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2. He bows beneath the sins of men;
He cries to God, and cries again,

In sad Gethsemane;
He lifts His mournful eyes above-

“ My Father can this cup remove ?"
3. With gentle resignation still,
He yielded to His Father's will

In sad Gethsemane;
“Behold Me here, Thine only Son;

And, Father, let Thy will be done." 4. The Father heard ; and angels, there, Sustained the Son of God in

In sad Gethsemane;
He drank the dreadful cup of pain-

Then rose to life and joy again.
5. When storms of sorrow round us sweep,
And scenes of anguish make us weep,

To sad Gethsemane
We'll look, and see the Saviour there,
And humbly bow, like Him, in prayer.



C. P. M.
1. O Lord! how happy should we be
If we could cast our care on Thee-

If we from self could rest;
And feel at heart, that One above,
In perfect wisdom, perfect love,

Is working for the best.
2. How far from this our daily life!
Ever disturbed by anxious strife,

By sudden, wild alarms;
Oh, could we but relinquish all
Our earthly props, and simply fall

On Thy almighty arms!
3. Could we but kneel, and cast our load,
E’en while we pray, upon our God,

Then rise with lightened cheer-
Sure that the Father, who is nigh
To still the famished raven's cry,
Will hear, in that we fear!


4. We can not trust Him as we should,
So chafes fallen nature's restless mood

To cast its peace away ;
Yet birds and flow'rets round us preach,
All, all the present evil teach,

Sufficient for the day.
5. Lord, make these faithless hearts of ours
Such lesson learn from birds and flowers,

Make them from self to cease;
Leave all things to a Father's will,
And taste, before Him lying still,

E'en in affliction, peace.

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1. Just as I am-without one plea,

But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bid'st me come to Thee,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come ! 2. Just as I am-and waiting not

To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come! 3. Just as I am—though tossed about

With many a conflict, many a doubt,
Fightings within, and fears without,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come! 4. Just as I am-poor, wretched, blind;

Sight, riches, healing of the mind,
Yea, all I need, in Thee to find,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come ! 5. Just as I am-Thou wilt receive;

Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve;
Because Thy promise I believe,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come! 6. Just as I am-Thy love unknown

Has broken every barrier down;
Now, to be Thine, yea, Thine alone,

O Lamb of God, I come! I come!


1. God of my life! Thy boundless grace,

Chose, pardoned, and adopted me;
My rest, my home, my dwelling-place;
Father! I come,

I come to Thee.
2. Jesus, my hope, my rock, my shield!

Whose precious blood was shed for me, Into Thy hands my soul I yield;

Saviour! I come, I come to Thee. 3. Spirit of glory and of God!

Long hast Thou deigned my guide to be; Now be Thy comfort sweet bestowed;

My God! I come, I come to Thee. 4. I come to join that countless host

Who praise Thy name unceasingly;
Blest Father, Son, and Holy Ghost !

My God! I come, I come to Thee.

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1. Thou only Sovereign of my heart,

My Refuge, my almighty Friend-
And can my soul from Thee depart,

On whom alone my hopes depend?
2. Whither, ah! whither shall I go,
A wretched wanderer from


Lord ?
Can this dark world of sin and woe

One glimpse of happiness afford ? 3. Eternal life Thy words impart ;

On these my fainting spirit lives;
Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart,

Than all the round of nature gives. 4. Let earth's alluring joys combine;

While Thou art near, in vain they call ! One smile, one blissful smile of Thine,

My dearest Lord, outweighs them all.

5. Thy name my inmost powers adore;

Thou art my life, my joy, my care;
Depart from Theet is death?t is more

T is endless ruin, deep despair!
6. Low at Thy feet my soul would lie;

Here safety dwells, and peace divine;
Still let me live beneath Thine eye,

For life, eternal life, is Thine.


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1. On that I could forever dwell,

Delighted at the Saviour's feet;
Behold the form I love so well,

And all His tender words repeat. 2. The world shut out from all my soul,

And heaven brought in with all its bliss;
Oh! is there aught from pole to pole,

One moment to compare with this? 3. This is the hidden life I prize,

A life of penitential love;
When most my follies I despise,

And raise my highest thoughts above. 4. When all I am I clearly see,

And freely own, with deepest shame;
When the Redeemer's love to me

Kindles within a deathless flame. 5. Thus would I live till nature fail,

And all my former sins forsake;
Then rise to God, within the vail,

And of eternal joys partake.


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1. Oh! the sweet wonders of that cross

Where my Redeemer loved and died !
Her noblest life my spirit draws

From His dear wounds, and bleeding side.

2. I would forever speak His name

In sounds to mortal ears unknown
With angels join to praise the Lamb,

And worship at His Father's throne.



L. M.


1. Come, now, ye wanderers, to your God,

Through love, to purity restored ;
The proffered benefit embrace,

The plenitude of Heavenly grace :
2. The seeing eye, the feeling sense,

The mystic joys of penitence;
The tears that tell your sins forgiven;

The sighs that waft your souls to heaven;
3. The guiltless shame, the sweet distress,

The unutterable tenderness;
The genuine meek humility,

The wonder-“Why such love to me?"
4. The o'erwhelming power of saving grace,

The sight that vails the seraph's face;
The speechless awe that dares not move,
And all the silent heaven of love,


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1. Though all the world my choice deride,

Yet Jesus shall my portion be;
For I am pleased with none beside;

The fairest of the fair is He.
2. Sweet is the vision of Thy face,

And kindness o'er Thy lips is shed;
Lovely art Thou, and full of grace,

And glory beams around Thy head.
3. Thy sufferings I embrace with Thee,

Thy poverty and shameful cross;
The pleasure of the world I flee,

And deem its treasures only dross.

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