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C. M.
1. REPENT! the voice celestial cries,

No longer dare delay :
The soul that scorns the mandate dies,

And meets a fiery day.
2. No more the sovereign eye of God

O’erlooks the crimes of men;
His heralds now are sent abroad

To warn the world of sin.
3. O sinners! in His presence bow,

And all your guilt confess;
Accept the offered Saviour now,

Nor trifle with His grace.
4. Soon, will the awful trumpet sound,

And call you to His bar;
His mercy knows th' appointed bound,

And yields to justice there.
5. Amazing love-that yet will call,

And yet prolong our days!
Our hearts, subdued by goodness, fall,
And weep, and love, and praise:


C. M.
1. SINNERS, the voice of God regard;

His mercy speaks to-day:
He calls you, by His sovereign word,

From sin's destructive way.
2. Like the rough sea that can not rest,

You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your

Deprive your souls of ease.
3. Your way is dark, and leads to hell;

Why will you persevere?

in endless sorrows dwell,
Shut up in black despair?

4. Why will you in the crooked ways
Of sin and folly go

In pain you travel all your days,

eternal woe!
5. But he that turns to God shall live,

Through His abounding grace;
His mercy will the guilt forgive

Of those that seek His face.

6. His love exceeds your highest thoughts;

He pardons like a God;
He will forgive your numerous faults,

Through a Redeemer's blood.


[blocks in formation]

1. How short and hasty is our life!

How vast our soul's affairs !
Yet senseless mortals vainly strive

To lavish out their years.
2. Our days run thoughtlessly along,

Without a moment's stay ;
Just like a story, or a song,

We pass our lives away.
3. God from on high invites us home,

But we march heedless on,
And, ever hastening to the tomb,

Stoop downward as we run.
4. How we deserve the deepest hell,

Who slight the joys above !
What chains of vengeance should we feel,

Who break such cords of love!

5. Draw us, O God! with sovereign grace,

And lift our thoughts on high,
That we may end this mortal race,

And see salvation nigh.



C. M.
1. YE hearts with youthful vigor warm,

In smiling crowds draw near,
And turn from every mortal charm

A Saviour's voice to hear.
2. He, Lord of all the worlds on high,

Stoops to converse with you,
And lays His radiant glories by,

Your friendship to pursue.
3. “The soul that longs to see My face,

Is sure My love to gain ;
And those that early seek My grace,

Shall never seek in vain.''
4. What object, Lord, my soul should move,

If once compared with Thee ?
What beauty should command my love,

Like what in Christ I see?
5. Away, ye false, delusive toys,

Vain tempters of the mind!
'Tis here I fix my lasting choice,

For here true bliss I find. DODDRIDGE.


C. M.
1. That awful day will surely come,

Th’ appointed hour makes haste-
When I must stand before my Judge,

the solemn test.
2. Thou lovely Chief of all my joys,

Thou Sovereign of my heart,
How could I bear to hear Thy voice

Pronounce the sound Depart!
3. The thunder of that dismal word

Would so distress my ear,
'Twould tear my soul asunder, Lord,

With most tormenting fear.

4. Oh, wretched state of deep despair,

To see my God remove-
And fix


doleful station where I must not taste His love!

5. Jesus, I throw my arms around,

And hang upon Thy breast,
Without a gracious smile from Thee,

My spirit can not rest.
6. Oh! tell me that my worthless name

Is graven on Thy hands;
Show me some promise in Thy book,

Where my salvation stands.
7. Give me one kind, assuring word,

To sink my fears again :
And cheerfully my soul shall wait

Her threescore years and ten,


[blocks in formation]

1. The Lord, the Judge, before His throne

Bids the whole earth draw nigh,
The nations near the rising sun,

And near the western sky.
2. No more shall bold blasphemers say-

“Judgment will ne'er begin;"
No more abuse His long delay,

To impudence and sin.
3. Throned on a cloud our God shall come;

Bright flames prepare His way;
Thunder and darkness, fire and storm,

Lead on the dreadful day.
4. Heaven from above His call shall hear,

Attending angels come,
And earth and hell shall know and fear

His justice and their doom.

5. “But gather all my saints,” He cries,

“That made their peace with God By the Redeemer's sacrifice,

And sealed it with His blood."



C. M.
1. The day approacheth, Oh my soul,

The great decisive day,
Which from the verge of mortal life,

Shall bear thee far away.
2. Another day,

more awful, dawns ;
And, lo, the Judge appears;
Ye heavens, retire before His face,

And sink, ye darkened stars.
3. Yet does one short, preparing hour,

One precious hour remain;
Rouse thee, my soul, with all thy power,
Nor let it


in vain.
4. For this, Thy temple, Lord, we throng,

For this, Thy board surround;
Here may our service be approved,

And in Thy presence crowned.



C. M.
1. My thoughts on awful subjects roll,

Damnation and the dead;
What horrors seize the guilty soul

Upon a dying bed !
2. Ling’ring about these mortal shores,

She makes a long delay;
Till, like a flood, with rapid force,

the wretch away.

3. Then swift and dreadful she descends

Down to the fiery coast,
Among abominable fiends,

Herself a frighted ghost.

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