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[blocks in formation]

1. “The Lord is risen indeed;"

The grave hath lost its prey ;
With Him shall rise the ransomed seed

To reign in endless day.
2. “The Lord is risen indeed;"

He lives, to die no more;
He lives His people's cause to plead,

Whose curse and shame He bore.
3. “The Lord is risen indeed ;"

Attending angels, hear;
Up to the courts of heaven, with speed,

The joyful tidings bear.
4. Then

your golden lyres,
And strike each cheerful chord :
Join all the bright, celestial choirs,

To sing our risen Lord,



1. ENTHRONED is Jesus now

Upon His heavenly seat;
The kingly crown is on His brow,

The saints are at His feet.
2. In shining white they stand-

A great and countless throng;
A palmy scepter in each hand,

On every lip a song.
3. They sing the Lamb of God,

Once slain on earth for them;
The Lamb, through whose atoning blood

Each wears his diadem.
4. Thy grace, O Holy Ghost,

Thy blessed help supply,
That we may join that radiant host,

Triumphant in the sky.



C. M.
1. Our blest Redeemer, ere He breathed

His tender, last farewell,
A Guide, a Comforter bequeathed,

With us on earth to dwell.
2. He came in tongues of living flame,

To teach, convince, subdue;
All-powerful as the wind He came,

And all as viewless, too.
3. He came, sweet influence to impart,

A gracious, willing Guest,
While He can find one humble heart

Wherein to fix his rest.
4. And His that gentle voice we hear,

Soft as the breath of even,
That checks each fault, that calms each fear,

And whispers us of heaven. 5. And every virtue we possess, And

every virtue won,
And every thought of holiness

Are His and His alone. 6. Spirit of purity and grace,

Our weakness pitying see;
O, make our hearts Thy dwelling-place,

Purer and worthier Thee.



C. M.
1. When God of old came down from heaven,


and wrath He came;
Before His feet the clouds were riven,

Half darkness, and half flame.
2. But when He came the second time,

He came in power and love;
Softer than gales at morning prime

Hovered His holy Dove.

3. The fires that rushed on Sinai down

In sudden torrents dread,
Now gently light a glorious crown

On every sainted head.
4. Like arrows went those lightnings forth,

Winged with the sinner's doom ;
But these, like tongues, o'er all the earth

Proclaiming life to come.


[blocks in formation]

1. No track is on the sunny sky,

No footprints on the air :
Jesus hath gone; the face of earth

Is desolate and bare.

2. That Upper Room is heaven on earth;

Within its precincts lie
All that earth has of faith, or hope,

Or heaven-born charity.
3. One moment--and the silentness

Was breathless as the grave;
The fluttered earth forgot to quake,

The troubled trees to wave.

4. He comes ! He comes ! that mighty Breath

From heaven's eternal shores;
His uncreated freshness fills

His Bride, as she adores.
5. Earth quakes before that rushing blast,

Heaven echoes back the sound,
And mightily the tempest wheels

That Upper Room around.
6. One moment and the Spirit hung

O'er all with dread desire;
Then broke upon the heads of all

In cloven tongues of fire,


[blocks in formation]

1. RISE, glorious Conqueror, rise
Into Thy native skies—

Assume Thy right:
And, in many a fold,
The clouds are backward rolled
Pass through those gates of gold,

And reign in light !
2. Victor o'er death and hell!
Cherubic legions swell

The radiant train :
Praises all heaven inspire;
Each angel sweeps his lyre,
And claps his wings of fire,-

Thou Lamb, once slain!
3. Enter, incarnate God!
No feet but Thine have trod

serpent down:*
Blow the full trumpets, blow!
Wider yon portals throw!
Saviour, triumphant, go

And take Thy crown!
4. Lion of Judah-Hail !
And let Thy name prevail

From age to age :
Lord of the rolling years,
Claim for Thine own the spheres,
For Thou hast bought with tears

Thy heritage.
5. Yet, who are those behind,
In numbers more than mind

Can count or say-
Clothed in immortal stoles,
Illumining the poles-
A galaxy of souls

In white array ?

6. And then was heard afar
Star answering to star-

** Lo! these have come,
Followers of Him who gave
His life their lives to save;
And now their palms they wave,

Brought safely home.”
7. O Lord! ascend Thy throne !
For Thou shalt rule alone

Beside Thy Sire,
With the great Paraclete-
The Three in One complete-
Before whose awful feet

All foes expire!


[blocks in formation]

1. IIEAD of the hosts in glory!
We joyfully adore Thee,

Thy church below,
Blending with those on high-
Where through the azure sky
Thy saints in ecstasy

Forever glow!
2. Angels! archangels! glorious
Guards of the church victorious !

Worship the Lamb!
Crown Him with crowns of light,
One of the Three by right-
Love, Majesty, and Might-

The great I AM!
3. Martyrs ! whose mystic legions
March o'er yon heavenly regions

In triumph round:
Wave high your banners, wave!
Your God, our Saviour, clave
For Death itself a grave,
In hell profound !

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