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2. Thither the tribes repair,

Where all are wont to meet,
And, joyful in the house of prayer,

Bend at Thy mercy seat.
3. Within these walls may peace

And harmony be found;
Zion; in all thy palaces,

Prosperity abound!
4. For friends and brethren dear,

shall never cease;
Oft as they meet for worship here,

God send His people peace.



S. M.
1. LORD, at this closing hour,


Upon Thy word of truth and power,

To keep us when we part.
2. Peace to our brethren give;

Fill all our hearts with love;
In faith and patience may we live,

And seek our rest above.
3. Through changes, bright or drear,

We would Thy will pursue;
And toil to spread Thy kingdom here,

Till we its glory view.
4. To God, the Only Wise,


every age adored,
Let glory from the church arise

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



C. M.
1. How blest Thy creature is, O God,

When, with a single eye,
He views the luster of Thy word,

The day-spring from on high!
2. Through all the storms that vail the skies,

And frown on earthly things,


The Sun of Righteousness doth rise,

With healing in His wings.
3. The soul, a dreary province once

Of Satan's dark domain,
Feels a new empire formed within,

And owns a heavenly reign.
4. The glorious orb, whose golden beams

The fruitful year control,
Since first, obedient to Thy word,

He started from the goal,
5. Has cheered the nations with the joys

His orient rays impart;
But Jesus ! 't is Thy light alone

Can shine upon the heart.



S. M.
1. Come to the house of prayer!

O thou afflicted, come ;
The God of peace shall meet thee there;

He makes that house His home.

2. Come to the house of praise !

Ye who are happy now,
In sweet accord your voices raise,

In kindred homage bow. 3. Ye aged, hither come!


have felt His love;
Soon shall your trembling tongues be dumb-

Your lips forget to move.
4. Ye young! before His throne,

Come, bow; your voices raise;
Let not your hearts His praise disown,

Who gives the power to praise. 5. Thou, whose benignant eyo

In mercy looks on all,
Who seest the tear of misery,

And hear'st the mourner's call,

6. Up to Thy dwelling-place

Bear our frail spirits on,
Till they outstrip time's tardy pace,

And heaven on earth be won.


Doxology S. M.
Ye angels round the throne,

And saints that dwell below,
Adore the Father, love the Son,

And bless the Spirit, too.



1. SAFELY through another week

God has brought us on our way;
Let us now a blessing seek,

Waiting in His courts to-day:
Day of all the week the best,

Emblem of eternal rest.
2. While we seek supplies of grace

Through the dear Redeemer's name,
Show thy reconciling face-

Take away our sin and shame;
From our worldly cares set free-

May we rest this day in Thee.
3. Here we come, Thy name to praise;

Let us feel Thy presence near;
May Thy glories meet our eyes,

While we in Thy house appear :
Here afford us, Lord, a taste

Of our everlasting rest.
4. May the Gospel's joyful sound

Wake our minds to raptures new;
Let Thy victories abound-

Unrepenting souls subdue;
Thus let all our Sabbaths prove
Till we rest in Thee above.



1. Light of life, seraphic fire;

Love divine, Thyself impart:
Every fainting soul inspire;

Enter every drooping heart: 2. Every mournful sinner cheer,

Scatter all our guilty gloom;
Father! in Thy grace appear,

To Thy human temples come. 3. Come, in this accepted hour,

Bring Thy heavenly kingdom in;
Fill us with Thy glorious power,

Rooting out the seeds of sin: 4. Nothing more can we require,

We will covet nothing less :
Be Thou all our heart's desire,

All our joy, and all our peace.


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1. For the mercies of the day,

For this rest upon our way,
Thanks to Thee alone be given,

Lord of earth, and King of heaven. 2. Let these earthly Sabbaths prove

Foretastes of our joys above;
While their steps Thy children bend

To the rest which knows no end.
3. While to Thee our prayers ascend,

Let Thine ear in love attend;
Hear us when Thy Spirit pleads;

Hear, for Jesus intercedes.
4. While Thy word is heard with awe,

While we tremble at Thy law,
Let Thy Gospel's wondrous love
Every doubt and fear remove.


5. From Thy house when we return,

Let our hearts within us burn;
Then, at evening, we may say,
“ We have walked with God to-day.”

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1. SOFTLY fades the twilight ray

Of the holy Sabbath day;
Gently as life's setting sun,
When the Christian's course is run.

2. Night her solemn mantle spreads

O'er the earth as daylight fades;
All things tell of calm repose

At the holy Sabbath's close.
3. Peace is on the world abroad;

'Tis the holy peace of God -
Symbol of the peace within,

When the spirit rests from sin. 4. Still the Spirit lingers near,

Where the evening worshiper
Seeks communion with the skies,

Pressing onward to the prize. 5. Saviour, may our Sabbaths be

Days of peace and joy in Thee,
Till in heaven our souls repose,
Where the Sabbath ne'er shall close.



1. Now all chafing cares shall cease,

Now worn toil obtain release;
With the world we now have done,

Since the Sabbath draweth on.” 2. Early, at the break of day,

May we seek where Jesus lay;
Yet we know where He is gone,
Ere " the Sabbath draweth on."

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