to Me."


L. M.
1. The darkened sky, how thick it lowers !

Troubled with storms, and big with showers,
No cheerful gleam of light appears,

But nature pours forth all her tears. 2. Yet let the sons of Grace revive;

He bids the soul that seeks Him, live;
And from the gloomiest shade of night

Calls forth a morning of delight. 3. The seeds of ecstasy unknown

Are in these watered furrows sown;
See the green blades, how thick they rise,

And with fresh verdure bless our eyes ! 4. In secret foldings they contain

Unnumbered ears of golden grain ;
And heaven shall pour its beams around,

Till the ripe harvest load the ground.
5. Then shall the trembling mourner come,

And bind his sheaves, and bear them home;
The voice long broke with sighs shall sing,
Till heaven with hallelujahs ring!



L. M.
1. God of my life, to Thee I call;

AMlicted, at Thy feet I fall;
When the great water-floods prevail,

Leave not my trembling heart to fail. 2. Friend of the friendless and the faint,

Where should I lodge my deep complaint ?
Where—but with Thee, whose open door

Invites the helpless and the poor?
3. Did ever mourner plead with Thee,

And Thou refuse that mourner's plea ?
Does not the word still fixed, remain,
That none shall seek Thy face in vain ?

4. Poor tho’ I am -despised, forgot,

Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
And he is safe, and must succeed,
For whom the Lord vouchsafes to plead.



L. M.
1. Wait, O my soul, thy Maker's will.

Tumultuous passions, all be still !
Nor let a murmuring thought arise;

His ways are just, His counsels wise. 2. He in the thickest darkness dwells,

Performs His work, the cause conceals;
But, though His methods are unknown,

Judgment and truth support His throne. 3. In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas,

He executes His firm decrees;
And by His saints it stands confess'd,

That what He does is ever best.
4. Wait, then, my soul, submissive wait,

Prostrate before His awful seat;
And, 'mid the terrors of his rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God, BEDDOME.


1. The waters of Bethesda's pool

Were to the outward eye as clear,
And to the outward touch as cool,

Before the Visitant drew near.
2. But while untroubled, they possess'd

No healing virtue; gentle Friend,
Is there no fount within the breast,

To which an angel may descend? 3. O, while the soul unruffled lies,

Its mirror only can display,
However beautiful their dyes,

The forms of things that pass away.

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