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2. The madman in a tomb had made

His mansion of despair :
Woe to the traveler who strayed,

With heedless footsteps, there.
3. He met that glance so thrilling sweet,

He heard those accents mild ;
And melting at Messiah's feet,

Wept like a weaned child.
4. Oh, madder than the raving man !

Oh, deafer than the sea !
How long the time since Christ began

To call in vain to me!
5. Yet could I hear Him once again,

As I have heard of old,
Methinks He should not call in vain

His wanderer to the fold.


[blocks in formation]

1. DEAR Saviour, when my thoughts recall

The wonders of Thy grace,
Low at Thy feet ashamed, I fall,

And hide this wretched face,
2. Shall love like Thine be thus repaid ?

Ah, vile, ungrateful heart!
By earth's low cares so oft betrayed,

From Jesus to depart.
3. But He for His own mercy's sake,

My wandering soul restores;
He bids the mourning heart partake

The pardon it implores.
4. Oh, while I breathe to Thee, my Lord,

The deep, repentant sigh,
Confirm the kind, forgiving word,

With pity in Thine eye.

5. Then shall the mourner at Thy feet

Rejoice to seek Thy face;
And grateful, own how kind, how sweet

Thy condescending grace.



C. M.
1. Why is my heart so far from Thee,

My God, my chief delight ?
Why are my thoughts no more by day

With Thee, no more by night?
2. When my forgetful soul renews

The savor of Thy grace,
My heart presumes, I can not lose

The relish all my days.
3. But ere one fleeting hour is past,

The flattering world employs
Some sensual bait to seize my taste,

And to pollute my joys.
4. Wretch that I am to wander thus

In chase of false delight!
Let me be fastened to Thy cross,

Rather than lose Thy sight.
5. Make haste, my days, to reach the goal,

And bring my heart to rest
On the dear center of my soul,
My God, my Saviour's breast.



C. M.
1. Amidst thy wrath, remember love,

Restore thy servant, Lord;
Nor let a father's chastening prove

Like an avenger's sword.
2. My sins a heavy load appear,

And o'er my head are gone;
Too heavy they for me to bear,

Too hard for me t' atone.

3. All my desire to Thee is known,

Thine eye counts every tear;
And every sigh and every groan

Is noticed by Thine ear.
4. But I'll confess my guilt to Thee,

And grieve for all my sin;
I'll mourn how weak my graces be,

And beg support divine.
5. My God! forgive my follies past,

And be forever nigh;
O Lord of my salvation ! haste,

Before Thy servant die.


[blocks in formation]

o'er my

1. MERCY alone can meet my case,

For mercy, Lord, I cry;
Jesus, Redeemer, show thy face

In mercy, or I die.
2. Save me, for none beside can save,

At Thy command I tread,
With failing steps, life's stormy wave;
The wave goes

3. I perish, and my doom were just;

But wilt Thou leave me?-No!
I hold Thee fast, my hope, my trust;

I will not let Thee go.
4. To Thee, Thee only will I cleave;

Thy word is all my plea;
That word is truth, and I believe-

Have mercy, Lord, on me.


[blocks in formation]

1. And will the Lord thus condescend

To visit sinful worms?
Thus at the door shall mercy stand,

In all her winning forms.

2. Shall Jesus for admittance plead,

His charming voice unheard ?
And this vile heart, for which he bled,

Remain forever barred ?

3. 'Tis sin, alas ! with tyrant power,

The lodging has possessed,
And crowds of traitors bar the door,

Against the heavenly guest.
4. Lord! rise in Thine all-conquering grace,

Thy mighty power display ;
One beam of glory from Thy face
Can drive my


5. Ye vile seducers ! hence, depart;

Dear Saviour! enter in ;
Oh! guard the passage to my heart,

And keep out every sin.


[blocks in formation]

1. Our Christ hath reached His heavenly seat,

Through sorrows and through scars;
The golden lamps are at His feet,

And in His hand the stars.

2. O Lord of life, and truth, and grace,

Ere nature was begun!
Make welcome to our erring race

Thy Spirit and Thy Son.
3. We hail the Church, built high o'er all

The heathens' rage and scoff;
Thy Providence its fenced wall,

The Lamb the light thereof."

4. O, may He walk among us here,

With His rebuke and love
A brightness o'er this lower sphere,

A ray from worlds above !


[blocks in formation]

1. Along the mountain track of life,

Along the weary lea,
In rocks, in storms, in joy, in strife,

Let this my heart-cry be

“ Nearer to Thee !" “ Nearer to Thee !" 2. This pilgrim-path by Thee was trod,

Jesus! my King! by Thee-
Traced by Thy feet, Thy tears, Thy blood,

In love, in death, for me

O! bring my soul nearer to Thee ! 3. Let every step, let every thought,

Sweet memories bear of Thee!
And hear the soul Thy love hath bought,

Whose every cry shall be

6 Nearer to Thee !" " Nearer to Thee !" 4. Thou wilt! Thou dost!-a still small voice

Whispers of faith in Thee,
Of hope that might in grief rejoice,
If still the


be“ Nearer to Thee!" 65 Nearer to Thee !" 5. Yet a few days to me, perhaps,

And time shall no more be-
But boundless love can know no lapse,

Thou art eternity!
Draw then, my soul, “Nearer to Thee!"

[blocks in formation]

1. Jesus, the very thought of Thee,
With sweetness fills


breast; But sweeter far Thy face to see,

And in Thy presence rest. 2. Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame, Nor can the memory

find A sweeter sound than Thy blest name, O Saviour of mankind !

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