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5. I can but perish if I go;

I am resolved to try;
For, if I stay away, I know

I must forever die.



C. M.
1. What shall I render to my God

For all His kindness shown?
My feet shall visit Thine abode,

My songs address Thy throne.
2. Among the saints that fill Thy house

My offerings shall be paid;
There shall my zeal perform the vows

My soul in anguish made.
3. How much is mercy Thy delight,

Thou ever-blessed God !
How dear Thy servants in Thy sight!

How precious is their blood ! 4. How happy all Thy servants are

How great Thy grace to me!
My life, which Thou hast made Thy care,

Lord, I devote to Thee.
5. Now I am Thine, forever Thine,

Nor shall my purpose move;
Thy hand hath loosed my bonds of pain,

And bound me with Thy love.
6. Here in Thy courts I leave my vow,

And Thy rich grace record;
Witness, ye saints, who hear me now,

If I forsake the Lord.


[blocks in formation]

1. Son of the Carpenter! receive

This humble work of mine,
Worth to my meanest labor give,

By joining it to Thine.

2. Servant of all, to toil for man

Thou wouldst not, Lord, refuse;
Thy majesty did not disdain

To be employed for us.
3. Thy bright example I pursue,

To thee in all things rise;
And all I think, or speak, or do,

Is but one sacrifice.
4. Careless, through outward cares I go,

From all distraction free;
My hands are but engaged below,

My heart is still with Thee.
5. Oh! when wilt Thou, my Life, appear!

How gladly would I cry-
“'T is done, the work Thou gav’st me here,

'Tis finished, Lord !" and fly.


[blocks in formation]

1. Thou, O my Jesus, Thou didst me

Upon the cross embrace;
For me didst bear the nails and spear,

And manifold disgrace;
2. And griefs and torments numberless,

And sweat of agony,
Yea, death itself; and all for one

That was Thine enemy.
3. Then, why, O blessed Jesus Christ,

Should I not love Thee well ?
Not for the hope of winning heaven,

Nor of escaping hell;
4. Not with the hope of gaining aught,

Not seeking a reward;
But as Thyself hast loved me,

O ever-loving Lord.

5. E'en so I love Thee, and will love,

And in Thy praise will sing;
Solely because Thou art my God,

And my eternal King.



C. M.
1. O THAT I knew the secret place
Where I might find my

I'd spread my wants before His face,

pour my woes abroad.
2. I'd tell Him how


sins arise;
What sorrows I sustain ;
How grace decays, and comfort dies,

And leaves my heart in pain.
3. Arise, my soul, from deep distress,

And banish every fear;
He calls thee to His throne of grace,

To spread thy sorrows there.



1. Thou. Lamb once slain! whose flaming eyes

Sparkle with dazzling light,
How can a sinner choose but bow,

And sink beneath Thy sight?
2. But I am Thine, my ransom paid-

The price, Thy precious blood;
And Thine and mine are made one heart,

O my Redeemer, God! 3. How did love seize mer



That flamed within Thy breast
When Thou, before Thy Father's throne,

Wert pleased to name me bless'd! 4. Let me to Thee, in all my wants,

Child-like, still closer fly,
In all my course regarding still

The guiding of Thine eye.



C. M.
1. LET worldly minds the world pursue ;

It has no charms for me;
Once I admired its trifles, too,

has set me free.
2. Its pleasures now no longer please,

No more content afford;
Far from my heart be joys like these,

Now I have seen the Lord.
3. As by the light of opening day

The stars are all concealed;
So earthly pleasures fade away

When Jesus is revealed.
4. Creatures no more divide my choice,

I bid them all depart;
His name, and love, and gracious voice

Have fixed my roving heart.



C. M.
1. WITNESS, ye men and angels now,

Before the Lord we speak;
To Him we make our solemn vow,

A vow we dare not break:
2. That long as life itself shall last,

Ourselves to Christ we yield,
Nor from His cause will we depart,

Or ever quit the field.
3. We trust not in our native strength,

But on His grace rely,
That, with returning wants, the Lord

Will all our need supply.



C. M.
1. And must I part with all I have,

My dearest Lord, for Thee ?
It is but right! since Thou hast done

Much more than this for me.

2. Yes, let it go! One look from Thee

Will more than make amends
For all the losses I sustain

Of credit, riches, friends.
3. Ten thousand worlds, ten thousand lives,

How worthless they appear
Compared with Thee, supremely good!

Divinely bright and fair!


[blocks in formation]

1. SWEET was the time when first I felt

The Saviour's pard'ning blood,
Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt,

And bring me home to God.
2. Soon as the morn the light revealed,

His praises tuned my tongue;
And, when the evening shade prevailed,

His love was all my song.
3. In prayer, my soul drew near the Lord,

And saw His glory shine;
And when I read His holy word.

I called each promise mine.
4. Now when the evening shade prevails,

My soul in darkness mourns ;
And, when the morn the light reveals,

No light to me returns.
5. Rise, Saviour ! help me to prevail,

And make my soul Thy care;
I know Thy mercy can not fail,
Let me that




[blocks in formation]

1. The winds were howling o'er the deep,

Each wave a watery hill;
The Saviour wakened from His sleep:

He spake, and all was still.

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