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3. Fair is the sunshine,

Fairer still the moonlight,
And the twinkling starry host;

Jesus shines brighter,

Jesus shines purer
Than all the angels heav'n can boast.

[blocks in formation]

1. WELCOME, welcome, dear Redeemer,

Welcome to this heart of mine;
Lord, I make a full surrender,
Every power and thought be Thine;

Thine entirely,
Through eternal ages, Thine.
2. Known to all to be Thy mansion,

Earth and hell will disappear;
Or in vain attempt possession,
When they find the Lord is near-

Shout, O Zion!
Shout, ye saints, the Lord is here !

[blocks in formation]

1. Love divine, all love excelling,

Joy of heaven, to earth come down! Fix in us Thy humble dwelling,

All Thy faithful mercies crown;
2. Jesus! Thou art all compassion,

Pure, unbounded love Thou art;
Visit us with Thy salvation,

Enter every trembling heart.
3. Breathe, O breathe Thy loving Spirit

Into every troubled breast !
Let us all in Thee inherit,

Let us find Thy promised rest.

4. Come, Almighty to deliver,

Let us all Thy grace receive !
Suddenly return, and never,

Never more Thy temples leave!
5. Finish then Thy new creation,

Pure, and spotless may we be;
Let us see our whole salvation

Perfectly secured by Thee !
6. Changed from glory into glory,

Till in heaven we take our place;
Till we cast our crowns before Thee,

Lost in wonder, love, and praise.



88 & 7s.
1. Come, Thou long.expected Jesus,

Born to set Thy people free;
From our fears and sins release us,

Let us find our rest in Thee.
2. Israel's Strength and Consolation,

Hope of all the saints Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,

Joy of every longing heart.
3. Born, Thy people to deliver ;

Born a child—and yet a King ;
Born to reign in us forever,

Now Thy precious kingdom bring.
4. By Thine own eternal Spirit,

Rule in all our hearts alone;
By Thine all-sufficient merit,
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.


8s & 7s.
1. JESUS, who on Calvary's mountain

Poured Thy precious blood for me,
Wash me in its flowing fountain,

That my soul may spotless be.

2. I have sinned, but oh, restore me;

For unless Thou smile on me,
Dark is all the world before me,

Darker yet eternity!
3. In Thy word I hear Thee saying,

Come and I will give you rest;
And the gracious call obeying,

See, I hasten to Thy breast.
4. Grant, oh, grant Thy Spirit's teaching,

That I may not go astray,
Till the gate of heaven reaching,

Earth and sin are passed away.

[blocks in formation]

1. SWEET the moments, rich in blessing,

Which before the cross I spend; Life, and health, and peace possessing,

From the sinner's dying Friend.
2. Here I'll sit, forever viewing

Mercy streaming in His blood;
Precious drops ! my soul bedewing,

Plead and claim my peace with God. 3. Truly blessed is this station,

Low before His cross to lie;
While I see divine compassion

Floating in His languid eye.
4. Here it is I find my heaven,
While upon
the cross I

Love I much ? I've much forgiven,
I'm a miracle of

5. Love and grief my heart dividing,

my tears His feet I'll bathe; Constant still in faith abiding,

Life deriving from His death.

6. Lord ! in ceaseless contemplation,

heart and eyes on Thine,
Till I taste Thy whole salvation,

Where, unvailed, Thy glories shine.



8s. & 7s.
1. Crown His head with endless blessing,

Who, in God the Father's name,
With compassion never ceasing,

Comes, salvation to proclaim.
2. Lo, Jehovah, we adore Thee-

Thee, our Saviour_Thee, our God;
From Thy throne let beams of glory

Shine through all the world abroad.
3. Jesus! Thee our Saviour hailing,

Thee our God in praise we own;
Highest honors, never failing,

Rise eternal round Thy throne.
4. Now, ye saints, His power confessing,

In your grateful strains adore;
For His mercy, never ceasing,
Flows, and flows for evermore.



Ss & 7s. 6 lines. 1. ONE there is, above all others,

Well deserves the name of Friend ;
His is love beyond a brother's,

Costly, free, and knows no end;
They who once His kindness prove,

Find it everlasting love.
2. Which of all our friends, to save us,

Could or would have shed his blood ?
But our Jesus died to have us

Reconciled in Him to God;
This was boundles Love indeed,
Jesus is a Friend in need!

the same;

3. When He lived on earth abased,

Friend of sinners was His name;
Now above all glory raised,

He rejoices
Still He calls them “ Brethren--friends,"

And to all their wants attends,
4. O, for grace our hearts to soften !

Teach us, Lord, at length to love;
We alas ! forget too often

What a Friend we have above;
But when home our souls are brought,
We will love Thee as we ought. NEWTON.


II. M.
1. Come, every pious heart,

That loves the Saviour's name!
Your noblest powers exert

To celebrate His fame;
Tell all above, and all below,
The debt of love to Him you owe.
2. He left His starry crown,

And laid IIis robes aside;
On wings of love came down,

And wept, and bled, and died :
What He endured, no tongue can tell,
To save our souls from death and hell.
3. From the dark grave He rose-

The mansion of the dead;
And thence Ilis mighty foes

In glorious triumph led;
Up through the sky the conqueror rode,
And reigns on high, the Saviour-God.
4. From thence He'll quickly come-

His chariot will not stay-
And bear our spirits home

To realms of endless day :
There shall we see His lovely face,
And ever be in His embrace.


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