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3. Who made this beating heart of mine
But Thou, my heavenly Guest?
Let no one have it, then, but Thee,
And let it be Thy rest.


C. M.

1. Mr Saviour, let me hear Thy voice
Pronounce the word of peace,
And all my warmest powers shall join
To celebrate Thy grace.


2. With gentle smiles call me Thy child,
And speak my sins forgiven;

The accents mild shall charm my ear
Like the sweet harps of heaven.


3. Cheerful, where'er Thy hand shall lead,
The darkest path I'll tread;
Cheerful I'll quit these mortal shores,
And mingle with the dead.

4. When dreadful guilt is done away,
No other fears we know;
That hand which scatters pardons down
Shall crowns of life bestow.

C. M.

1. UNITE, my roving thoughts, unite,
In silence soft and sweet;

2. Jehovah's awful voice is heard,
Yet gladly I attend;
For lo! the everlasting God
Proclaims Himself my Friend.

And thou, my soul, sit gently down
At thy great Sov'reign's feet.


3. Harmonious accents to my soul,
The sounds of peace convey;
The tempest at His word subsides,
And winds and seas obey.

4. By all its joys, I charge my heart
To grieve His love no more;
But, charm'd by melody divine,
To give its follies o'er.

Doxology. C. M.

PRAISE, honor, to the Father be,
Praise to His only Son;
Praise to the Spirit Paraclete,
While ceaseless ages run.

C. M.


1. O FOR the happy days gone by,

When love ran smooth and free,
Days when my Spirit so enjoyed

More than earth's liberty!


2. O for the times when on my heart
Long prayer had never pall'd-
Times when the ready thought of God
Would come when it was called!

3. Then when I knelt to meditate,

Sweet thoughts came o'er my soul,
Countless, and bright, and beautiful,
Beyond my own control.

4. O who hath lock'd those fountains up?
Those visions who hath stay'd?
What sudden act hath thus transform'd
My sunshine into shade?

5. This freezing heart, O Lord! this will Dry as the desert sand.

6. A faith that seems not faith, a hope

That cares not for its aim,

A love that none the warmer grows
At Jesus' blessed name;-

Good thoughts that will not come, bad thoughts
That come without command-

7. If this drear change be Thine, O Lord!
If it be Thy sweet will,

Spare not, but to the very brim
The bitter chalice fill.

8. But if it hath been sin of mine, O show that sin to me,

Not to get back the sweetness lost,
But to make peace with Thee.

9. One thing alone, dear Lord! I dread-
To have a secret spot

That separates my soul from Thee,
And yet to know it not.

10. But if this weariness hath come
A present from on high,
Teach me to find the hidden wealth
That in its depths may lie.

11. So in this darkness I can learn To tremble and adore,

To sound my own vile nothingness,
And thus to love Thee more.

12. O blessed be this darkness then,
This deep in which I lie,
And blessed be all things that teach
God's dread Supremacy!


C. M.

1. O JESUS! Light of all below!
Thou Fount of life and fire!
Surpassing all the joys we know,
All that we can desire:

2. O Jesus! Thou the beauty art
Of angel worlds above;
Thy name is music to the heart,
Enchanting it with love.


3. Poor souls! that know not how to love;
They feel not Jesus near;

And they who know not how to love
Still less know how to fear.

4. The majesty of God ne'er broke
On them like fire at night,

Flooding their stricken souls, while they
Lay trembling in the light.

5. Stay with us, Lord, and with Thy light
İllume the soul's abyss;

Scatter the darkness of our night,
And fill the world with bliss.



C. M.

1. GLORY to God! whose witness-train,
Those heroes bold in faith,

Could smile on poverty and pain,
And triumph e'en in death.

2. O, may that faith our hearts sustain,
Wherein they fearless stood,
When, in the power of cruel men,
They poured their willing blood.

3. God, whom we serve, our God can save,
Can damp the scorching flame,

Can build an ark, can smooth the wave,
For such as love his name.

4. Lord! if thine arm support us still
With its eternal strength,
We shall o'ercome the mightiest ill,
And conquerors prove at length.


C. M.

1. DEAR Friend, whose presence in the house, Whose gracious word benign.

Could once, at Cana's wedding feast,
Change water into wine.

2. Come, visit us! and when dull work
Grows weary, line on line,
Revive our souls, and let us see
Life's water turned to wine.

3. Gay mirth shall deepen into joy,
Earth's hopes grow half divine,
When Jesus visits us, to make
Life's water glow as wine.

4. The social talk, the evening fire,
The homely household shrine,
Grow bright with angel visits, when
The Lord pours out the wine.

5. For when self-seeking turns to love,
Not knowing mine nor thine,
The miracle again is wrought,
And water turned to wine.


C. M.

1. DEAR Jesus! ever at my side,
How loving must Thou be

To leave Thy home in heaven to guard
A little child like me.


2. Thy beautiful and shining face
I see not, though so near;

The sweetness of Thy soft low voice
I am too deaf to hear.

3. I can not feel Thee touch my hand
With pressure light and mild,
To check me, as my mother did
When I was but a child.

4. But I have felt Thee in my thoughts
Fighting with sin for me;

And when my heart loves God, I know
The sweetness is from Thee.

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