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2. He leads me to the place

Where heavenly pasture grows,
Where living waters gently pass,

And full salvation flows.
3. If e'er I go astray,

He doth my soul reclaim,
And guides me, in His own right way,

For His most holy name.
4. While He affords His aid,

I can not yield to fear;
Tho' I should walk thro' death's dark shade,

My Shepherd 's with me there.
5. In sight of all my foes,

Thou dost my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,

And joy exalts my head.
6. The bounties of Thy love

Shall crown my future days;
Nor from Thy house will I remove,

Nor cease to speak Thy praise. WATTS

[blocks in formation]

1. Our heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near ;
With both, our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear.
2. God pities all our griefs:

He pardons every day;
Almighty to protect our souls,

And wise to guide our way.
3. How large His bounties are !

What various stores of good,
Diffused from our Redeemer's hand,

And purchased with His blood!

4. Jesus, our living Head,

We bless Thy faithful care;
Our Advocate before the throne,

And our forerunner there.

5. Here fix, my roving heart !

Here wait, my warmest love!
Till the communion be complete,

In nobler scenes above.



8. M.

1. My God, my Life, my Love,

To Thee, to Thee I call;
I can not live, if Thou remove,

For Thou art all in all.

2. Thy shining grace can cheer

This dungeon where I dwell;
'Tis paradise when Thou art here;

If Thou depart, 't is hell.
3. To Thee, and Thee alone,

The angels owe their bliss;
They sit around Thy gracious throne,

And dwell where Jesus is.

4. Not all the harps above

Can make a heavenly place,
If God His residence remove,

Or but conceal His face.

5. Nor earth, nor all the sky,

Can one delight afford,
No, not a drop of real joy,

Without Thy presence, Lord.
6. Thou art the sea of love,

Where all my pleasures roll;
The circle where my passions move,

And center of my soul.


[blocks in formation]

1. I want a heart to pray

To pray, and never cease;
Never to murmur at Thy stay,

Or wish my suff'rings less.
This blessing, above all

Always to pray-I want;
Out of the deep on Thee to call,

never, never faint.
2. I want a true regard,

A single, steady aim-
Unmoved by threat'ning or reward,

To Thee and Thy great name;
A jealous, just concern,

For Thine immortal praise;
desire that all


And glorify Thy grace.
3. I rest upon Thy word-

The promise is for me;
My succor and salvation, Lord,

Shall surely come from Thee;
But let me still abide,

Nor from my hope remove,
Till Thou my patient spirit guide

Into Thy perfect love. C. WESLEY.

[blocks in formation]

1. AWAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake every heart, and every tongue

To praise the Saviour's name.
2. Sing, till we feel our heart

Ascending with our tongue;
Sing, till the love of sin depart;

And grace inspire our song.

3. Sing, on your heavenly way,

Ye ransomed sinners, sing ;
Sing on, rejoicing every day

In Christ, the heavenly King.
4. Soon shall we hear him say,

“ Ye blessed children, come !"
Soon will He call us hence away

To our eternal home.
5. There shall our raptured tongue

His endless praise proclaim,
And sweeter voices tune the song

Of Moses and the Lamb.


[blocks in formation]

1. Hark, how the watchmen cry!

Attend the trumpet's sound;
Stand to your arms, the foe is nigh-

The powers of hell surround.
2. Who bow to Christ's command,

Your arms and hearts prepare;
The day of battle is at hand-

Go forth to glorious war.
3. See on the mountain top

The standard of your God;
In Jesus' name 't is lifted

All stain'd with hallow'd blood.
4. His standard-bearers, now

To all the nations call :
To Jesus' cross, ye nations, bow;

He bore the cross for all.
5. Go up with Christ your Head;

Your Captain's footsteps see;
Follow your Captain, and be led

To certain victory.

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6. All power to Him is given;

He ever reigns the same;
Salvation, happiness, and heaven,

Are all in Jesus' name.



S. M.
1. Not all the blood of beasts,

On Jewish altars slain,
Could give the guilty conscience peace,

Or wash away the stain.
2. But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,

Takes all our sins away ;
A sacrifice of nobler name,

And richer blood than they.
3. My faith would lay her hand

On that dear head of Thine,
While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.
4. My soul looks back, to see

The burdens Thou didst bear,
When hanging on the cursed tree,

And hopes her guilt was there.
5. Believing, we rejoice

To see the curse remove;
We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,

And sing His bleeding love.


1. RAISE your triumphant songs

To an immortal tune;
Let all the earth resound the deeds


has done.
2. Sing how eternal love

Its chief Beloved chose,
And bade Him raise our wretched raco
From their abyss of woes.

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