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5. Father of Jesus! love's reward!
What rapture will it be,
Prostrate before Thy throne to lie,
And gaze and gaze on Thee!


C. P. M.

1. Go, tune thy voice to sacred song,
Exert thy noblest power,

Go, mingle with the choral throng,
The Saviour's praises to prolong,
Amid life's fleeting hours.

2. O! hast thou felt a Saviour's love,
That flame of heavenly birth?
Then let thy strains melodious prove,
With raptures soaring far above

The trifling toys of earth.

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3. Hast found the pearl of price unknown, That cost a Saviour's blood?

Heir of a bright celestial crown,

That sparkles near the eternal throne,
O sing the praise of God!

4. Sing of the Lamb that once was slain
That man might be forgiven;
Sing how He broke death's bars in twain,
Ascending high in bliss to reign,

The God of earth and heaven.

C. M.

1. SING, ye redeemed of the Lord,
Your great Deliverer sing,
Pilgrims for Zion's city bound,
Be joyful in your King.


2. A hand divine shall lead you on
Through all the blissful road,
Till to the sacred mount you rise,
And see your smiling God.

3. Bright garlands of immortal joy
Shall bloom on every head;
While sorrow, sighing, and distress,
Like shadows, all are fled.

4. March on in your Redeemer's strength;
Pursue His footsteps still;
And let the prospect cheer your eye,
While laboring up the hill.


C. M.

1. COME, ye that love the Saviour's name,
And joy to make it known,

The Sovereign of your hearts proclaim,
And bow before His throne.

2. Behold your King, your Saviour crowned
With glories all divine;

And tell the wondering nations round,
How bright those glories shine.

3. When in His earthly courts we view The beauties of our King,


We long to love as angels do,
And with their voice to sing,


4. O for the day, the glorious day!
When heaven and earth shall raise,
With all their powers, the raptured lay,
To celebrate Thy praise.

C. M.

1. COME, let us lift our joyful eyes
Up to the courts above,
And smile to see our Father there,
Upon a throne of love.


2. Now we may bow before His feet,
And venture near the Lord;
No fiery cherubs guards His seat,
Nor double-flaming sword,

3. The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss
Are opened by the Son;

High let us raise our notes of praise,
And reach the almighty throne.

4. To Thee, ten thousand thanks we bring,
Great Advocate on high,
And glory to the eternal King,
Who lays His anger by.


1. YE lands and isles of every sea,
Rejoice the Saviour reigns;
His word, like fire, prepares His way,
And mountains melt to plains.

C. M.

2. His presence sinks the proudest hills,
And makes the valleys rise;

The humble soul enjoys His smiles,
The haughty sinner dies.

3. The heavens His rightful power proclaim;
The idol-gods around

Fill their own worshippers with shame,
And totter to the ground.

4. Adoring angels at His birth

Make the Redeemer known;
Thus shall He come to judge the earth,
And angels guard His throne.

5. His foes shall tremble at the sight, And hills and seas retire;

His children take their unknown flight,
And leave the world on fire.


6. The seeds of joy and glory sown, For saints in darkness here,

Shall rise and spring in worlds unknown,
And a rich harvest bear.



C. M.

1. HOSANNA to the Prince of light,
That clothed Himself in clay;
Entered the iron gates of death,
And tore the bars away.

2. See how the Conqueror mounts aloft, And to His Father flies,

With scars of honor in His flesh,
And triumph in His eyes.

3. There our exalted Saviour reigns,
And scatters blessings down;
Our Jesus fills the middle seat
Of the celestial throne.

4. Raise your devotion, mortal tongues,
To reach His bless'd abode;
Sweet be the accents of your songs
To our incarnate God.

5. Bright angels, strike your loudest strings, Your sweetest voices raise;

Let heaven, and all created things,
Sound our Immanuel's praise.


C. M.

1. O FOR a thousand tongues to sing
My dear Redeemer's praise-
The glories of my God and King,
The triumphs of His grace!

2. My gracious Master and my God,
Assist me to proclaim,

To spread through all the earth abroad,
The honors of Thy name.

3. Jesus! the name that calms our fears,
That bids our sorrows cease;
'Tis music in the sinner's ears;

'Tis life, and health, and peace.


4. He breaks the power of reigning sin;
He sets the prisoner free;

His blood can make the foulest clean;
His blood availed for me.


C. M.

1. I'm not ashamed to own my Lord,
Or to defend His cause;
Maintain the honor of His word,
The glory of His cross.


2. Jesus, my God!—I know His name-
His name is all my trust;
Nor will He put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

3. Firm as His throne, His promise stands,
And He can well secure

What I've committed to his hands,
Till the decisive hour.

4. Then will He own my worthless name,
Before His Father's face,
And in the new Jerusalem
Appoint my soul a place.


C. M.

1. AWAKE, my soul, stretch every nerve,
And press with vigor on:

A heavenly race demands thy zeal,
And an immortal crown.

2. A cloud of witnesses around
Hold thee in full survey;
Forget the steps already trod,
And onward urge thy way.

3. 'Tis God's all-animating voice,
That calls thee from on high;
'Tis His own hand presents the prize
To thine aspiring eye.


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