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H. M.
1. YE'dying sons of men

Immerged in sin and woe,
The Gospel's voice attend,

While Jesus sends to you ;
Ye perishing and guilty, come;
In Jesus' arms there yet is room.
2. No longer now delay,

Nor vain excuses frame:
He bids you come to-day,

Though poor, and blind, and lame:
All things are ready; sinners, come;
For every trembling soul there's room.
3. Believe the heavenly word

His messengers proclaim;
He is a gracious Lord,

And faithful is His name.
Backsliding souls, return and come;
Cast off despair; there yet is room.
4. Compelled by bleeding love,

Ye wandering sheep, draw near;
Christ calls you from above;

His charming accents hear;
Let whosoever will now come :
In mercy's breast there still is room.



1. Jesus, at Thy command,

I launch into the deep,
And leave my native land,

Where sin lulls all asleep.
For Thee I would the world resign,
And sail to heaven with Thee and Thine.
2. Thou art my pilot--wise,

My compass is Thy word:
My soul each storm defies,

While I have such a Lord ;
I'll trust Thy faithfulness and power,
To save me in the trying hour.

3. Though rocks and quicksands deep

Through all my passage lie,
Yet Christ will safely keep,

And guide me with His eye:
My anchor-hope, will firm abide,
And ev'ry boist’rous storm outride.
4. Whene'er becalm’d I lie,

And storms forbear to toss,
Be Thou, dear Lord, stiti nigh,

Lest I should suffer loss;
For more the treach'rous calm I dread,
Than tempests bursting o'er my head.
5. By faith I see the land,

The port of endless rest;
My soul, thy sails expand,

And fly to Jesus' breast !
O may I reach the heavenly shore
Where winds and waves disturb no more.



II. M.
1. ARISE, my soul, arise,

Shake off thy guilty fears;
The bleeding Sacrifice

In my behalf appears;
Before the throne my Surety stands;
My name is written on His hands.
2. He ever lives above,

For me to intercede,
His all-redeeming love,

His precious blood to plead ;
His blood atoned for all our race,
And sprinkles now the throne of grace.
3. My God is reconciled ;

His pardoning voice I hear;
He owns me for his child-

I can no longer fear;
His Spirit answers to the blood,
And tells me - Thou art born of God."



H. M.
1. My Shepherd's name is Love-

Jehovah, God above;
Where tender herbage grows,

And peaceful water flows,
He gently leads, He kindly feeds,
And lulls me then to sweet repose,
2. If e'er I heedless stray,
He shows


feet the way;
Yea, though through dreary glades

I walk in dismal shades,
No harm I fear, for Thou art near,
Thy faithful staff my progress aids.
3. When raging foes surround,

My comforts still abound;
I breathe a fragrant air,

And feed on sweetest fare;
Thus in Thy fold, when worn and old,
I'll dwell secure beneath Thy care.



H. M.
1. Come, my fond, fluttering heart !

Come, struggle to be free;
Thou and the world must part,

However hard it be:
My trembling spirit owns it just,
But cleaves yet closer to the dust.
2. Ye tempting sweets! forbear;

Ye dearest idols ! fall;
My love ye must not share,

Jesus shall have it all :
'T is bitter pain—'t is cruel smart-
But, ah! thou must consent, my heart !
3. Ye fair, enchanting throng !

Ye golden dreams ! farewell!
Earth has prevailed too long,

And now I break the spell :
Farewell, ye joys of earthly years!
Jesus ! forgive these parting tears.


4. In Gilead there is balm,

A kind Physician there
My fevered mind to calm,

And bid me not despair:
Aid me, dear Saviour! set me free;
My all I would resign to Thee.
5. Oh! may I feel Thy worth,

And let no idol dare-
No vanity of earth
With Thee,

Lord !

Now bid all worldly joys depart,
And reign supremely in my heart.


H. M.
1. O, Zion, tune thy voice,

And raise thy hands on high;
Tell all the earth thy joys,

And boast salvation nigh.
Cheerful in God, arise and shine,
While rays divine stream all abroad.
2. He gilds thy mourning face

With beams that can not fade;
His all-resplendent grace

He pours around thy head;
The nations round thy form shall view,
With luster new divinely crowned.
3. In honor to His name

Reflect that sacred light;
And loud the grace proclaim

Which makes the darkness bright;
Pursue His praise till sovereign love,
In worlds above, the glory raise.
4. There on His holy hill

A brighter sun shall rise,
And with His radiance fill

Those fairer, purer skies ;
While round His throne ten thousand stars,
In nobler spheres, His influence own.


[blocks in formation]

1. To heaven I lift mine eyes;

From God is all my aid-
The God who built the skies,

And earth and nature made;
God is the tower to which I fly;
His grace is nigh in every hour.

2. My feet shall never slide,

And fall in fatal snares,
Since God, my Guard and Guide,

Defends me from my fears.
Those wakeful eyes, which never sleep,
Shall Israel keep when dangers rise.

3. No burning heats by day,

No blasts of evening air,
Shall take


If God be with me there;
Thou art my sun, and Thou my shade,
To guard my head by night or noon.

4. Hast Thou not pledged Thy word

To save my soul from death?
And I can trust my Lord

To keep my mortał breath.

come, nor fear to die,
Till from on high Thou call me home.



1. O Thou Almighty Father,
Come help me now to praise Thy glory.

Methinks I hear the trumpet sound

Before the break of day,
Oh, had I the wings of the morning,

I'd fly away to Canaan's shore,
Bright angels should convey me home,

To the new Jerusalem.

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