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3. To the desert or the cell,

Let others blindly fly,
In this evil world I dwell,

Unhurt, unspotted I.
Here I find a house of prayer,

To which I inwardly retire;
Walking unconcerned in care,

And unconsumed in fire.



7s & 6s.

1. How lost was my condition

Till Jesus made me whole!
There is but one Physician

Can cure a sin-sick soul.
Next door to death he found me,

And snatched me from the grave,
To tell to all around me

His wondrous power to save.
2. The worst of all diseases

Is light compared with sin;
On every part it seizes,

But rages most within ;
’T is palsy, plague, and fever,

And madness, all combined ;
And none but a believer

The least relief can find.

3. From men, great skill professing,

I thought a cure to gain;
But this proved more distressing,

And added to my pain.
Some said that nothing ailed me,

for lost;
gave me up
Thus every refuge failed me,

And all my hopes were crossed.
4. At length, this great Physician-

How matchless is His grace !
Accepted my petition,

And undertook my case;

First gave me sight to view Him

For sin my sight had sealed
Then bade me look unto Him;

I looked, and I was healed.
5. A dying, risen Jesus,

Seen by the eye of faith,
At once from danger frees us,

And saves the soul from death.
Come, then, to this Physician;

His help He'll freely give;
He makes no hard condition;

'Tis only-look and live!


[blocks in formation]

1, O WHEN shall I see Jesus,

And reign with Him above;
And from that flowing fountain,

Drink everlasting love?
When shall I be delivered

From this vain world of sin,
And with my blessed Jesus,

Drink endless pleasures in?
2. But now I am a soldier,

My Captain 's gone before;
He's given me my orders,

And bid me not give o'er;
And since He has proved faithful,

A righteous crown He'll give,
And all His valiant soldiers

Eternal life shall have.
3. Whene'er you meet with troubles

And trials on your way,
O! cast your care on Jesus,

And don't forget to pray.
Gird on the heavenly armor

Of faith, and hope, and love;
Then, when the combat's ended,

He'll carry you above.

[blocks in formation]

1. To Thee, my God and Saviour,

My heart exulting springs,
Rejoicing in Thy favor,

Almighty King of kings :
I'll celebrate Thy glory

With all the saints above,
And tell the wondrous story

Of Thy redeeming love.

2. Soon as the morn with roses

Bedecks the dewy east,
And when the sun reposes

Upon the ocean's breast;
My voice in supplication,

Jehovah, Thou shalt hear;
O grant me Thy salvation,

And to my soul draw near.
3. By Thee, through life supported,

I pass the dangerous road,
With heavenly hosts escorted

Up to their bright abode;
There cast my crown before Thee,

My toils and conflicts o'er,
And day and night adore Thee

What can an angel more?



7s & 6s.

1. From ev'ry earthly pleasure,

From ev'ry transient joy,
From ev'ry mortal treasure

That soon will fade and die
No longer these desiring,

Upward our wishes tend,
To nobler bliss aspiring,

And joys that never end.

2. What though we are but strangers,

And sojourners below,
And countless snares and dangers

Surround the path we go ?
Though painful and distressing,

Yet there's a rest above,
And onward still we ’re pressing

To reach that land of love.


S. M.
1. Is this the kind return?

Are these the thanks we owe?
Thus to abuse eternal Love,

Whence all our blessings flow.
2. To what a stubborn frame

Has sin reduced our mind!
What strange, rebellious wretches we,

And God is strangely kind !
3. On us He bids the sun

Shed his reviving rays;
For us the skies their circles run,

To lengthen out our days.
4. Turn, turn us mighty God,

And mold our souls afresh;
Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of stone,

And give us hearts of flesh.
5. Let past ingratitude

Provoke our weeping eyes,
And hourly, as new mercies fall,

Let hourly thanks arise.



S. M.
1. Ah! whither should I

Burdened, and sick, and faint ?
To whom should I my troubles show,

And pour out my complaint ?

2. My Saviour bids me come,

Ah! why do I delay?
He calls the weary sinner home,

And yet froin Him I stay!
3. What worldly tie must break?

What idol yet depart,
Which will not let the Saviour take

Possession of my heart?
4. Jesus, the hind'rance show

Which I have feared to see;
And let me now consent to know

What keeps me back from Thee.
5. Oh! break the fatal chain,
And all


bonds remove; Nor let one bosom-sin remain,

To keep me from Thy love.


[blocks in formation]

1. WHERE, O my soul, O where

Thy image shall I view ?
In the light cloud that melts in air,

Or in the early dew.
2. This hour, with flowing tears,

My follies I bewail :
The next, my heart a waste appears,

Where all the fountains fail.

3. To-day, her glimmering light

Hope kindles in my breast;
The morrow, with despair's black night,

Has all my soul oppressed.
4. O my unsteadfast mind,

Tossed between good and ill!
While brutes, with instinct sure, though blind,

Their Maker's law fulfill.

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